Short CV/Education and training

  • 1976

  • 1988 – 1994
    Stedelijk Gymnasium Arnhem (high school)

  • 1994 – 2001
    Pharmacy School, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, included a six month internship in Immunology at the UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • 1995
    Bachelor Pharmacy

  • 1998
    Master Pharmacy

  • 2001

  • 2001 – 2005
    PhD student at UMC Utrecht, School of Medicine, Departments of Immunology and Neurology, Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • 2005
    PhD awarded (Title: "Autoantibodies, FcReceptors and complement in inflammatory neuropathies")

  • 2005 – 2006
    Research fellow, Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology, Sydney, Australia

  • 2006 – 2007
    Post-doc, Utrecht University, Veterinary Faculty, Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • 2007 – 2011
    Post-doc, University of California San Diego (UCSD), School of Medicine, La Jolla, California, USA

  • 2012 – 2013
    Marie-Curie fellow, UMC Utrecht, Medical Microbiology, Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • 2013
    Assistant professor, UMC Utrecht, Medical Microbiology, Utrecht, The Netherlands (tenured position)

  • Since 2014
    Associate professor, UMC Utrecht, Medical Microbiology, Utrecht, The Netherlands (tenured position)

Selected publications

  • M-Y. Mistou. I.C. Sutcliffe, and N.M. van Sorge. Bacterial glycobiology: rhamnose-containing cell wall polysaccharides in Gram-positive bacteria. FEMS Microbiol Rev 2016; 40 (4): 464-79.

  • N.M. van Sorge*, Jason N. Cole*, Kirsten Kuipers, Ramy K. Aziz, Ana Kasirer-Friede, Leo Lin, Evelien T.M. Berends, Mark R. Davies, Gordon Dougan, Fan Zhang, Samira Dahesh, Laura Shaw, Jennifer Gin, Madeleine Cunningham, Joseph A. Merriman, Suzan H.M. Rooijakkers, Richard Malley, Mark J. Walker, Sanford J. Shattil, Patrick M. Schlievert, Biswa Choudhury, Victor Nizet. The classical Lancefield antigen of Group A Streptococcus is a virulence determinant with implications for vaccine design. Cell Host and Microbe. 2014;15(6): 729-40

    * Authors contributed equally

  • N.M. van Sorge, F.C. Beasley, I. Gusarov, D.J. Gonzalez, M. von Köckritz-Blickwede, S. Anik, A. Borkowski, P.C. Dorrestein, E. Nudler, and V. Nizet. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacterial nitric oxide synthase affects antibiotic sensitivity and skin abscess development. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2013; 288 (9): 6417-6426.

  • J.N. Cole, R.K. Aziz, K. Kuipers, A.T. Timmer, V. Nizet, N.M. van Sorge. A conserved UDP-glucose dehydrogenase outside the hasABC operon contributes to capsule biogenesis in Group A Streptococcus. Journal of Bacteriology. 2012; 194 (22): 6154-61.

  • N.M. van Sorge and K.S.Doran. Defense at the border: the blood-brain barrier versus bacterial foreigners. Future Microbiology. 2012: 7 (3); 383-94.

  • N.M. van Sorge, N.M. Bleumink, S.J. van Vliet, E. Saeland, W-L. van der Pol, Y. van Kooyk, J.P.M. van Putten. N-glycosylated proteins and distinct LOS glycoforms of Campylobacter jejuni target the human C-type lectin receptor MGL. Cellular Microbiology 2009: 11 (12); 1768-81.

  • N.M. van Sorge, D.Quach, M.A. Gurney, P.M. Sullam, V. Nizet, K.S. Doran. The group B streptococcal Srr-1 glycoprotein mediates penetration of the blood-brain barrier. Journal of Infectious Diseases 2009: 199 (10); 1479-87.

  • N.M. van Sorge, C.M. Ebrahimi, S.M. McGillivray, D. Quach, M. Sabet, D.G. Guiney, K.S. Doran. Anthrax toxins inhibit neutrophil signaling pathways in brain endothelium and contribute to the pathogenesis of meningitis. PLoS ONE 2009: 3 (8); e2964.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • VIDI grant, 2013 – 2018: GlycoTalk: unraveling the biological function of streptococcal polysaccharides in host-pathogen interaction

  • Marie Curie IIF fellowship, 2012 – 2013: Gram-positive surface proteins in immune evasion (SURFACE)

  • NIH T32 Training grant in immunology, 2011

  • NWO Talent (6 months): Modulation of human B cell responses by Campylobacter jejuni: focus on BAFF

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Chair of section group "General and Molecular Microbiology" of Royal Netherlands Society for Microbiology (KNVM), from 2016

  • Board member of section group "General and Molecular Microbiology" of Royal Netherlands Society for Microbiology (KNVM), 2012-2016

  • Editorial board member:

    Frontiers in Microbiology, since 2015

    Nature Scientific Reports 2012-2016

Media coverage

Additional qualifications

  • Pharmacist (PharmD; not practicing)

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • Tutor for bachelor students in field of biomedical sciences (2014-2017)

  • Balancing academic career-family (mother of three young children)

Other activities and achievements/family

  • International patent PCT/US12/049604

    Streptococcal GlcNAc-lacking glycopeptides, streptococcus vaccines and methods for making and using them


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