Selected publications

  • 1. Stachecka J., Walczak A., Kociucka B., Ruszczycki B., Wilczyński G., Szczerbal I. (2018). Nuclear organization during in vitro differentiation of porcine mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) into adipocytes. Histochemistry and Cell Biology 149: 113–126.

  • 2. Kociucka B., Stachecka J., Szydlowski M., Szczerbal I. (2017). Rapid Communication: The correlation between histone modifications and expression of key genes involved in accumulation of adipose tissue in the pig. Journal of Animal Science 95:4514-4519.

  • 3. Nowacka-Woszuk J. *, Szczerbal I. *, Pausch H., Hundi S., Hytönen M. K., Grzemski A., Flisikowski K., Lohi H., Switonski, Szydlowski M. (2017). Deep sequencing of a candidate region harboring the SOX9 gene for the canine XX disorder of sex development. Animal Genetics 48: 330-337.

  • 4. Kociucka B., Jackowiak J., Kamyczek M., Szydlowski M., Szczerbal I. (2016). The relationship between adipocyte size and the transcript levels of SNAP23, BSCL2 and COPA genes in pigs. Meat Science 121: 12-18.

  • 5. Stachowiak M. *, Szczerbal I. *, Switonski M. (2016). Genetics of Adiposity in Large Animal Models for Human Obesity – Studies on Pigs and Dogs. Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science 140:233-270.

  • 6. Marcinkowska-Swojak M.*, Szczerbal I.*, Pausch H., Nowacka-Woszuk J., Flisikowski K.,Dzimira S., Nizanski W., Payan-Carreira R., Fries R., Kozlowski P., Switonski M. (2015). Copy number variation in the region harboring SOX9 gene in dogs with testicular/ovotesticular disorder of sex development (78,XX; SRY-negative). Scientific Reports 5:14696.

  • 7. Szczerbal I., Stachowiak M., Dzimira S., Sliwa K. Switonski M. (2015). The first case of 38,XX (SRY-positive) disorder of sex development in a cat. Molecular Cytogenetics 8: 22.

  • 8. Venhoranta H, Pausch H, Wysocki M, Szczerbal I, Hänninen R, Taponen J, Uimari P, Flisikowski K, Lohi H, Fries R, Switonski M, Andersson M. (2013). Ectopic KIT copy number variation underlies impaired migration of primordial germ cells associated with gonadal hypoplasia in cattle (Bos taurus). PLoS One 8: e75659.

  • 9. Szczerbal I., Bridger J.M. (2010). Association of adipogenic genes with SC-35 domains during porcine adipogenesis. Chromosome Research 18: 887-895.

  • 10. Szczerbal I., Foster H.A., Bridger J.M. (2009). The spatial repositioning of adipogenesis genes is correlated with their expression status in a porcine mesenchymal stem cell adipogenesis model system. Chromosoma 118: 647-663.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • National Science Centre (NCN) in Poland, Research Grant SONTA BIS (no.: 2012/07/E/NZ9/02573): “Epigenetic mechanisms controlling expression of genes involved in fat tissue accumulation in pigs”, 2013-2018.

  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland, Research Grant IUVENTUS PLUS (no.: JP2010040670): “Epigenetic mechanisms controlling expression of genes in porcine preadipocytes and adipocytes”, 2010-2011

  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland, Research Grant (no.: N301 3381 33): „Architecture of interphase nucleus during adipocyte differentiation of the pig (Sus srofa domestica L.) with respect to changes in expression of specific genes involved in adipogenesis”, 2007-2010

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member of the Committee on the Cell Molecular Biology, the Polish Academy of Sciences (since 2016)

  • Member of the Committee on Animal Science and Aquaculture, the Polish Academy of Sciences (since 2016)

  • Member of the Young Scientists Council of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2011-2012)

    Member of the Committee on Cell Biology, the Polish Academy of Sciences (2012-2015)

  • Member of the Committee on Animal Sciences, the Polish Academy of Sciences (2012-2015)

  • Member of the Academy of Young Scholars of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2011-2016)

  • Member of the Polish Genetics Society (since 2002), Vice-President of the Poznan Branch (2013-2016), President of the Poznan Branch (since 2017)


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