Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2010
    Group Leader of Stem Cell and Tissue Homeostasis team in the Department of Developmental Biology and Cancer at the Institut Curie, DR2 CNRS (CNRS UMR 3215/ Inserm U934), Investigating novel mechanisms regulating adult stem cells using the Drosophila adult intestine, France

  • 2006 – 2010
    Research scientist CR2 CNRS in the lab of Dr. Francois Schweisguth. Institut Pasteur, CNRS URA 2578 (Ecole Normale Supérieure, CNRS UMR8542 until 2008) Investigating mechanisms controlling the fate and differentiation potential of adult stem cell in the Drosophila intestine, France

  • 2003 – 2005
    Post-doctoral research fellow in the laboratory of Dr. François Schweisguth. Ecole Normale Supérieure CNRS UMR8542, Paris. Uncovered the role of the Bearded family of proteins in Notch signaling as negative regulators of the E3 ubiquitin-ligase Neuralized, France

  • 1998 – 2002
    Ph.D. student in the laboratory of Professor Angelika Amon, Center for Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Studied mitotic exit of the cell cycle in budding yeast, USA

  • 1997 – 1998
    Research assistant in the laboratory of Professor Stephen Jackson at the Wellcome/CRC Institute at Cambridge University, Investigated RNA polymerase in Archaea, UK

  • 2003
    Ph.D., Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

  • 1997
    B.A., Biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Selected publications

  • Gervais, L and Bardin, AJ. (2017) Tissue homeostasis and aging: new insight from the Fly intestine,. Current Opinions in Cell Biology. Jul 15;48:97-105.

  • Sallé J, Gervais L, Boumard B, Stefanutti M, Siudeja K and Bardin AJ. (2017) Intrinsic regulation of enteroendocrine fate by Numb. (2017) EMBOJ, Jul 3;36(13):1928-1945.

  • Siudeja K and Bardin AJ. (2017) Somatic recombination in adult tissues: What is there to learn? Fly, Fly (Austin). Apr 3;11(2):121-128. (Review plus primary data).

  • Siudeja K, Nassari S, Gervais L, Skorski P, Lameiras S, Stolfa D, Zande M, Bernard, V, Rio Frio, T, and Bardin, AJ*, (2015) Frequent somatic mutation in aging adult intestinal stem cells drives neoplasia and genetic mosaicism.

    Cell Stem Cell, Dec. 3, 17(6):663-74. 2015.*corresponding author

  • Gogendeau D, Siudeja K, Gambarotto D, Pennetier C, Bardin AJ, and Basto R. (2015) Aneuploidy causes premature differentiation of Neural and Intestinal stem cells. Nature Communications, Nov 17;6:8894.

  • Mathieu J, Cauvin C, Moch C, Radford SJ, Sampaio P, Perdigoto CN, Schweisguth F, Bardin AJ, Sunkel CE, McKim K, Echard A, Huynh JR. (2013) Aurora B and cyclin B have opposite effects on the timing of cytokinesis abscission in Drosophila germ cells and in vertebrate somatic cells. Dev Cell. Aug 12;26(3):250-65.

  • Andriatsilavo M, Gervais L, Fons C, and Bardin AJ. (2013) The Drosophila midgut as a model to study adult stem cells in tissue homeostasis. Med Sci (Paris). Jan;29(1):75-81.Review, in French.

  • Perdigoto CN, Bardin AJ. (2013) Sending the right signal: Notch and stem cells. Biochim Biophys Acta. Feb;1830(2):2307-22. Review

  • de Navascués J, Perdigoto CN, Bian Y, Schneider MH, Bardin AJ, Martínez-Arias A, Simons BD. (2012) Drosophila midgut homeostasis involves neutral competition between symmetrically dividing intestinal stem cells. EMBO J. Apr 20;31(11):2473- 85.

  • Perdigoto CP, Schweisguth F, Bardin AJ*. (2011) Distinct levels of Notch activity for commitment and differentiation of stem cells in the adult fly intestine. Development. Nov;138(21):4585-95. *corresponding author

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Genome Stability in Adult Stem Cells

  • Chromatin Regulation in Adult Stem Cells

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member Selection Committee; LIBRA program for women in Science, EULife Network, since 2017

  • Director of a French Stem Cell Network (CNRS Groupement de Recherche 'Stem Cells' #3740) composed of 36 teams throughout France working on in vivo stem cell biology, since 2016

  • Member of Review Committee for the Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), Jena, Germany, 2016

  • Review panel member, Foundation ARC (French Cancer Charity), National commission 3, 2015 – 2019

  • Member Selection Committee International PhD program, Institut Curie, since 2011

Additional qualifications

  • 2014 Co-Organizer, The Paris Fly meeting

  • 2013 Co-Organizer, The Notch Meeting

  • 2004 – 2006 Human Frontier Science Program long-term post-doctoral fellowship

  • 2003 – 2004 EMBO long-term post-doctoral fellowship


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