Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2017
    Researcher at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

  • 2012 – 2016
    Postdoc at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

  • 2011
    PhD on Sanitation Planning, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

  • 2008
    Licentiate on Sanitation Planning, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

  • 2006
    MSc Environmental Engineering, Michigan Technological University, USA

  • 2002
    BSc Environmental Engineering, Michigan Technological University, USA

Selected publications

  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  • McConville JR, Kvarnström E, Jönsson H, Kärrman, E. & Johansson, M. (2017) Is the Swedish wastewater sector ready for a transition to source separation? Desalination and Water Treatment, DOI: 10.5004/dwt.2017.20881.

  • Cossio, C, McConville, J., Rauch, S., Wilén, BM., Dalahmeh, S., Mercado, A., & Romero AM. (2017). Wastewater management in small towns – Understanding the failure of small treatment plants in Bolivia. Environmental Technology, DOI: 10.1080/09593330.2017.1330364

  • McConville JR, Kvarnström E, Jönsson H, Kärrman, E. & Johansson, M. (2017) Source Separation: Challenges & Opportunities for Transition in the Swedish Wastewater Sector. Resources Conservation and. Recycling, 120:144–156.

  • McConville, J.R., Rauch, S., Helgegren, I. & Kain, J-H. (2017) Using Role-playing Games to Broaden Engineering Education. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 18(4), pp.

  • Ramôa, A., Lüthi, C., McConville, J. & Matos, J. (2016). Urban sanitation technology decision-making in developing countries: a critical analysis of process guides. International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, ISSN: 1946-3138.

  • McConville, J.R., Tidåker, P., Drangert, J-O., Neset, T.S., Rauch, S., Stride, I., Tonderski, K.S. (2015) Closing the food loop – guidelines and criteria for improving nutrient management. Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy, 11(2).

  • McConville, J., Kunzle, R., Messmer, U., Udert, K. M., & Larsen, T .A. (2014) Decision Support for Redesigning Wastewater Treatment Technologies. Environmental Science & Technology, 48(20), 12238-12246.

  • McConville, J., Kain, J.H., Kvarnström, E. & Ulrich, L. (2014) Participation in Sanitation Planning in Burkina Faso: Theory and Practice. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 4(2), 304-312.

  • McConville, J., Kain, J., Kvarnström, E. & Renman, G. (2011) Bridging sanitation engineering and planning: theory and practice in Burkina Faso. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 1(3), 205-212.

  • Kvarnström, E., McConville, J., Bracken, P., Johansson, M. & Fogde, M. (2011) The Sanitation Ladder – a Need for a Revamp? Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 1(1), 3-12.

  • Luethi, C., McConville, J., & Kvarnström, E. (2010) Community-based approaches for addressing the urban sanitation challenge. International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, 1(1-2), 49-63.

  • McConville, J.R. & Mihelcic, J.R. (2007). Adapting Life Cycle Thinking Tools to Evaluate Project Sustainability in International Water and Sanitation Development Work. Environmental Engineering Science, 24 (7), 937-948.

  • Books/thesis

  • Andersson, K., Rosemarin, A., Lamizana, B., Kvarnström, E., McConville, J., Seidu, R., Dickin, S. and Trimmer, C. (2016). Sanitation, Wastewater Management and Sustainability: from Waste Disposal to Resource Recovery. Nairobi and Stockholm: United Nations Environment Programme and Stockholm Environment Institute.

  • Rosemarin, A., McConville, J., Flores, A., & Qiang, Z. (2012) The Challenges of Urban Ecological Sanitation: Lessons from the Erdos Eco-Town Project. Practical Action Publishing: Warwickshire, UK.

  • McConville, J. (2010): Unpacking Sanitation Planning – Comparing Theory and Practice. PhD Thesis, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Lüthi, C., Panasar, A., Schütze, T., Norström, A., McConville, J., Parkinson, J., Saywell, D., & Ingle, R. (2010). Sustainable Sanitation in Cities: A Framework for Action. Papiroz Publishing House: Rijswiik, The Netherlands.


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