Short CV/Education and training


  • Since 2016
    Associate professor, Lecturer (Universitetslektor), Inst. Biomedicine, Dept. Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology, University of Gothenburg, Supervisor of four PhD students and two Postdocs

  • 2013 – 2016
    Researcher partly VR funded, Inst. Biomedicine, University of Gothenburg

  • 2009 – 2013
    Researcher, Inst. Biomedicine, University of Gothenburg

  • 2002 – 2005
    Biomedical laboratory technologist, Dept. Medical Biochemistry, University of Gothenburg, Board member (2002)

  • 2000
    - 2001 Project associate at Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, USA, post doc equivalent period

  • 1992 – 2000
    Biomedical laboratory technologist, Dept. Medical Biochemistry, University of Gothenburg, Laboratory training in molecular biology, EMBL, Heidelberg (1997)


  • 2010
    Supervision in Postgraduate Program (5 HEC)

  • 2013 – 2015
    Teaching and learning in Higher Education (15HEC)

  • 1994
    - 2002 Courses (Biochemistry) at the University of Gothenburg (up to180 HEC level)

  • 1992
    University Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology, Gothenburg

Selected publications

  • Bergstrom, K., Fu, J., Johansson, M.E.V., Liu, X., Gao, NB., Wu, Q., Song, J., McDanie, J.M., McGee, S., Chen, W., Braun, J., Hansson, G.C, and Xia, L. Core 1- and core 3-derived O-glycans collectively maintain the colonic mucus barrier and protect against spontaneous colitis in mice. Mucosal immunol. 2017, 10(1):91-103

  • Johansson, M.E.V. and Hansson, G.C. Immunological asspects of mucus and mucins. Nature reviews Immunology. 2016, 16(10):639-49

  • Birchenough, G. M. H., Nystrom, E. E., Johansson, M.E.V. and Hansson, G.C. A sentinel goblet cell (senGC) guards the colonic crypt by controlling Muc2 mucin secretion in adjacent goblet cells via activation of the Nlrp6 inflammasome. Science. 2016, 352(6293):1535-42

  • Jakobsson, H. E., Rodriguez-Piñero, A., Schütte, A., Ermund, A., Boysen, P., Sommer, F., Bäckhed, F., Hansson, G. C. and Johansson, M. E. V. The gut microbiota composition affects the colon mucus barrier. EMBO reports. 2015, 16(2):164-77

  • Johansson,M. E. V., Jacobsson,H.E., Holmén-Larsson,J., Schütte,A., Ermund,A., Rodriguez-Pineiro,A., Arike,L., Wising,C., Svensson,F., Bäckhed,F. et al. Normalization of the host intestinal mucus systems requires long-term colonization. Cell Host Microbe. 2015, 18(5):582-92

  • Johansson, M. E. V., Gustafsson, J. K., Holmen-Larsson, J. M., Xia, L., Xu, H, Ghishan, F. K., Carvalho, F. A., Gewirtz, A.T., Sjovall, H. and Hansson, G. C. Bacteria Penetrate the Inner Colon Mucus Layer in both Murine Colitis Models and in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis. Gut. 2014, 63(2):281-91

  • Johansson, M.E.V., Sjövall, H. and Hansson, G.C. Role of mucins in protecting the gastrointestinal canal and some aspects on its role in disease. Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2013, 10(6):352-61

  • Johansson, M. E. V. Fast renewal of the distal colonic mucus layers by the surface goblet cells as measured by in-vivo labeling of mucin glycoproteins. PLoS ONE. 2012, 7(7):e41009

  • Johansson, M. E. V., Gustafsson, J.K., Sjoberg, K.E., Petersson, J., Holm, L., Sjovall, H., Hansson, G.C. Bacteria Penetrate the Inner Mucus Layer before Inflammation in the Dextran Sulfate Colitis Model. PLoS. ONE. 2010, 5(8):e12238

  • Johansson, M. E. V., Phillipson, M., Petersson, J., Velcich, A., Holm, L., Hansson, G. C. The inner of the two Muc2 mucin-dependent mucus layers in colon is devoid of bacteria. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A 2008, 105 (39):15064-15069

Complete list of publications

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Married with two children


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