Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2012
    Professor, University of York, UK

  • 2009 – 2012
    Senior Lecturer, University of York, UK

  • 2004 – 2009
    Lecturer in Archaeology, University of York, UK

  • 2001 – 2004
    Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Newcastle, UK

  • 1999 – 2001
    Sir James Knott Research Fellow, University of Newcastle, UK

  • 1995 – 1998
    Ph.D. (NERC funded), University of Cambridge, UK

  • 1992 – 1995
    BA (Hons.) Archaeology, class: 1st, University of Nottingham, UK

Selected publications

  • Taylor. B., Elliott, B., Conneller, C., Milner, N., Bayliss, A., Knight, B. and Bamforth, M. (2017) Resolving the Issue of Artefact Deposition at Star Carr. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 1-20, DOI:10.1017/ppr.2017.8

  • Hellewell, E., & Milner, N. (2016) Analysis of the placement of disarticulated human remains in Stone Age shell middens in Europe. In J. Grunberg, B. Gramsch, L. Larsson, J. Orschiedt and H. Meller (Eds.) Mesolithic burials- rites, symbols and social organisation of early postglacial communities. (pp. 545-554). Halle: Landesmuseum fur vorgeschichte.

  • Conneller, C., Bayliss, A., Milner, N., & Taylor, B. (2016). The resettlement of the British landscape: towards a chronology of Early Mesolithic lithic assemblage types. Internet Archaeology, 42,

  • High, K., Milner, N., Panter, I., Demarchi, B., & Penkman, K. E. H. (2016). Lessons from Star Carr on the vulnerability of organic archaeological remains to environmental change. PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1609222113

  • Croft, S., Monnier, G., Radini, A., Little, A., & Milner, M. (2016). Lithic Residue Survival and Characterisation at Star Carr: a burial experiment. Internet Archaeology, 42,

  • Charlton, S., Alexander, M., Collins, M., Milner, N., Mellars, P., O'Connell, T., Stevens, R. E., & Craig, O. E. (2016). Finding Britain's last hunter-gatherers: A new biomolecular approach to ‘unidentifiable’ bone fragments utilising bone collagen. Journal of Archaeological Science, 73, 55–61, doi:10.1016/j.jas.2016.07.014

  • Little, A., Elliott, B., Conneller, C., Pomstra, D., Evans, A. A., Fitton, L. C., Holland, A., Davis, R., Kershaw, R., O’Connor, S., O’Connor, T., Sparrow, T., Wilson, A. S., Jordan, P., Collins, M. J., Colonese, A. C., Craig, O. E., Knight, R., Lucquin, A. J. A., Taylor, B., & Milner, N. (2016). Technological Analysis of the World’s Earliest Shamanic Costume: A Multi-Scalar, Experimental Study of a Red Deer Headdress from the Early Holocene Site of Star Carr, North Yorkshire, UK. PLoS ONE, 11(4), e0152136, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0152136

  • Albert, B., Innes, J., Blackford, J., Taylor, B., Conneller, C., & Milner, N. (2016). Degradation of the wetland sediment archive at Star Carr: An assessment of current palynological preservation. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 6, 488-495, doi:10.1016/j.jasrep.2016.03.010

  • Milner, N., Bamforth, M., Beale, G., Carty, J. C., Chatzipanagis, K., Croft, S., Conneller, C., Elliot, B., Fitton, L. C., Knight, B., Kroger, R., Little, A., Needham, A., Robson, H. K., Rowley, C. C. A., & Taylor, B. (2016). A unique engraved shale pendant from the site of Star Carr: the oldest Mesolithic art in Britain. Internet Archaeology, 40,

  • Robson, H. K., Little, A., Jones, A. K. G., Blockley, S., Candy, I., Matthews, I., Palmer, A., Schreve, D., Tong, E., Pomstra, D., Fletcher, L., Hausmann, N., Taylor, B., Conneller, C., & Milner, N. (2016). Scales of analysis: evidence of fish and fish processing at Star Carr. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports,

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Excavations at Star Carr, 2004 – 2015

  • Excavations at Flixton Island, 2012 – 2014

  • Excavations at Howick, 2002 – 2004

  • Excavations at Baylet, 2001 – 2003

  • Shell middens of the Atlantic Facade, 1999 – 2001

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • English Heritage working group to write Research, Framework document for Palaeolithic archaeology, 2005 – 2007

  • NERC Radiocarbon steering committee member, 2007 – 2012

  • AHRC Peer Review College, UK, 2010 – 2013

  • Advisory committee for a German Research Foundation, Grant for an excavation project in Latvia, 2017

  • Panel member of Leverhulme Project “Unravelling the pattern, impacts and drivers of early modern human dispersals from Africa”, 2017

  • Invited to join the Scientific Advisory Board, Collective Research Centre (Germany) on project “Scales of Transformation: Human-Environmental Interaction in Prehistoric and Archaic Societies”, 2017

Media coverage

  • BBC Meet the Ancestors: programme on Howick, 2004

  • Local Radio and Look North, research at Howick, 2004

  • Radio 4: Animal magic: interview about oyster research, 2005

  • Radio 4: Making History, interview about deterioration of wetlands at Star Carr, 2007

  • Channel 4 Time Team: Star Carr research as part of programme on Doggerland, 2007

  • BBC Ray Mears Wild Food, 2007

  • BBC Radio York: 5 day, 5 minute series on finds from Star Carr, 2010

  • BBC2 Digging for Britain: feature on finds from Star Carr, 2011

  • Look North: feature on new excavations at Star Carr, 2012

  • Channel 4 Time Team: major role in “Stone Age Tsunami” programme, 2013

  • BBC4 Digging for Britain on Flixton Island, 2015

  • BBC4 Digging for Britain on Star Carr, 2016


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