Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2022
    Senior Research Scientist (Científica Títular del CSIC), Plant Breeding Department, CEBAS-CSIC

  • 2017 – 2022
    Research Fellow, “Ramón y Cajal” Program (MICINN), Plant Breeding Department, CEBAS-CSIC, Spain

  • 2017
    Associate Professor at PLEN by VYIF (Villum Foundation), KU, Denmark

  • 2013 – 2017
    Assistant Professor at PLEN by the Villum Young Investigator Fellowship (VYIF) (Villum Foundation), KU, Denmark

  • 2012 – 2012
    Assistant Professor, Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN), KU, Denmark

  • 2011 – 2012
    Research Fellow, Plant Breeding Department, CEBAS-CSIC, Spain

  • 2008 – 2008
    Assistant Professor at Life Science Faculty, KU, Denmark

  • 2008 – 2011
    Postdoc -CSIC JAE doc-, Plant Breeding Department, CEBAS-CSIC, Spain

  • 2007 – 2008
    Postdoc research fellow (MCyT), VKR research center “Pro-Active Plants”, Danish center of excellence in Plant Biology, University of Copenhagen (KU), Denmark

  • 2006
    Postdoc research fellow (MCyT), Center for Molecular Plant Physiology (PLACE), Danish center of excellence in Plant Biology, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark

  • 2002 – 2006
    PhD, Plant Breeding Department, CEBAS-CSIC, Spain

  • 2000 – 2001
    Research Fellow “ElPozo Alimentación S.A.”, University of Murcia, Spain

  • 1995 – 2000
    BSc, MSc in Biochemistry, University of Murcia, Spain

Selected publications

  • Sánchez-Pérez R*, Pavan S, Mazzeo R, Moldovan C, Del Cueto J, R Agliese, Lotti C, Ricciardi L, Dicenta F, Lopez-Marqués R, Møller BL. Mutation of a bHLH transcription factor allowed almond domestication. Science (2019) (364:1095-1098).

  • Thodberg S, Del Cueto J, Mazzeo R, Pavan S, Lotti C, Dicenta F, Neilson EHJ, Møller BL, Sánchez-Pérez R*. Elucidation of the Amygdalin Pathway Reveals the Metabolic Basis of Bitter and Sweet Almonds (Prunus dulcis). Plant Physiology (2018) 178: 1096-1111.

  • Ricciardi F, Del Cueto J, Bardaro N, Mazzeo R, Ricciardi L, Dicenta F, Sánchez-Pérez R*, Pavan S*, Lotti C. Synteny-Based Development of CAPS Markers Linked to the Sweet kernel LOCUS, Controlling Amygdalin Accumulation in Almond (Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D. A. Webb). Genes (2018) (DOI: 10.3390/genes9080385)

  • Del Cueto J, Møller BL, Dicenta F, Sánchez-Pérez R*. β-Glucosidase activity in almond seeds. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (2018) 126: 163-172.

  • Del Cueto J, Ionescu, IA Picmanova, M Gericke O, Motawia MS, Olsen CE, Campoy JA, Dicenta F, Møller BL, Sánchez-Pérez R. Cyanogenic Glucosides and Derivatives in Almond and Sweet Cherry Flower Buds from Dormancy to Flowering. Frontiers In Plant Science (2017) Vol 8. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00800.

  • Gray C, Schindler B, Migas L, Picmanova M, Allouche A-R, Green A, Mandal S, Motawia M, Sánchez-Pérez R, Bjarnholt N, Møller BL, Rijs A, Barran P, Compagnon I, Eyers C, Flitsch S. Bottom-up elucidation of glycosidic bond stereochemistry. Analytical Chemistry (2017). Volume: 89 Issue: 8 Pages: 4540-4549.

  • Ionescu IA, Møller BL, Sánchez-Pérez R. Chemical control of flowering time. Journal of Experimental Botany (2017) Vol. 68, No. 3 pp. 369–382.

  • Picmanova M, Neilson EH, Motawia MS, Olsen CE, Agerbirk N, Gray CJ, Flitsch S, Meier S, Silvestro D, Jørgensen K, Sánchez-Pérez R, Møller BL, Bjarnholt N. A recycling pathway for cyanogenic glycosides evidenced by the comparative metabolic profiling in three cyanogenic plant species. Biochemical Journal (2015). 469: 375-389. DOI: 10.1042/bj20150390.

  • Koepke T, Schaeffer S, Harper A, Dicenta F, Edwards M, Henry RJ, Møller BL, Meisel L, Oraguzie N, Silva H, Sánchez-Pérez R*, Dhingra A*. Comparative Genomics Analysis in Prunoideae to Identify Biologically Relevant Polymorphisms. Plant Biotechnology Journal (2013). 11: 883-893.

  • Sánchez-Pérez R, Saez F, Jonas Borch-Jensen, Dicenta F, Møller BL, Jørgensen K. Prunasin hydrolases localization during fruit development in sweet and bitter almonds. Plant Physiology (2012). 158: 1916-1932.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • ALmond ADaptation in NOvel Environments: Multiscale Approach from Genome to Function PrediCtion: ALADINO MAGIC” (MINECO-Spain). PI Raquel Sánchez Pérez (210,000 €)

  • Center for Plant Plasticity. Villum Foundation (Denmark). Faculty of Science. University of Copenhagen. Co-PI in the WP 1= “Physiological and metabolic plasticity”: “Endogenous turnover of cyanogenic glucosides” and WP2 = “Plasticity in the course of development”: “Variation in cyanogenic glucoside content during ontology). Financed: 4.023.194 €, 2013 – 2018

  • The molecular mechanisms to break flower bud dormancy in fruit trees. Villum Foundation (Denmark).Faculty of Science. University of Copenhagen. PI Raquel Sánchez Pérez. Financed: 523.755 €), 2013 – 2017

  • Molecular Biology of the almond cyanogenesis. Séneca Foundation. PI Raquel Sánchez Pérez. Financed 46.120 €, 2010 – 2012

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

Participation in international and national committees and representations

  • Adjunct coordinator at the CSIC group of experts to write a “White book on the challenge: Biotechnology and Plant Genetic Breeding”, Spain, 2019 – 2020

  • Senior Staff Meeting member at Plant Biochemistry Section (PLEN Department), Copenhagen University, Denmark, 2015 – 2017

  • Organizing committee member of Plant Genomics, Thailand, 2017

  • National Representative member in EU-COST action FA1104 "Sustainable production of high-quality cherries for the European market", 2014 – 2016

  • Postdoctoral committee member at Plant Biochemistry Section (PLEN Department), Copenhagen University, 2013 – 2015

  • Scientific Secretary member of the VI International Symposium on Almonds and Pistachios. International Society for Horticultural Science, 2013

Associate Editor

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Married, mother of two daughters


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