Short CV/Education and training

  • Willy Baarends received her PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1995, where she cloned the anti-müllerian hormone type II receptor, and studied its gonadal expression . Subsequently, she worked as a post-doc, in the Erasmus MC Department of Reproduction and Development. At present, she holds a tenured position as associate professor at this department. Her current work focuses on regulation of chromatin structure in relation to DNA repair in the germ line, impacting on fertility and early development.

Selected publications

  • Inagaki, A, E Sleddens-Linkels, E Wassenaar, M Ooms, WA van Cappellen, JH Hoeijmakers, J Seibler, TF Vogt, MK Shin, JA Grootegoed, and WM Baarends, Meiotic functions of RAD18. J Cell Sci, 2011. 124(Pt 16): p. 2837-50.

  • Schoenmakers, S, E Wassenaar, JS Laven, JA Grootegoed, and WM Baarends, Meiotic silencing and fragmentation of the male germline restricted chromosome in zebra finch. Chromosoma, 2010. 119: p. 311-324.

  • Schoenmakers, S, E Wassenaar, JW Hoogerbrugge, JS Laven, JA Grootegoed, and WM Baarends, Female meiotic sex chromosome inactivation in chicken. PLoS Genet, 2009. 5(5): p. e1000466.

  • Schoenmakers, S, E Wassenaar, WA van Cappellen, AA Derijck, P de Boer, JS Laven, JA Grootegoed, and WM Baarends, Increased frequency of asynapsis and associated meiotic silencing of heterologous chromatin in the presence of irradiation-induced extra DNA double strand breaks. Dev Biol, 2008. 317: p. 270-281.

  • Baarends, WM, E Wassenaar, R van der Laan, JW Hoogerbrugge, E Sleddens-Linkels, JH Hoeijmakers, P de Boer, and JA Grootegoed, Silencing of unpaired chromatin and histone H2A ubiquitination in mammalian meiosis. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2005. 25: p. 1041-1053.


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