Short CV/Education and training

  • Daniela Panáková was born in 1976 in Martin, Slovakia and graduated in Genetics at Commenius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia in 2001. She finished her PhD at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden in 2005 under the supervision of Prof. Suzanne Eaton, Ph.D. After a short postdoctoral stay in her PhD lab, she moved to Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA as a Research Fellow in 2007 where she joined the lab of Prof. Calum MacRae, M.D, Ph.D. In 2008, she received a Long-Term Fellowship from Human Frontier Science Program to pursue her postdoctoral research. She received a Helmholtz Young Investigator Grant in 2010, and moved to Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin in July 2011 where she is heading her independent research group.

Selected publications

  • Mosimann, C.*, Panáková, D.*, Werdich, A.A., Musso, G., Burger, A., Lawson, K.L., Carr, L.A., Nevis, K.R., Sabeh, M.K., Zhou, Y., Davidson, A.J., DiBiase, A., Burns, C.E., Burns, C.G., MacRae, C.A., and Zon, L.I. (2015) Chamber identity programs drive early functional partitioning of the heart. Nat Commun 6: 8146

  • Rharass, T., Lemcke, H., Lantow, M., Kuznetsov, S.A., Weiss, D.G., and Panáková, D. (2014) Ca2+-mediated mitochondrial ROS metabolism augments Wnt/-catenin pathway activation to facilitate cell differentiation. J Biol Chem 289, 27937-27951

  • Wang, J.H., Panáková, D., Kikuchi, K., Holdway, J.E., Gemberling, M., Burris, J.S., Singh, S.P., Dickson, A.L., Lin, Y.F., Sabeh, M.K., Werdich, A.A., Yelon, D., Macrae, C.A., and Poss, K.D. (2011) The regenerative capacity of zebrafish reverses cardiac failure caused by genetic cardiomyocyte depletion. Development 138, 3421-3430

  • Panáková, D.*, Werdich, A.A.*, and MacRae, C.A. (2010) Wnt11 patterns a myocardial electrical gradient through regulation of the L-type Ca(2+) channel. Nature 466, 874-878

  • Panáková, D.*, Sprong H.*, Marois E., Thiele C., and Eaton, S. (2005) Lipoprotein particles are required for Hedgehog and Wingless signalling. Nature 435, 58-65

Complete list of publications


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