Selected publications

  • M. Gajc, et al. NanoParticle Direct Doping: Novel method for manufacturing three-dimensional bulk plasmonic nanocomposites, Adv. Funct. Mat, (2013) 23, 3443-3451.

  • D. A. Pawlak, et al. How far are we from making metamaterials by self-organization? The microstructure of highly anisotropic particles with an SRR-like geometry, Adv. Funct. Mat, (2010) 20(7) 1116-1124.

  • D. A. Pawlak, et al. Self-organized, rod-like, micron-scale microstructure of Tb3Sc2Al3O12-TbScO3:Pr eutectic, Chem. Mat. (2006), 18(9), 2450-2457.

Selected projects

  • Coordinator: FP7 NMP Collaborative Project; ENSEMBLE – ENgineered SElf-organised Multi-component structures with novel controllaBLe Electromagnetic functionalities, GA No. NMP4-SL-2008-213669, Realization time: 01.05.2008 – 30.04.2012,

  • Laureate: TEAM Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science, Self-organization approach towards photonics/optoelectronics, Realization time: 01.02.2009 – 31.04.2013

  • Project Leader: MAESTRO – National Science Centre Poland; New generation plasmonic materials; Realization time: 2012-2016

  • Project Investigator (PI): Air Force Office for Scientific Research (AFOSR) NOE: NOvel metamaterials and plasmonic materials properties enabled by directional Eutectic solidification Award No. FA9550-14-1-0061, Realization time: 2014 – 2017

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • President of Polish Society of Crystal Growth (2013-2015),

  • Director in the Director Board Metamorphose Virtual Institute for Artificial Electromagnetic Materials and Metamaterials METAMORPHOSE VI AISBL; terms of office: 2007-now,

  • Member of Association of the National Council of the EU Research Project Coordinators,

  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, terms of office: 2008-2011, 2011-2015

Additional qualifications

  • Postdoc in Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan – 2 years (2000-2001)

  • TOP500 Innovators 2012 program (9 weeks at the Stanford University)


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