Short CV/Education and training

  • 1992
    A-levels in Moscow, Russia

  • 1992 – 1997
    Studied German and English, pedagogy and intercultural communication at Moscow State Linguistic University

  • 1994 – 1996
    Studied Germanic linguistics at Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, on a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

  • 1997
    Completion of undergraduate studies

  • 1996 – 1999
    Adjunct instructor of German as a foreign language at Moscow State Linguistic University

  • 1997 – 1999
    PhD studies at Moscow State Linguistic University

  • 1999 – 2002
    Graduate studies scholarship from the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture and Research, visiting researcher at the University of Luxembourg, Institut Grand-Ducal and at the University of Trier, Germany

  • 2000
    Change of PhD programmes to the University of Bamberg, Germany

  • 2003
    Completed the PhD at the University of Bamberg

  • 2003 – 2006
    University lecturer (C1) in the early German philology/Germanic studies programme at the University of Trier, Section II

  • 2006 – 2007
    Parental leave from the C1 position for the birth and infancy of my son

  • Since 2007
    Director (with authorisation to supervise PhDs) of the junior research group "Historic formulaic language and traditions of formulation (HiFoS)" at the University of Trier

Selected publications

  • Filatkina, N.: Phraseologie des Luxemburgischen. Empirische Untersuchungen zu strukturellen, semantisch-pragmatischen und bildlichen Aspekten. Dissertation, Bamberg. Heidelberg 2005. [Review.: Gilles, P. in: Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik 73/3 (2006). pp. 350-353; Review.: Nübling, D. in: Germanistik. Internationales Referentenorgan mit bibliographischen Hinweisen 47/1-2 (2006). p. 90.]

  • Filatkina, N.: Variation im Bereich der formelhaften Wendungen am Beispiel der Luxemburger Rechnungsbücher (1388 – 1500). In: Elspaß, S. (ed.): Akten der 27. Jahrestagung des Internationalen Arbeitskreises "Historische Stadtsprachenforschung" am 5.-6. Oktober 2009 unter dem Titel "Sprachvariation und Sprachwandel in der Stadt der Frühen Neuzeit" an der Universität Augsburg, in press.

  • Filatkina, N.: Phraseologie der germanischen Sprachen kontrastiv: Geschichte, Ergebnisse und Perspektiven. In: Nübling, D., Dammel, A., Kürschner, S. (eds.): Kontrastive Germanische Linguistik. Hildesheim, in press.

  • Filatkina, N.: Historical Phraseology of German: regional and global. In: Korhonen, J. et al. (eds.): Phraseologie global – areal – regional. Proceedings of the EUROPHRAS 2008 conference, 13-16 August 2008 in Helsinki. Tübingen, 2009. pp. 143-151.

  • Filatkina, N.: Historische formelhafte Sprache als "harte Nuss" der Korpus- und Computerlinguistik. Ihre Annotation und Analyse im HiFoS-Projekt. In: Linguistik online 39/3, 2009.

  • Filatkina, N.: Pragmatische Beschreibungsansätze. In: Burger, H. et al. (eds.): Phraseologie/Phraseology. Ein internationales Handbuch zeitgenössischer Forschung. Berlin / New York, 2007. pp. 132-158.

  • Filatkina, N., Kleine, A., Münch, B. U.: Verbale und visuelle Formelhaftigkeit: Zwischen Tradition und Innovation. In: Ptashnyk, S., Halsteinsdóttir, E., Bubenhofer, N. (eds.): Computergestützte Methoden in der modernen Phraseologie und Lexikografie. Baltmannsweiler 2010. pp. 229-246.

  • Filatkina, N. et al.: Formelhafte Sprache im schulischen Unterricht im Frühen Mittelalter: Am Beispiel der so genannten "Sprichwörter" in den Schriften Notkers des Deutschen von St. Gallen. In: Sprachwissenschaft 34/4, 2009. pp. 341-397.

