Short CV/Education and training

  • I am an evolutionary biologist and gender researcher (Associate Professor in Gender Studies). Since I received my PhD in Zoology, Stockholm University, I have worked with interdisciplinary gender/biology research in different ways, by problematizing notions of biological sex as binary and stable, highlighting gender stereotypes and heteronormative conceptions in theory and research.

Selected publications

  • Ah-King, M & Gowaty, P. A. 2016. A conceptual review of mate choice: stochastic demography, within-sex phenotypic plasticity, and individual flexibility. Ecology and Evolution 6 (14) 4607–4642, DOI: 10.1002/ece3.2197

  • Ah-King, M. & Gowaty, P.A. 2015. Reaction norms of sex and adaptive individual flexibility in reproductive decisions. In: Hoquet, T. (ed.) Current Perspectives on Sexual Selection: What's left after Darwin? Springer.

  • Ah-King, M., Barron, A. & Herberstein, M.E. 2014. Genital evolution: why are females still understudied? PLOS Biology 12 (5) e1001851.

  • Ah-King, M. & Hayward, E. 2014. Toxic sexes — Perverting pollution and queering hormone disruption. O-zone: A Journal of Object-Oriented Studies 1:1-12.

  • Ah-King, M. 2014. Genderperspektiven in der Biologie. [Gender perspectives on Biology] German translation of Genusperspektiv på biologi published by Marburg University.

  • Ah-King, M. 2013. Queering animal sexual behavior in biology textbooks. Confero: Essays on Education, Philosophy and Politics 1(2): 46-89.

  • Ah-King, M. & Ahnesjö, I. 2013. The sex-role concept: a review and evaluation. Evolutionary Biology 40:461–470.

  • Powell, S. & Ah-King, M. 2013. A case study of integrating gender perspectives on teaching and subject content at a natural science university in Sweden. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology 5 (1): 52-61.

  • Ah-King, M. 2013. On anisogamy and the evolution of “sex roles”. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 28 (1): 1-2.

  • Ah-King, M. 2012. Genusperspektiv på biologi. [Gender perspectives on Biology] A book published by the Agency for Higher Education in collaboration with the National Secretariat of Gender Research, in a series on gender perspectives on different subject areas. Also published in German in 2014.

  • Barron, A., Ah-King, M. & Herberstein, M. E. 2011. Plenty of sex, but no sexuality in biology undergraduate curricula. Bioessays 33 (12), 899–902.

  • Ah-King, M. 2011. Biologins paradox: föränderliga kön och rigida normer. [The paradox of biology: flexible sexes and rigid norms.] Lambda Nordica 4: 26-52.

  • Ah-King, M. & Nylin, S. 2010. Sex in an evolutionary perspective: just another reaction norm. Evolutionary Biology 37:234–246.

  • Ah-King, M. 2010. Flexible mate choice. In: Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, Elsevier. Edited by Janice Moore and Michael D. Breed.

  • Ah-King, M. 2009. Toy story – en vetenskaplig kritik av forskning om apors leksakspreferenser. [Toy story – a scientific critique of research on toy preference in primates.] Tidskrift för genusvetenskap, 2-3: 45-63.

  • Ah-King, M. 2009. Queer Nature, towards a non-normative perspective on biological diversity. In: J. Bromseth, L. Folkmarson Käll and K. Mattsson (eds.) Body Claims. Crossroads of Knowledge, Department of Gender Research, Uppsala University.

  • Ah-King, M. 2007. Sexual Selection revisited – towards a gender-neutral theory and practise. European Journal of Women’s Studies 14:4, 341-348.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Integrating gender studies and evolutionary biology

  • The ”Female Turn” in Evolutionary Biology – a science study

    of shifting canonical knowledge 1980 – 2000


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