Short CV/Education and training

  • 1968 – 1972
    University Zürich, Geology-Diploma

  • 1974 – 1977
    University Zürich, Geology/Micropaleontology Dissertation

  • 1996
    Habilitation Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (Privatdozentin and Venia Legendi) / Micropaleontology

Selected publications

  • Oberhänsli, H., Weise, S.M., Stanichny, S.: Oxygen and hydrogen isotopic water characteristics of the Aral Sea, Central Asia. In: Journal of Marine Systems 76(3), 2009. S. 310-321.

  • Oberhänsli, H. et al.: Climate variability during the past 2000 years and evolution of human settlement in the Aral Sea basin. In: Irrigation and Drainage Systems 21(3-4), 2007, S. 167-183; doi 10.1007/s10795-007-9031-5.

  • Mackay, A.W., Oberhänsli, H. (eds.): Reconstructing past environments from remnants of human occupation and sedimentary archives in western Eurasia. In: Quaternary Res. 67(3), 2007. S. 313-450.

  • Oberhänsli, H., Mackay, A.W. (eds): Progress towards reconstructing past climate in Central Eurasia, with special emphasis on Lake Baikal (Special Issue). In: Global and Planetary Change 46(1-4), 2005. S. 1-383.

Earlier publications:

  • Oberhänsli, H. et al.: Planktonic foraminifers as tracers of ocean currents in the eastern South Atlantic. In: Paleoceanography 7(5), 1992. S. 607-632.

  • Oberhänsli, H.: The influence of the Tethyan ocean on the deep water circulation of the early Tertiary oceans. In: Antarctic Res. Ser. 56, 1992. S. 167-184.

  • Oberhänsli, H.: Upwelling signals at the northeastern Walvis Ridge during the past 500 000 years. In: Paleoceanography 6(1), 1991. S. 53-71.

  • Oberhänsli, H. et al.: Permian-Triassic carbon isotope anomaly in Greenland and in the Southern Alps. In: Historical Biology 2, 1989. S. 37-49.

  • Oberhänsli, H., Hsü, K.J.: Paleocene – Eocene Paleoceanography. In: Hsü, K.J. (ed): Mesozoic and Cenozoic Oceans. Geophys. Dynamics Monograph. 5, 1986. S. 85-100.

  • Hsu, K.J. et al.: "Strangelove ocean" before the Cambrian explosion. In: Nature 316(6031), 1985. S. 809-811.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • CONTINENT: Climate evolution during the last two Interglacials (EU Project)

  • CLIMAN: Holocene climate and settlement history at Aral Sea (INTAS Project)

  • Aeolian Proxies in Lake Baikal (DFG Project)

  • Issyk-kul: Preparation of a International Deep Drilling Project (ICDP, DFG)

  • SONKUL: Holocene climate history in Tien Shan Mountains (GFZ)

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • DFG-Fachkollegium

  • BMBF: BIOTA-Gutachterin

  • ECORD Evaluation Board

Additional qualifications

  • Projektmanagement (EU, INTAS, DAAD, DFG)

  • Editor in Chief: Global and Planetary Change (Elsevier)

  • Associated Editor: Marine Micropaleontology (Elsevier)


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