  • Filatkina, N., Sánchez-Carretero, C., Tomalin, E.: In Varietate Concordia. A Manifesto for the Humanities in Europe. Young Researchers Forum Award "Disciplines and Borders: Humanities research in an age of interdisciplinary", organized by the European Science Foundation. Spring 2007.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) project: Communicative knowledge spaces of the formulaic in the early Middle Ages: Fundamentals and methods of researching historical formulaic language, with Old High German as a case in point (working title, planned completion: end of 2012)

  • Junior research group "Historical formulaic language and traditions of formulation (HiFoS)"; Sofja Kovalevskaja Prize 2006 from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, sponsor: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF); award amount: 1 million Euros; academic host: Prof. Claudine Moulin


  • LuxPhras. Presentation of Luxembourgish phraseology in lexicography and beyond. Knowledge spaces between regionality and multilingualism (together with Dr Ane Kleine, Université du Luxembourg)

  • Sprichwortbild und Sprichworttext (The images of proverbs and the text of proverbs). The interaction and dynamics of verbal and visual knowledge spaces in the Europe of the 15th and 16th centuries (together with Dr Birgit Ulrike Münch, University of Trier, art history)

  • Zukunftsangst (Fear of the future) (together with Dr Birgit Ulrike Münch, University of Trier, Germany, art history, and Prof. Franzis Preckel, psychology, University of Trier; project outline will be submitted to the Volkswagen Foundation in May 2011 within the "Key topics in the humanities" programme; preliminary interviews have been completed)

  • Moselle-Frankish on both sides of the border (empirical data collection on both sides of the international border, in Germany and in Luxembourg)

  • Bibliographie zur luxemburgischen Linguistik. Bibliographie de la linguistique luxembourgeoise. Lëtzebuerger Linguistik-Bibliographie. Linguistic Bibliography of Luxembourgish.

    Prepared by Natalia Filatkina, Peter Gilles, Claudine Moulin, Fausto Ravida and Falko Klaes, 2006f.


  • Language change in German: An international bibliography. Prepared by N. Filatkina and R. Szczepaniak (Mainz University, German Institute, German historical linguistics)


Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Historical/Cultural Studies Research Centre (HKFZ) of Trier, Germany: member of the executive committee (in a consulting capacity) and the Centre's profile group, coordinator of early-career researchers

  • European Society for Phraseology (member of the executive committee, treasurer of the Society)

  • International Society for German Dialectology

  • Germanists' Association of Germany

  • Society for Germanic Historical Linguistics

  • Medieval Studies Association

  • Trier Centre for Medieval Studies (TZM)

  • Member of the council of mid-level faculty at the University of Trier, since 2003

  • Member of the university council, University of Trier, since 2007

  • Spokesperson of the "Communication as a knowledge space: Cultural practices, tradition and change" working group at the Historical/Cultural Studies Research Centre (HKFZ) of Trier, since 2007

  • Member of the scientific advisory board for the "Hyperhamlet" project, University of Basel, Switzerland, since 2008

  • Member of the editorial board of Yearbook for Phraseology, European Society for Phraseology and Paroemiology (Europhras), since 2008

  • Member of the senate budget commission, University of Trier, since 2008

  • Responsible for coordinating the early-career academics at the Historical/Cultural Studies Research Centre (HKFZ) of Trier, member of the executive committee (in a consulting capacity) and the Centre's profile group, since 2009

  • Member of the senate commission on women's issues at the University of Trier, since 2010

  • Member of the executive committee, European Society of Phraseology and Paroemiology (Europhras), treasurer of the Society, since 2010

Media coverage

Additional qualifications

  • Experience with procuring outside funding, 2004 – 2010

  • National and international collaboration partners/networking

  • Library exhibit: "Außerlesene Sprichwörter" (Selected Sayings)

    Selected proverb collections in the manuscript holdings of the Trier city library. Exhibit from the 28th November through the 12th December 2008 in the city library of Trier, Germany. Conception and design together with Monika Hanauska, Johannes Gottwald, Carolin Rössger and Carina Hoff

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • One son, 5 years old


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