Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2001
    Senior scientist at Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science of Technology (Department of Environmental Social Sciences, ESS), group leader Decision Analysis

Education / Titles

  • 1986
    Diploma in General Nursing (Allgemeine Krankenpflege, AKP), Krankenpflegeschule Zürich, Switzerland

  • 1988
    Diploma in boat building, City and Guilds of London Institute, International Boatbuilding Training Centre, IBTC, Lowestoft, United Kingdom

  • 1993
    Adults high school (Eidg. Matura Typus B; Kant. Maturitätsschule f. Erwachsene, KME), Zürich, Switzerland

  • 2000
    Diploma in biology, University of Zürich, Switzerland

  • 2002
    PhD in natural sciences (Dr. sc. nat.), Faculty of Science, University of Zürich, Switzerland. Title of thesis: "Population biology of wetland plants in fragmented landscapes"

Professional academic experience

  • 2001 – 2008
    Researcher and co-project leader of the cross-cutting project Novaquatis, Department Urban Water Management, Eawag, Dübendorf, Switzerland

  • Since 2009
    Group leader "Decision Analysis", Department Environmental Social Sciences (ESS), Eawag, Dübendorf, Switzerland

  • Since 2011
    Lecturer "Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis", ETH Zürich, Switzerland

  • Since 2012
    Member of the editorial board of EURO Journal on Decision Processes (Springer)

Selected publications

  • Schuwirth, N., P. Reichert, J. Lienert (2012) Methodological aspects of multi-criteria decision analysis for policy support: A case study on pharmaceutical removal from hospital wastewater. European Journal of Operational Research 220: 472-483.

  • Lienert, J., M. Koller, J. Konrad, C.S. McArdell, N. Schuwirth (2011) Multiple-criteria decision analysis reveals high stakeholder preference to remove pharmaceuticals from hospital wastewater. Environmental Science & Technology 45(9): 3848-3857.

  • Larsen, T.A., A.C. Alder, R.I.L. Eggen, M. Maurer, J. Lienert (2009) Source separation: Will we see a paradigm shift in wastewater handling? Environmental Science & Technology 43(16): 6121-6125.

  • Lienert, J., T.A. Larsen (2010) High acceptance of urine source separation in seven European countries: A review. Environmental Science & Technology 44(2): 556-566.

  • Borsuk, M.E, M. Maurer, J. Lienert, T.A. Larsen (2008) Charting a path for innovative toilet technology using multicriteria decision analysis. Environmental Science & Technology 42(6): 1855-1862.

  • Lienert J., K. Güdel, B.I. Escher (2007) Screening method for ecotoxicological hazard assessment of 42 pharmaceuticals considering human metabolism and excretory routes. Environmental Science & Technology 41(12): 4471-4478.

  • Lienert, J., T.A. Larsen (2007) Soft paths in wastewater management – the pros and cons of urine source separation. GAIA 16(4): 280-288.

  • Lienert, J., J. Monstadt, B. Truffer (2006) Future scenarios for a sustainable water sector – a case study from Switzerland. Environmental Science & Technology 40(2): 436-442.

  • Lienert, J. (2004) Habitat fragmentation effects on fitness of plant populations – a review. Journal for Nature Conservation 12: 53-72.

  • Lienert, J., M. Fischer (2003) Habitat fragmentation affects the common wetland specialist Primula farinosa in north-east Switzerland. Journal of Ecology 91: 587-599.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • First career outside academia (nurse, boat builder)


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