Short CV/Education and training

  • BA Prehistory and Archaeology (University Autónoma Madrid, Spain)

  • MSc Archaeology (archaeobotany option). Institute of Archaeology (UCL), UK

Selected publications

  • Chevalier, E. Marinova & L. Peña-Chocarro, L. (eds) Plants and people: choices and diversity through time. EARTH Monograph Series (Anderson, P. & Peña-Chocarro, L. Series editors). Oxbow Books: UK

  • Morales, J. Pérez Jordà, G., Peña-Chocarro, L., Zapata, L., Ruiz-Alonso, M., López-Sáez, J.A. & Linstädter, J. (2013). The origins of agriculture in North-West Africa: macro-botanical remains from Epipalaeolithic and Early Neolithic levels of Ifri Oudadane (Morocco). Journal Archaeological Sciences 40 (6), 2659-2669

  • Zapata, L., López-Sáez, J.A., Ruiz-Alonso, M., Linstädter, J., Pérez-Jordà, G., Morales, J., Kehl, M. & Peña-Chocarro, L. (2013). Holocene environmental change and human impact in NE Morocco: Palaeobotanical evidence from Ifri Oudadane. The Holocene 23 (9), 1286-1296

  • Peña-Chocarro, L., Pérez Jordà, G., Morales Mateos, J. & Zapata, L. (2013). Neolithic plant use in the western Mediterranean region: preliminary results from the AGRIWESTMED Project. Annali di Botanica 3, 135-141

  • Cortés Sánchez, M., Jiménez Espejo, F.J., Simón Vallejo, M.D. Gibaja Bao, J.F.,Faustino Carvalho, A., Martinez-Ruiz, F.,Rodrigo Gamiz, M., Flores, J.A, Paytan,A., López Sáez, J.A., Peña-Chocarro, L., Carrión, J.S., Morales Muñiz, A., Roselló Izquierdo, E., Riquelme Cantal, J.A., Dean, R.M., Salgueiro, E., Martínez Sánchez, R.M., De la Rubia de Gracia, J.J., Lozano Francisco, M.C., Vera Peláez, J.L., Llorente Rodríguez, L. & Bicho, N.F.(2012). The Mesolithic?Neolithic transition in southern Iberia. Quaternary Research 77 (2), 221-234.

  • López Merino, L., Peña-Chocarro, L., Ruiz-Alonso, M., López Sáez, J.A. & Sánchez-Palencia, F.J. (2010) Beyond nature: the management of a productive cultural landscape in Las Médulas area (El Bierzo, León, Spain). Plant Biosystems 144 (4), 905-919.

  • Peña-Chocarro, L., Zapata, L., González Urquijo, J.E. & Ibáñez, J.J. (2009). Einkorn (Triticum monococcum L) cultivation in mountain communities of the western Rif (Morocco): an ethnoarchaeological project. In: Fairnbairn, A.S. & Weiss, E. (eds) From foragers to farmers. Gordon Hillman Festschrift. Oxford: Oxbow, pp. 103-111

  • Peña-Chocarro, L. (2007) Early Agriculture in southern and central Spain. In S. Colledge and J. Conolly (eds) The Origins and Spread of Domestic Crops in Southwest Asia and Europe. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, California,

  • Peña-Chocarro, L., Zapata, L., Iriarte, M.J., González Morales, M. & Straus, L. (2005). The oldest agriculture in Northern Atlantic Spain. Journal of Archaeological Science, 32 (4), 579-587

  • Peña-Chocarro, L., Zapata, L., García Gazólaz, J. González Morales, M., Sesma Sesma, J. & Straus, L. (2005). The spread of agriculture in northern Iberia: new archaeobotanical data from el Mirón Cave (Cantabria) and the open-air site of Los Cascajos (Navarra). Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 14 (4), 268-278

  • Zapata, L., Peña-Chocarro, L., Pérez Jorda, G. & Stika, H.P. (2004). Early Neolithic agriculture in the Iberian Peninsula. Journal of World Prehistory 18 (4), 283-325

Selected projects

  • Origins and spread of agriculture in the western Mediterranean region. Advanced Grant 2009 – 2013. ERC (European Research Council)

  • Tusculum en época medieval: territorio, paisaje, economía y sociedad. CSIC. 2012 – 2015

  • Plant and animal husbandry in Morocco: origins and spread of farming activities in prehistoric times. CSIC. Programme "CSIC para el Desarrollo" I-COOP 2011 – 2013

  • Orígenes y expansión de la agricultura en el sur peninsular y norte de Marruecos: aportaciones desde la arqueobotánica y la genética HAR2008-01929/HIST Spanish Ministry Education. 2008 – 2011

  • The dynamics of non-industrial agriculture: 8.000 years of resilience and innovation. European Science Foundation. 2004 – 2009


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