Short CV/Education and training

  • Doctorate in Food Science and Technology from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (2010) and currently researcher at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA-CSIC) with the support of a Ramón y Cajal contract (2018).

  • During my PhD studies I did two stays abroad (4 months each) in Royal Holloway University of London (Egham, UK) that established the basis of future collaborations. In 2011 I received a special award for my doctoral thesis. As a posdoctoral researcher, I enjoyed a research contract at the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia, and later a postdoctoral fellow in Teagasc Ashtown Food Research Centre (Dublin, Ireland) funded by the Spanish Alfonso Martín Escudero Foundation. Following this grant, I gained a postdoctoral Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship FP7-PEOPLE-IEF (FOODSAFE project) in Royal Holloway University of London (Egham, UK). This postdoctoral period was a great opportunity of building long lasting international collaborations for the creation of networks, reinforcing independence and scientific maturity. I re-joined the IATA-CSIC with a postdoctoral contract 2013 and afterwards I achieved a Ramón y Cajal contract.

  • I have participated in a total of 16 projects from different funds: 3 international, 3 European, 6 national, 2 regional and 2 company contracts. I have been the main researcher in 3 competitive projects, 1 European, 1 National, and 1regional, including the Marie Curie Career Integration Grant HIGHVALFOOD project FP7-PEOPLE-2013-CIG about the assessment of high added-value traditional meat products, the National project AGL2017-89381-R about the sensory impct of small peptides, and the regional project founded by the Generalitat Valenciana to consolidate emerging groups, in order to study the potential of meat by-products as a source of bioactive peptides and their bioaccessibility. Thus, since the doctorate, I have been involved in multidisplinary activities supported by prestigious and competitive programs that provided me the opportunity to acquire outstanding scientific background as well as to improve my expertise in project management, independent thinking and leadership skills as main researcher.

  • Regarding my scientific production, I have published a total of 98 articles in SCI-indexed scientific journals, 54 of them included in the first quartile and as first or second author, 17 book chapters published by international editorials, and 48 contributions in congresses and workshops including 10 as invited speaker, and 6 oral communications. I have a sum of 2060 times cited and an H-index of 25 according to WOS.

  • In summary, main topics of my current research line are (i) the use of biochemical compounds and peptides as quality biomarkers and the study of their post-translational modifications and impact on human health, (ii) the identification of bioactive peptides naturally generated and obtained through controlled hydrolysis techniques, study of their bioavailability, and (iii) the development of innovative methods for the use of by-products as a sustainable source of functional ingredients.

  • These studies are being carried out using state-of-the-art instrumental techniques, especially mass spectrometry, innovative experimental approaches based on peptidomics and proteomics studies, and performing data analysis in updated databases using modern hardware and software equipment.

  • Some of my most outstanding achievements are the identification of different peptides with antioxidant, antihypertensive, antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory biological activity in products of animal and plant origin, the use of peptides as biomarkers of curing time or genetics for a better quality control, the characterization of post-translational modifications such as oxidation or deamination in food, and the study of the potential positive impact on cardiovascular health of broths prepared from animal origin by-products.

Selected publications

  • Xiao, C., Toldrá, F., Zhou, F., Gallego, M., Zhao, M., Mora, L.* Effect of cooking and in vitro digestion on the peptide profile and bioactivity in chicken breast muscle: a peptidomic analysis. Food Research International, 136, 109459, 2020. Categoría: Science Edition – FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Índice de impacto: 3.58, Q1.

  • Márquez-Lázaro, J.P., Mora, L*, Méndez-Cuadro, D., Rodríguez-Cavallo, E., Toldrá, F. In vitro oxidation promoted by chlorpyrifos residues on myosin and chicken breast proteins. Food Chemistry, 326, 126922, 2020. Categoría: Science Edition – FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Índice de impacto: 5.39. D1.

