Short CV/Education and training

  • Libertat Abad received a degree in physics and a PhD in material sciences (2007) at the Barcelona Materials Science Institute (ICMAB-CSIC) and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain).

  • She worked in magnetic materials and spintronics devices. She then moved to Institute Néel-CNRS (France), where she worked for two years in in microand nano-fabrication techniques, biosensors and polymeric materials. Since 2010, she is one of the senior postdoctoral researchers of the BioMEMS group at the IMB-CNM, CSIC.

  • Her main areas of expertise include micro and nano-fabrication techniques, development of magnetic biosensors, nanocalorimetric devices, low-cost microfluidics and implementation of new materials with potential interest in the field of biosensors development.

Selected publications

  • Ll. Abad; A. M. Rajnicek; N. Casañ-Pastor. Electric Field Gradients and Bipolar Electrochemistry effects on Neural Growth. A finite element study on immersed electroactive conducting electrode materials. Electrochemica Acta ( El Sevier, 28/05/2019. Disponible en Internet en:

  • P. Ferrando; A. P. Pérez; Ll. Abad; G. Dalkiranis; A. F. Lopeandia; G. Garcia; J. Rodriguez-Viejo. Measuring device and material ZT in a thin film Si-based Thermoelectric Microgenerator. NanoMaterials. 9 – 653, MDPI, 18/05/2019. Disponible en Internet en: doi:10.3390/nano9040653.

  • G. Gonçalves Dalkiranis; P. Ferrando-Villalba; A. Lopeandia-Fernández; Llibertat Abad-Muñoz; J. Rodriguez-Viejo. Photosensor Based on Ultrathin Si Films. Sensors. 19 – 1427, 12/02/2019. Disponible en Internet en: 10.3390/s19061427.

  • P. Ferrando-Villalba; L. D´Ortenzi; E. Cara; A. F. Lopeandia; Ll. Abad; R. Rurali; X. Cartoixà; N. De Neo; L. Boarino; J. Rodriguez-Viejo. Impact of pore anisotropy on the thermal conductivity of porous Si nanowires.Scientific Reports. 8 – 12796, Nature, 24/08/2018

  • Joan Ràfols-Ribé, Riccardo Dettori, Pablo Ferrando-Villalba, Marta González-Silveira, Llibertat Abad; Luciano Colombo, Javier Rodriguez-Viejo. Evidence of thermal transport anisotropy in stable glasses of vapour deposited organic molecules. Physical Review Materials

  • J. de Rojas; A. Quintana; A. Lopeandia; J. Salguero; J. L. Costa-Krämer; Ll. Abad; M. O. Liedke; M. Butterling; A. Wagner; L. Henderick; J. Dendooven; C. Detavernier; J. Sort; E. Menéndez. Boosting Room‐Temperature Magneto‐Ionics in a Non‐Magnetic Oxide Semiconductor. Advance Functional Materials

  • P. Ferrando-Villalba; D. Takegami; Ll. Abad; A. Lopeandia; J. Rodriguez-Viejo. Growth monitoring with sub-monolayer sensitivity via real time thermal conductance measurements. Physical Review Applied. 12 014007, APS, 03/07/2019.

  • Moral-Vico, J.; Barallat, J.; Abad, Ll.; Olivé-Monllau, R.; Muñoz-Pacual, F. X.; Galán Ortega, A.; del Campo, F. J.; Baldrich, E.Determiniation of Dual chronoamperometric detection of enzymatic biomarkers using magnetic beads and a low-cost ?ow cell. Biosensors ad Bioelectronics. 69, pp. 328 – 336

  • P. Ferrando-Villalba; A. F. Lopeandia; Ll. Abad; Ll. Llobet; M. Molina-Ruiz; G. Garcia; M. Gerbolés; X. Alvarez; A. R. Goñi; F. J. Muñoz-Pascual; J. Rodriguez-Viejo. In-plane thermal conductivity of sub-20 nm thick suspended mono-crystalline Si layers. Nanotechnology. 25, pp. 185402 – 185412.

  • A. P. Perez-Marin; P. Ferrando-Villalba; A. F. Lopeandia; Ll. Abad; G. Garcia; A. M. Lopez; F. X. Muñoz-Pascual; J. Rodriguez-Viejo. Micropower thermoelectric generator from thin Si membranes. Nano Energy. El Sevier, 21/12/2013. Disponible en Internet en: http://dx.doi. org/10.1016/j.nanoen.2013.12.007.


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