Short CV/Education and training

Current Position

  • Since 2017
    Senior Lecturer, Department of Engineering Science, Div. for Electricity, Uppsala University, Sweden

Previous Positions

  • 2011 – 2017
    Associate Senior Lecturer, tenure track position, Uppsala University, Dep. of Engineering Science, Div. for Electricity

  • 2011
    Researcher, Uppsala University, Dep. of Engineering Science, Div. for Electricity

  • 2006 – 2011
    PhD student at Uppsala University, Dep. of Engineering Science, Div. for Electricity. Part time 60% during November 2006 – September 2010, then 100%.

  • 2006 – 2010
    Engineer at Electrical system department, Seabased Industry AB, Part time 40%. (Which can be seen as equivalent to a postdoc.)

  • 2006
    Research assistant at Uppsala University. Part time work alongside university studies.


  • 2015
    Docent in Engineering Science with specialization in Science of Electricity

  • 2011
    PhD in Engineering Science with specialization in Science of Electricity. Department of Engineering Science, Uppsala University, Sweden. Supervisor: Prof. Mats Leijon

  • 2009
    Technical Licentiate in Engineering Science with specialization in Science of Electricity. Department of Engineering Science, Uppsala University, Sweden

  • 2006
    Master of Science in Engineering Physics, Uppsala University, Sweden

Selected publications

  • Baudoin, A., Saury, D., and Boström, C., “Optimized distribution of a large number of heat sources cooled by conjugate turbulent natural convection” Applied Thermal Engineering, 124:975–985, 2017. Impact factor: 3.043.

  • Baudoin, A., Saury, D., Zhu, B., and Boström C., “Experimental optimization of passive cooling of a heat source array flush-mounted on a vertical plate”, Energies special issue on Renewable Energy Technologies for Small Scale Applications 9(11):1-12, 2016. Impact factor: 2.468

  • Hong, Y., Eriksson, M., Boström, C., and Waters, R., “Impact of generator stroke length on energy production for a direct drive wave energy converter”, Energies, 9, 1-12, 2016. Impact factor: 2.468

  • Lejerskog, E., Strömstedt, E., Savin, A., Boström, C., and Leijon, M., “Study of the operation characteristics of a point absorbing direct driven permanent magnet linear generator deployed in the Baltic Sea”, IET Renewable Power Generation, 10(8): 1204-1210, 2016. Impact factor: 1.904.

  • Baudoine, A., and Boström, C., “Thermal modelling of a passively cooled inverter for wave power”, IET Renewable Power Generation, 9(4):389, 2015. Impact factor: 1.904.

  • Baudoine, A., Boström, C, and Leijon, M., “Thermal rating of a submerged substation for wave power”, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, PP(99):1-10, 2015. Impact factor: 3.727.

  • Lejerskog, E., Boström, C., Hai, L., Waters, R., and Leijon, M., “Experimental results on power absorption from a wave energy converter at the Lysekil research site”, Renewable Energy, 77:9-14, 2015. Impact factor: 3.404.

  • Hong, Y., Eriksson, M., Castellucci, V., Boström, C., Waters, R., "Linear generator-based wave energy converter model with experimental verification and three loading strategies", IET Renewable Power Generation, 2015. Impact factor: 1.904.

  • Hong, Y., Waters, R., Boström, C., Eriksson, M., Engström, J. and Leijon, M., “Review on electrical control strategies for wave energy converting systems”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 31:329-342, 2014. Impact factor: 6.798.

  • Ekström, R., Kurupath, V., Boström, C., Waters, R., and Leijon, M., “Evaluating Constant DC-Link Operation of Wave Energy Converter”, Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, 136(1):014501, 1 January, 2014, (6 pages). Impact factor: 1.119.

  • Boström, C., Ekergård, B., Waters, R., Eriksson, M., and Leijon, M., “Linear generator connected to a resonance-rectifier circuit” IEEE Oceanic Engineering, 38(2):255-262, 2013. Impact factor: 1.648.

  • Baudoin, A., Ekström, R., Boström, C., Rahm, M., Svensson, O., Strömstedt, E., Savin, A., Waters, R., and Leijon, M., “Temperature study in a marine substation for wave power” International Journal of Mechanic Systems Engineering, 2(4):126-131, 2012.

  • Ekergård, B., Boström, C., Hagnestål, A., and Leijon, M., “Experimental results from a linear generator connected to a resonance circuit” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment, 2012.

  • Rahm, M., Svensson, O., Boström, C., Waters, R., and Leijon, M., “Experimental results from the operation of aggregated WECs” IET Renewable Power Generation, 6(3):149-160, 2012. Impact factor: 1.904

  • Boström, C., Ekergård, B., and Leijon, M., “Electric resonance-rectifier circuit for renewable energy conversion” Applied Physics Letter, 100(5):3 pages, 2012. Impact factor: 3.142

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

Institutional Responsibilities (Uppsala University)

  • Deputy member in Election board, Uppsala University, since 2017

  • Member of the program board for the master programme in Energy Systems Engineering, 2016 – 2017

  • Regular member of the Elector committee, Uppsala University, since 2016

  • Member of the program board for the international master program in Renewable Electricity Production, since 2016

  • Member of the program board for the Electrical engineering education, since 2013

Commissions of Trust

  • Member of the examination committee for Staffan Lundin (20160504) and Senad Apelfröjd (20161125), Uppsala University, 2016

  • Referee to Applied physics letters, IEEE Oceanic Engineering, IEEE PES Transaction on Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, Renewable Energy, IET Renewable power generation, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Energies, Ocean Engineering, since


Major Collaborations

  • Is currently a part of StandUp for Energy (a research alliance between four different Universities/Colleges in Sweden), participant in the The European Commission’s Horizon 2020 project “Clean Energy from Ocean Waves” (CEFOW) coordinated by Fortum

  • Project leader for Uppsala University in the Swedish node with KTH incorporating “Smart Grids and Electric Energy Storage”, EU European Institute of Technology/KIC InnoEnergy, 2010 – 2013

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • I have to children: Ebba Lejerskog (20120214) and Julia Lejerskog (20141119)


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