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  1. Jane Hillston and Julie Welburn awarded medals by the Royal Society of Edinburgh

    15.09.21 | The AcademiaNet members received their medals for outstanding work in computer science and cell biology, respectively.

  2. Daniela Grunow and team win funding for new DFG Research Unit on the consequences of social change

    09.09.21 | The new Research Unit will investigate how changing social structures affect individual views, beliefs and behaviours in today’s Germany.

  3. Christiane Helling becomes new director of the Space Research Institute of the ÖAW

    31.08.21 | The astrophysicist will among other things lead the institute through its contribution to ESA’s VOYAGE 2050 programme.

  4. Anja Boisen lands 6 million DKK in funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

    30.08.21 | With the grant comes the title of Distinguished Innovator, making the renowned health tech researcher and nanotechnologist an ‘ambassador for innovation’.

  5. Karin Jacobs elected Vice President of the German Research Foundation (DFG)

    12.08.21 | The experimental physicist is one of four new appointees to the Executive Committee of Germany’s largest research funding body.

  6. Anneli Kaasa: ‘My hypothesis is that different theories just group the same cultural elements in somewhat different ways’

    09.08.21 | It’s time to take a clear-headed look at the way we study culture, argues Anneli Kaasa, Professor of Social and Cultural Studies in Economics at the University of Tartu. For a subject of such crucial importance to governments and businesses around the world, there is too much confusion—both for researchers and the public.

  7. Sandra Luber is the 2021 recipient of the Coblentz Award

    26.07.21 | The theoretician, who develops novel computational methods in absorption and vibrational spectroscopy, is among only a handful of women to win since 1964.

  8. Maria Leptin to become new President of the European Research Council

    15.07.21 | The developmental biologist only recently stepped down from her role as Director of EMBO.

  9. Elizabeth von Hauff becomes Director of the Fraunhofer FEP Institute

    12.07.21 | The physicist, who specialises in solar power and energy conversion, has also been given a professorship at the Dresden University of Technology.

  10. Tatjana Parac-Vogt: ‘In my group, we have a few babies. I mean, why not?’

    01.07.21 | Women shouldn’t feel bad about having children, even if they haven’t landed a permanent position yet, says Professor Tatjana N. Parac-Vogt. We spoke to the bioinorganic chemist from KU Leuven about creating a more inclusive academic culture, the importance of mentorship and the new will at universities to solve academia’s gender parity problem.

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