Short CV/Education and training

  • 2000 – 2004
    B.Sc. Textile Chemistry & Fiber Science, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

  • 2004 – 2006
    M.Sc. Textile Chemistry & Fiber Science, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

  • 2008 – 2014
    Ph.D. Textile Chemistry & Fiber Science, Isfahan University of Technology (Iran) and Uppsala University (Sweden)

  • Since 2015
    DFF-Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship and Sapere Aude-Research Talent grant holder (Danish Council for Independet Research), Technical University of Denmark and Karolinska Institutet

Selected publications

  • F. Ajalloueian, M.L. Lim, G. Lemon, J.C. Haag, Y. Gustafsson, S. Sjöqvist, C. Del Gaudio, A. Bianco, P. Macchiarini. 2014. Biomechanical and biocompatibility characteristics of electrospun artificial tracheal scaffolds. Biomaterials. 35(20):5307-5315.

  • F. Ajalloueian, S. Zeiai, M. Fossum, J. Hilborn. Constructs of electrospun PLGA, compressed collagen and minced urothelium for minimally manipulated autologous bladder tissue expansion. Biomaterials. 2014. 35: 5741-8.

  • F. Ajalloueian, S. Zeiai, R. Rojas, M.Fossum, J. Hilborn. 2013, One-stage tissue engineering of bladder wall patch for an easy-to-use approach at the surgical table. Journal of Tissue Engineering, Part C. 19(9), 688-696.

  • F. Ajalloueian, H. Tavanai, J. Hilborn, O. Donzel-Gargand, K. Leifer, A. Wickham, A. Arpanaei. 2013, Emulsion Electrospinning As an Approach to Fabricate PLGA/Chitosan Nanofibers for Biomedical Applications, Journal of BioMed Research International. 2014, 2014.doi:10.1155/2014/475280

  • M.L. Lim, P. Jungebluth, F. Ajalloueian, L.H. Friedrich, I. Gilevich, K. Grinnemo, E. Gubareva, J.C. Haag, G. Lemon, S. Sjöqvist, A.L. Caplan, P. Macchiarini. 2013, Whole Organ and Tissue Reconstruction in Thoracic Regenerative Surgery. Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 88(10), 1151-1166.

  • G. Lemon, M.L. Lim, F. Ajalloueian, Paolo Macchiarini. 2014, The development of the bioartificial lung. British Medical Bulletin. 110(1), 35-45

  • C. Del Gaudio, S. Baiguera, F. Ajalloueian, A. Bianco, P. Macchiarini. 2014, Are synthetic scaffolds suitable for the development of clinical tissue-engineered tubular organs? Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A. 102(7), 2427-2447

  • Y. Gustafsson, J. Haag, P. Jungebluth, V. Lundin, M.L. Lim, S. Baiguera, F. Ajalloueian, C. Gaudio, A. Bianco, G. Moll, S. Sjöqvist, G. Lemon, A. Teixeira, P. Macchiarini. 2012, Viability and proliferation of rat MSCs on adhesion protein-modified PET and PU scaffolds. Biomaterials. 3, 8094-8103.

  • P. Jungebluth, J.C. Haag, M.L. Lim, G. Lemon,S. Sjöqvist, Y. Gustafsson, F. Ajalloueian, I. Gilevich, O. Simonson, K. Grinnemo, M. Corbascio, S. Baiguera, C. Gaudio, S. Strömblad, P. Macchiarini. 2013, Verification of cell viability in bioengineered tissues and organs before clinical transplantation. Biomaterials. 34, 4057-4067

Selected projects

  • Bladder tissue engineering using minced urothelium and engineered hybrid scaffolds

  • Fabrication, characterization and dynamic cell culturing of tracheal tissue engineered scaffolds

  • Nanodelivery systems for urine bladder tissue engineering applications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society

  • Member of European Science Foundation

  • Referee at the international journals: Materials Science and Engineering C, Journal of Functional Biomaterials, International Journal of Nanomedicine


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