Short CV/Education and training


  • 2002
    Environmental Sciences Degree, University of León, Spain

  • 2007
    Master in Renewable Energy, University of León, Spain

  • 2007
    PhD, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of León, Spain


  • 2002 – 2007
    Pre-doctoral fellow, University of León, Spain

  • 2004
    Pre-doctoral stay, University of Essex, UK

  • 2008 – 2009
    Post-doctoral researcher, University of León, Spain

  • 2009 – 2015
    Post-doctoral researcher, INCAR-CSIC, Oviedo, Spain

  • 2012
    Post-doctoral stay, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

  • 2014
    Post-doctoral stay, University of León, Spain

  • 2015 – 2017
    Post-doctoral researcher, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

  • Since 2017
    Post-doctoral researcher, INCAR-CSIC, Oviedo, Spain

Selected publications

  • M.V. Gil; M.D. Casal; C. Pevida; J.J. Pis; F. Rubiera. Thermal behaviour and kinetics of coal/biomass blends during co-combustion. Bioresource Technology 101, 5601 – 5608 (2010)

  • M.V. Gil; P. Oulego; M.D. Casal; C. Pevida; J.J. Pis; F. Rubiera. Mechanical durability and combustion characteristics of pellets from biomass blends. Bioresource Technology 101, 8859 – 8867 (2010)

  • M.V. Gil; J. Riaza; L. Alvarez; C. Pevida; J.J. Pis; F. Rubiera. Kinetic models for the oxy-fuel combustion of coal and coal/biomass blend chars obtained in N2 and CO2 atmospheres. Energy 48, 510 – 518 (2012).

  • M.V. Gil; M. Martínez; S. García; F. Rubiera; J.J. Pis; C. Pevida. Response surface methodology as an efficient tool for optimizing carbon adsorbents for CO2 capture. Fuel Processing Technology 106, 55 – 61 (2013).

  • M.V. Gil; J. Fermoso; F. Rubiera; D. Chen. H2 production by sorption enhanced steam reforming of biomass-derived bio-oil in a fluidized bed reactor: An assessment of the effect of operation variables using response surface methodology. Catalysis Today 242, 19 – 34 (2015).

  • M.V. Gil; N. Álvarez-Gutiérrez; M. Martínez; F. Rubiera; C. Pevida; A. Morán. Carbon adsorbents for CO2 capture from bio-hydrogen and biogas streams: Breakthrough adsorption study. Chemical Engineering Journal 269, 148 – 158 (2015).

  • M.V. Gil; R. García; C. Pevida; F. Rubiera. Grindability and combustion behavior of coal and torrefied biomass blends. Bioresource Technology 191, 205 – 212 (2015).

  • M.V. Gil; J. Fermoso; C. Pevida; D. Chen; F. Rubiera. Production of fuel-cell grade H2 by sorption enhanced steam reforming of acetic acid as a model compound of biomass-derived bio-oil. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 184, 64 – 76 (2016).

  • M.V. Gil; K.R. Rout; D. Chen. Production of high pressure pure H2 by pressure swing sorption enhanced steam reforming (PS-SESR) of byproducts in biorefinery. Applied Energy 222, 595 – 607 (2018).

  • M.V. Gil; M.P. González-Vázquez; R. García; F. Rubiera; C. Pevida. Assessing the influence of biomass properties on the gasification process using multivariate data analysis. Energy Conversion and Management 184, 649-660 (2019).

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Three step fermentation of solid state biowaste for biogas production and sanitation (3A-BIOGAS). European Commission (EU CRAFT-Co-operative Research FP5), Ref. ENK6-CT-2002-30026. PI: A. Morán. (01/2002 – 11/2004)

  • Advanced processes of generation, capture and storage of CO2: Oxy-combustion and biomass co- combustion. Spanish Government MEC, Ref. PSS-120000-2005-10. PI: J.J. Pis, F. Rubiera. (11/2005 – 06/2010)

  • Coal and torrefied biomass co-utilization: sinergetic effect of grinding, combustión and emissions reduction. EDP (HC Energía), Ref. IDE/2013/000233. PI: F. Rubiera. (12/2013 – 11/2014)

  • Application and optimization of adsorption processes for CO2 capture from biogas and biohydrogen streams. Spanish Government MICINN, Ref. ENE2011-23467. PI. C. Pevida. (01/2012 – 12/2014)

  • Integrated H2BioOil process for efficient biofuel production. The Research Council of Norway, Ref. 243749. PI: D. Chen. (03/2015 – 08/2018)

  • Single-step biogas conversion to bio-hydrogen: sorption-enhanced catalytic reforming. Spanish Government, Ref. ENE2017-83530-R. PI. C. Pevida. (01/2018 – 12/2020)

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Grupo Español del Carbón (Spanish Coal Group)


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