Short CV/Education and training

  • 2013
    PhD from Faculty of Arts, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2007
    MA in Linguistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2004
    BA in Linguistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Selected publications

  • Kristensen, Line Burholt & Mikkel Wallentin (2015) Putting Broca's region into context: fMRI evidence for a role in predictive language processing. I R. M. Willems (red.), Cognitive Neuroscience of Natural Language Use. (pp 160-181). Chapter 8. Cambridge University Press

  • Clausen, Sara Juul & Line Burholt Kristensen (2015). The cognitive status of stød. Nordic Journal of Linguistics 38, 163-187

  • Kristensen, Line Burholt, Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen & Mads Poulsen (2014) Context improves comprehension of fronted objects, Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 43(2), 125-140

  • Kristensen, Line Burholt, Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen & Mikkel Wallentin (2014) Context predicts Word Order Processing in Broca’s Region. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26 (12), 2762-2777

  • Kristensen, Line Burholt, Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen, Andreas Højlund Nielsen & Mikkel Wallentin (2013). The influence of context on word order processing – an fMRI study, Journal of Neurolinguistics 26(1), 73-88

  • Kristensen, Line Burholt, Lin Wang, Karl Magnus Petersson & Peter Hagoort (2013) The interface between language and attention: Prosodic focus marking recruits a general attention network in spoken language comprehension, Cerebral Cortex 23(8), 1836-1848

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Leader of the Sapere Aude research project "Broken Grammar and Beyond" funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research. The project combines studies of grammatical anomalies in first language acquisition and second language acquisition with studies that use psycholinguistic and neuroscientific methods, 2018-2021

  • Postdoc at ProGram (, a cross-faculty research group on prominence and grammar in mind and brain led by associate professor Kasper Boye and funded by The University of Copenhagen Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research, 2013-2018

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Board member, Scandinavian Association of Language and Cognition, since 2013

  • Member of Corps for external examiners for Linguistics, Indoeuropean Studies, IT and Cognition, since 2015

  • Secretary and board member of the Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen, 2009 – 2014


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