Short CV/Education and training

  • M. Alvarez is currently Tenured scientific at the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM). She obtained her MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Physics from Autonoma University of Madrid in 2000 and 2005, respectively. She worked as postdoctoral researcher at various research centers, both academic and industrial, in UK (Oxford University), Australia (Minifab S.L. and Monash University) and Spain (ICN2). During this period, she was granted with 2 postdoctoral Spanish fellowships (fellowship from MEC and a Juan de la Cierva). She joined the IMB-CNM in 2014, as Ramón y Cajal researcher, where she started a new research line on the development and integration of opto-mechanical sensors for OneHealth, covering a wide application range (e.g. sensors and actuators, point-of-care devices, organ-on-a-chip devices, etc.).

Selected publications

  • 1. P. Güell-Grau, F. Pi, R. Villa, O. Eskilson, D.Aili, J. Nogués, B. Sepúlveda*, M. Alvarez*. 2021. Elastic plasmonic-enhanced Fabry-Perot cavities with ultrasensitive stretching tunability. Advanced Materials 34, 2106731.

  • 2. F. Pujol-Vila, P. Escudero, P. Güell-Grau, R.Villa, M. Alvarez*. 2021. Direct color observation of light-driven molecular conformation-induced stress. Small Methods 6, 2101283.

  • 3. P Güell-Grau, P. Escudero, F. G. Perdikos, JF. López-Barberá, C. Pascual-Izarra, R. Villa, J. Nogués, B. Sepúlveda*, M. Alvarez*. 2021. Mechanochromic Detection for Soft Opto-Magnetic Actuators. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 13, 47871-47881.

  • 4. P. Güell-Grau, F. Pi, R. Villa, J. Nogués, M. Alvarez*, B. Sepúlveda*. 2021. Ultrabroadband light absorbing Fe/polymer flexible metamaterial for soft opto-mechanical devices. Applied Materials Today 23, 101052.

  • 5. D. Vera, M. García-Díaz, N. Torras, M. Alvarez, R. Villa, and E. Martinez. 2021. Engineering Tissue Barrier Models on Hydrogel Microfluidic Platforms. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 13,13920-13933.

  • 6. D. Marrero, F. Pujol-Vila, D.Vera, G. Gabriel, X. Illa, A. Elizalde-Torrent, M. Alvarez*, Rosa Villa*. 2021. Gut-on-a-chip: Mimicking and monitoring the human intestine. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 181, 113156.

  • 7. F. Pujol-Vila, R. Villa, M. Alvarez*. 2020. Nanomechanical sensors as a tool for bacteria detection and antibiotic susceptibility testing. Frontiers Mechanical Engineering 6:44.

  • 8. P. Escudero; J. Yeste; C. Pascual-Izarra; R. Villa; M. Alvarez*. 2019. Color tunable pressure sensors based on polymer nanostructured membranes for optofluidic applications. Scientifc Reports. 9 – 3259.

  • 9. J. Yeste*; X. Illa; M. Alvarez; R. Villa. 2018. Engineering and monitoring cellular barrier models. Journal of Biological Engineering. 12:18.

  • 10. S. Marquez; M. Alvarez*; JA. Plaza; LG. Villanueva; C. Dominguez; LM. Lechuga. 2017. Effect of coupling strength on mistuned array of coupled resonators for mass sensing. Appl. Phys. Lett. 111. 113101.


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