  • Gallego, M., Mauri, L., Aristoy, MC., Toldrá,F., Mora, L*. Antioxidant peptides profile in dry-cured ham as affected by gastrointestinal digestion. Journal of Functional Foods. 69, 103956, 2020. Categoría: Science Edition – FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Índice de impacto: 3.19. Q1.

  • Mora, L., González-Rogel, D., Heres, A., Toldrá, F. Iberian dry-cured ham as a potential source of -glucosidase-inhibitory peptides. Journal of Functional Foods, 67, 103840, 2020, Categoría: Science Edition – FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Índice de impacto: 3.19. Q1.

  • Xiao, C., Zhao, M., Zhou, F., Gallego, M., Gao, J., Toldrá, F., Mora, L.* Isolation and identification of alcohol dehydrogenase stabilizing peptides from Alcalase digested chicken breast hydrolysates, Journal of Functional Foods, 2019, 103617. Categoría: Science Edition – FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Índice de impacto: 3.19. Q1

  • Mora, L. Gallego M, Toldrá F, Degradation of myosin heavy chain and its potential as a source of natural bioactive peptides in dry-cured ham, Food Bioscience, 30, 2019,100416, Categoría: Science Edition – FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Índice de impacto: 3.22. Q1

  • Gallego, M; Mora, L*; Hayes, M; Reig, M; Toldra, F. Peptides with Potential Cardioprotective Effects Derived from Dry-Cured Ham By-products. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2019, 67, 1115-1126. Categoría: Science Edition – FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Índice de impacto: 3.41. Q1

  • Abdelhedi, O.; Khemakhem, H.; Nasri, R.; Jridi, M.; Mora, L.; Toldrá, F.; Gargouri, J.; Nasri, M. Assessment of Cholesterol, Glycemia Control and Short- and Long-Term Antihypertensive effects of Smooth Hound Viscera Peptides in High-Salt and Fructose Diet-Fed Wistar Rats. Marine drugs, 2019, 17, DOI 10.3390/md17040194. Categoría: CHEMISTRY, MEDICINAL (PCT:92,373) Índice de impacto: 3.77. Q1

  • Maqsoudlou A.; Mahoonak A.; Mora L.*; Mohebodini H.; Toldrá F. Ghorbani M. Peptide identification in alcalase hydrolysated pollen and comparison of its bioactivity with royal jelly. Food Research International. 116, 905-915, 2019. Categoría: Science Edition – FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Índice de impacto: 3.58; Q1

  • Mora L.; Gallego M.; Toldrá F. New approaches based on comparative proteomics for the assessment of food quality. Current Opinion in Food Science. 22, pp. 22 – 27. 2018. Categoría: Science Edition – FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Índice de impacto: 3.83, Q1

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • AGL2017-89381-R. ‘Sabor del jamón curado: Generación de di- y tripéptidos durante el proceso, su contribución al sabor y posibles efectos de su oxidación’. Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos. CSIC, 2018 – 2020

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

Participation in scientific evaluation committees

  • Miembro evaluador del Nacional Science Center in Poland (NSC).

    Revisión de proyectos del Plan Nacional de Polonia convocada por Narodowe Centrum Nauki (NCN), since 2019

  • Miembro evaluador de la Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI) (antigua ANEP). Revisión de proyectos convocada por la Subdivisión de Coordinación y Evaluación (AEI), since 2018

Participation in editorial boards

  • Foods (ISSN 2304-8158; CODEN: FOODBV). Ed. MDPI. EU-topías (ISSN 2174-8454; e-ISSN: 2340-11 5X)Ed. Departamento de Teoría de los Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Comunicación de l’Universitat de València y The Global Studies Institute de l’Université de Genève, since 2019

Participation in cooperation networks

  • COST Action ImpARAS (FA1402) – Improving Allergy Risk Assessment Strategy for New Food Proteins, 2014 – 2017

  • COST Action PlantEngine (FA1006) – Plant natural Products: From science to bioproducts, 2012 – 2015


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