Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2017
    Leadership of the Archaeological Research Collection of Tallinn University

  • Since 1997
    Leadership of the Department of Archaeobiology and Ancient Technology

  • Since 1991
    Researcher position in the Institute of History, Tallinn University

  • 1991
    Educated in biology-zoology at the Tartu University, Estonia, specialization in zooarchaeology

Selected publications

  • Lõugas, Lembi; Bläuer, Auli (2020). Detecting Medieval Foodways in the North-eastern Baltic: Fish Consumption and Trade in Towns and Monasteries of Finland and Estonia. Environmental Archaeology, 1−12. 10.1080/14614103.2020.1758993.

  • Lõugas, Lembi; Rannamäe, Eve; Ehrlich, Freydis; Tvauri, Andres (2019). Duty on fish: zooarchaeological evidence from Kastre Castle and customs station site between Russia and Estonia. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, 29, 432−442. 10.1002/oa.2764.

  • Aguraiuja-Lätti, Ülle; Lõugas, Lembi (2019). Stable isotope evidence for medieval diet in urban and rural northern Estonia. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 26, 101901. 10.1016/j.jasrep.2019.101901.

  • Lõugas, Lembi (2017). Mesolithic hunting and fishing in the coastal and terrestrial environments of the eastern Baltic. In: Albarella, U., Rizzetto, M., Russ, H., Vickers, K. and Viner-Daniels, S. (Ed.). The Oxford Handbook of Zooarchaeology (52−68). Oxford University Press. 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199686476.013.3.

  • Orton, David; Rannamäe, Eve; Lõugas, Lembi; Makowiecki; Daniel; Hamilton-Dyer, Sheila; Pluskowski, Aleksander; O'Connell, Tamsin; Barrett, James (2019). The Teutonic Order's Role in the Development of a Medieval Eastern Baltic Cod Fishery: Evidence from Fish Bone Isotopes. In: Pluskowski, Aleksander (Ed.). Ecologies of Crusading, Colonization, and Religious Conversion in the Medieval Baltic: Terra Sacra II (223−240). Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols Publishers. (Environmental Histories of the North Atlantic World; 3).

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • PRG29 "Foreign vs local in Medieval and Modern Age foodways in the eastern Baltic: tracing the changing food consumption through provenance analyses (1.01.2018−31.12.2022)", Lembi Lõugas, Tallinn University, Archaeological Research Collection.

  • TF1317 "Developing a research field of archaeology-archaeozoology in Tallinn University (1.07.2017−31.12.2018)", Lembi Lõugas, Tallinn University, Archaeological Research Collection.

  • TF5519 "Bringing of archaeozoological and –botanical datasets into research (1.01.2020−31.12.2022)", Lembi Lõugas, Tallinn University, School of Humanities, Tallinn University, Archaeological Research Collection.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Acting manager of the Archaeological Research Collection, Tallinn University

  • Member of the expertise board of scientific collections (Estonian Ministry of Education and Research)

  • Member of the International Committee of ICAZ (International Council for Archaeozoology)

  • Board member of the non-profit association “Archaeological Centre”

  • Member of the INQUA (International Union for Quaternary Research) national committee

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Photography, hiking, nature observation, nature protection, home gardening etc.


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