Short CV/Education and training


  • 1999
    Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Paris Orsay and INRIA

  • 1995
    M.S. in Computer Science, University Paris Dauphine

  • 1994
    Engineer in Computer Science, Institut National d’Informatique, Algeria

Professional Experience

    Over 20 years of experience in research on data management, declarative languages and query processing algorithms, with an emphasis on extending traditional database technology and developing novel techniques to address new data management problems in emerging Internet and Big Data applications

  • Since 2011
    Directrice de Recherche CNRS at Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (LIG), France. Head of the SLIDE team

  • 2011 – 2012
    Principal Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), Doha, Qatar, leading a group on social computing and large-scale algorithms for processing data on the Social Web

  • 2006 – 2011
    Senior Research Scientist at Yahoo! Labs, NYC, working on research in data management and algorithms at the intersection of search and recommendation with an emphasis on the Social Web

  • 2000 – 2006
    Senior Technical Specialist at AT&T Labs, NY, working on XML standards, research and development. The main focus was on bridging the gap between databases and information retrieval research and technologies

  • 1999 – 2000
    Post-doctoral position at AT&T Labs, NJ

Selected publications


    S. Amer-Yahia and S. B. Roy. From Complex Object Exploration to Complex Crowdsourcing. In WWW 2015, Florence, Italy, May 18-22, 2015 – Tutorial.

  • A. Morishima, S. Amer-Yahia, and S. B. Roy. Crowd4u : An initiative for constructing an open academic crowdsourcing network. In HCOMP 2014, November 2-4, 2014, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 2014.

  • H. Rahman, S. Thirumuruganathan, S. B. Roy, S. Amer-Yahia, and G. Das. Task assignment optimization in collaborative crowdsourcing (short paper). In IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), 2015.

  • H. Rahman, S. Thirumuruganathan, S. B. Roy, S. Amer-Yahia, and G. Das. Worker Skill Estimation in Team-Based Tasks. PVLDB, 8(11) :1142–1153, 2015.

  • S. B. Roy, S. Amer-Yahia, and L. Joppa. ECCO- A framework for ecological data collection and management involving human workers. In EDBT 2015, Brussels, Belgium, March 23-27, 2015., pages 677–682, 2015.

  • S. B. Roy, I. Lykourentzou, S. Thirumuruganathan, S. Amer-Yahia, and G. Das. Task assignment optimization in knowledge-intensive crowdsourcing. VLDB J., 24(4) :467–491, 2015.

  • B. Valeri, S. Elbassuoni, and S. Amer-Yahia. Acquiring reliable ratings from the crowd (short paper). In Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing (HCOMP), 2015. Five representative publications in the recent five-year period

  • J. Pilourdault, S. Amer-Yahia, and V. Leroy. Distributed top-k temporal joins. SIGMOD 2016.

  • M. Tsytsarau, S. Amer-Yahia, and T. Palpanas. Efficient sentiment correlation for largescale

    demographics. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD 2013, New York, NY, USA, June 22-27, 2013, pages 253– 264, 2013.

  • S. Abbar, S. Amer-Yahia, P. Indyk, and S. Mahabadi. Real-time recommendation of diverse related articles. In WWW 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 13-17, 2013, pages 1–12, 2013.

  • S. Amer-Yahia, F. Bonchi, C. Castillo, E. Feuerstein, I. Méndez-Díaz, and P. Zabala. Composite retrieval of diverse and complementary bundles. IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., 26(11) :2662–2675, 2014.

  • M. Das, S. Amer-Yahia, G. Das, and C. Yu. MRI : meaningful interpretations of collaborative ratings. In PVLDB, 4(11) :1063–1074, 2011.

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries


  • VLDB Journal Co-Editor-in-Chief, 2014 – 2020

  • VLDB Endowment Board of Trustee, 2010 – 2015

  • SIGMOD Executive Committee, 2010 – 2012

Associate Editor

  • Transactions On Database Systems – ACM TODS, 2011 – 2015

  • Associate Editor of the VLDB Journal, 2010 – 2014

  • Area Editor of the Information Systems Journal, since 2010

Program Committee Chair

  • PC Co-Chair: VLDB, 2018

  • Workshop Chair: PVLDB, 2016

  • Area Chair: SIGMOD, 2016

  • Best Paper Award Committee Chair: PVLDB, 2015

  • Sponsor Co-Chair: DSAA 2015

  • PC Chair: BDA 2015 (French database conference)

  • PC Co-Chair: SIGMOD Industrial, 2015

  • PC Chair: EDBT, 2014


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