Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2016
    Junior Group Leader, Stem Cell Modeling of Development & Disease Group, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in the Helmholtz association, Berlin, Germany.

  • 2014 – 2016
    Senior Investigator Scientist, The Francis Crick Institute & National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), London, Developmental Biology Division (Briscoe J. Lab)

  • 2012 – 2014
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) Long Term Fellowship, National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), London, Developmental Biology Division (Briscoe J. Lab)

  • 2008 – 2012
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, Stem Cell Developmental Biology Lab

  • 2004 – 2008
    PhD Fellow in Developmental Biology and Stem Cells, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA), (Gavalas A. Lab), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

  • 2002 – 2003
    Research Assistant, MRC Clinical Science Centre, Impearial College, Department of Lymphocyte Development, London, UK.

  • 2001
    - 2002 MSc. in Molecular Medicine, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK.

  • 1998 – 2001
    B.Sc. with honours in Molecular Biology, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Selected publications

  • Gouti M, Delile J, Stamataki D, Wymeersch FJ, Huang J, Kleinjung J, Wilson V, Briscoe J. A gene regulatory network balances neural and mesoderm specification during vertebrate trunk development. Dev Cell. 2017 May 8;41(3):243-261.

  • Kutejova E, Sasai N, Shah A, Gouti M, Briscoe J. Neural progenitors adopt specific identities by directly repressing all alternative progenitor transcriptional programmes. Dev Cell. 2016 Mar 21;36(6):639-53.

  • Gouti M, Metzis V, Briscoe J. The route to spinal cord cell types: a tale of signals and switches. Trends Genet. 2015 Mar 27.

  • Gouti M, Tsakiridis A, Wymeersch FJ, Huang Y, Kleinjung J, Wilson V, Briscoe J. In vitro generation of neuromesodermal progenitors reveals distinct roles for Wnt signalling in the specification of spinal cord and paraxial mesoderm identity. PLoS Biol. 2014 Aug26;12(8):e1001937.

  • Bami M, Episkopou V, Gavalas A, Gouti M. Directed neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells is a sensitive system for the identification of novel Hox gene effectors. PLoS One. 2011;6(5):e20197.

  • Gouti M, Briscoe J, Gavalas A. Anterior hox genes interact with components of the neural crest specification network to induce neural crest fates. Stem Cells 2011 May;29(5):858-70.

  • Gouti M, Gavalas A. Hoxb1 controls cell fate specification and proliferative capacity of neural stem and progenitor cells. Stem Cells 2008 Aug;26(8):1985-97.

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member of Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Actively involved in a range of projects aimed at increasing public understanding of science.

  • 2012 Exhibition “Stem Cell Metamorphoses – Three glances at the cells of existence”. Sponsored by the Eugenides Foundation in Greece and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives.

  • 2011 Exhibition – Technopolis, Athens. “Stem Cell Metamorphoses – Three glances at the cells of existence”

    Sponsored by the TT Bank (Greece). The aim of the exhibition was to introduce the public and especially school kids to the world of stem cells, their potentials and significance for the future of regenerative medicine.


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