Short CV/Education and training

  • I am a researcher at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA, CSIC). I graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2002 with Extraordinary Prize. I was awarded competitive specialization and PhD grants. I obtained my PhD title in 2007 with Doctorate Extraordinary Prize. I was Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Southern California (USC), USA, and at Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland. I was awarded competitive postdoctoral grants such as CSIC JaeDoc and Ramón y Cajal fellowship, before obtaining faculty position.

  • I coordinate the COST Action CA16109 COLOSSAL on fine aerosols using high time resolution techniques (80 partners from 34 countries). I have been PI in a national project and co-PI in Marie Curie ITN, and participated in more than 25 national and international projects. I am member of CEN European Working Groups. I co-authored 80 SCI research articles, 80% in journals in the first quartile, cited >3200 times; my h-index is 33. I co-authored books and book chapters, and edited a book. I supervised two PhD thesis, and supervise an ongoing PhD thesis. I organized international training schools. I am reviewer for 25 SCI journals and project proposal evaluator for entities in more than 5 countries. I conducted dissemination activities, including videos, students’ workshops, general talks and presence in media. I provide advise to administrations and co-authored reports for the European Commission, the Swiss Environmental Agency, and National and Regional Governments in Spain.

Selected publications

  • Minguillón M.C., Arhami M., Schauer J.J., Sioutas C., 2008. Seasonal and spatial variations of sources of fine and quasi-ultrafine particulate matter in neighborhoods near the Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor. Atmospheric Environment 42, 7317-7328.

  • Minguillón M.C., Monfort E., Querol X., Alastuey A., Celades I., Miró J.V., 2009. Effect of ceramic industrial particulate emission control on key components of ambient PM10. Journal of Environmental Management 90, 2558-2567.

  • Minguillón M.C., Perron N., Querol X., Szidat S., Fahrni S. M., Alastuey A., Jimenez J.L., Mohr C., Ortega A.M., Day D.A., Lanz V.A., Wacker L., Reche C., Cusack M., Amato F., Kiss G., Hoffer A., Decesari S., Moretti F., Hillamo R., Teinilä K., Seco R., Peñuelas J., Metzger A., Schallhart S., Müller M., Hansel A., Burkhart J.F., Baltensperger U., Prévôt A.S.H., 2011. Fossil versus contemporary sources of fine elemental and organic carbonaceous particulate matter during the DAURE campaign in Northeast Spain, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11, 12067-12084.

  • Minguillón M.C., Querol X., Baltensperger U., Prévôt A.S.H., 2012. Fine and coarse PM composition and sources in rural and urban sites in Switzerland: Local or regional pollution? Science of the Total Environment 427-428, 191-202.

  • Minguillón M.C., Ripoll A., Pérez N., Prévôt A.S.H., Canonaco F., Querol X., Alastuey A., 2015. Chemical characterization of submicron regional background aerosols in the western Mediterranean using an Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15, 6379-6391.

  • Minguillón M.C., Pérez N., Marchand N., Bertrand A., Temime-Roussel B., Agrios K., Szidat S., van Drooge B., Sylvestre A., Alastuey A., Reche C., Ripoll A., Marco E., Grimalt J. O., Querol X., 2016. Secondary organic aerosol origin in an urban environment: influence of biogenic and fuel combustion precursors. Faraday Discussions 189, 337-359.

  • Minguillón M.C., Reche C., Martins V., Amato F., de Miguel E., Capdevila M., Centelles S., Querol X., Moreno T., 2018. Aerosol sources in subway environments. Environmental Research 167, 314-328.

Selected projects

  • Chemical On-Line cOmpoSition and Source Apportionment of fine aerosoL (COLOSSAL)

    Area: COST Action CA16109

    Duration: 03/03/2017-02/03/2021

    Budget total: 0.6 MEuros aprox

    Participants: 34 countries, 80 institutions

    Coordinator: María Cruz Minguillón

  • Human EXposure to Aerosol COntaminants in Modern Microenvironments (HEXACOMM)

    Area: FP7-Marie Curie INITIAL TRAINING NETWORK. Project number 315760

    Participants: 17 European centers

    Duration: 1/1/2013-31/12/2016

    Coordinator: Mihalis Lazaridis (Technical University of Crete)

    Main researcher-CSIC: Xavier Querol

    Main researcher metro subproject: María Cruz Minguillón

  • Predicción de emisiones y exposición a partículas micro y nanométricas en ambientes industriales (PREDEXPIN)

    Supported by: MINECO, CGL2015-66777-C2-1-R

    Participants: IDAEA-CSIC, UJI (coordinated project)

    Duration: Jan 2016-Dec 2018

    Main researcher: María Cruz Minguillón, Mar Viana

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • CEN WG Member

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • Good communication skills


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