Short CV/Education and training

  • 1996
    Master Thesis: The calculation of a polytypic parser, Utrecht University, Netherlands, Supervisor: Prof. L.G.L.T. Meertens

  • 2001
    PhD Thesis: Java program verification in higher order logic with PVS and Isabelle, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands, Supervisors: Prof.Dr. B.P.F. Jacobs, Prof.Dr. H.P. Barendregt, H. Meijer

  • 2000
    Post doc. INRIA Sophia Antipolis

  • 2001
    Chargée de Recherche (researcher), first in the Lemme project, later in the Everest project, led by Dr. Gilles Barthe at INRIA Sophia Antipolis

  • 2008
    Assistant Professor, FMT Group, led by Prof.Dr. Jaco van de Pol, University of Twente

  • 2011
    Associate Professor, FMT Group, led by Prof.Dr. Jaco van de Pol, University of Twente

Selected publications

  • Afshin Amighi, Stefan Blom, Marieke Huisman, and Marina Zaharieva-Stojanovski. The VerCors Project: Setting Up Basecamp. In: Sixth Workshop Programming Languages meets Program Verification (PLPV 2012), 24 Jan 2012, Philadelphia, USA. pp. 71-82. ACM, 2012.

  • D. Gurov and M. Huisman. Reducing Behavioural to Structural Properties of Programs with Procedures. In Proceedings of VMCAI 2009, LNCS 5403, pp. 136-150, Springer, 2009.

  • M. Huisman and A. Tamalet. A Formal Connection between Security Automata and JML Annotations. In Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering (FASE 2009). LNCS 5503, pp. 340-354, Springer, 2009.

  • C. Haack, M. Huisman, and C. Hurlin. Reasoning about Java's Reentrant Locks. In 6th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems (APLAS 2008). LNCS 5356, pp. 171-187, Springer, 2008

  • D. Gurov, M. Huisman, and C. Sprenger. Compositional verification of sequential programs with procedures. Information and Computation, 206:840-868, 2008.

  • C. Breunesse, N. Cataño, M. Huisman, and B. Jacobs. Formal methods for smart cards: an experience report. Science of Computer Programming, 55(1-3):53-80, 2005.

  • M. Huisman, B. Jacobs, and J. van den Berg. A Case Study in Class Library Verification: Java's Vector Class. Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 3/3:332-352, 2001.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • ERC Starting Grant VerCors, Verification of Concurrent Data Structures, see

  • EU Strep CARP, Correct and efficient Accelerator Programming, see

  • NWO Free Competition SlaLoM, Security by Logic for Multithreaded Applications, see

  • EU FET-IP Mobius, Mobility, Ubiquity and Security

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member of Program Board Informatics of the Lorentzcenter Leiden, Netherlands, since 2012

  • Member of Selection Committee for NWO Free Competition, fall 2010, spring 2011

  • Discussion leader for licentiate thesis Ran Ji, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, 2012

  • Member Advisory Committee professorship Frank Kargl, University of Twente, 2012

  • External advisor for Tenure Track evaluation, 2011

  • Member Advisory Committee professorship Arend Rensink, University of Twente, 2012


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