Short CV/Education and training

Work experience

  • 2016 – 2018
    Researcher at the Translational Cancer Research Laboratory at Lund University, Sweden

  • 2012 – 2016
    Postdoc at the Nordic Center for Earth Evolution at the Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark, DK

  • 2013
    Consult (short term) for Universe A/S (previously Danfoss) to develop a theme park ride through Earth Evolution

  • 2000 – 2005
    Science writer, freelance (SE)

University degrees

  • 2012
    Ph.D. in Geochemistry, Stockholm University, Sweden. Thesis: Oxygen and the evolution of multicellularity

  • 2007
    M.Sc. in experimental biology, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. Thesis: The Ocean Chemistry at Cambrian Deposits with Exceptional Preservation & the Influence of Sulfate on Soft-Tissue Decay, based in part on undergraduate studies in Geology and Biology at Stockholm University


    Total research funded as PI ~3.773.000 DKK

  • 2017
    Magnus Bergvall Foundation

  • 2016
    Royal Physiography Soc.

  • 2015
    The Swedish Research Foundation (VR)

Selected publications

  • Hammarlund, E.U., Gaines, R.R., Prokopenko, M.G., Qi, C., Hou, X-G. and Canfield, D.E. Early Cambrian oxygen minimum zone-like conditions at Chengjiang. In press. Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

  • Ahm, A.S.C., Bjerrum, C.J. & Hammarlund, E.U. Disentangling the recod of diagenesis, local redox conditions, and global seawater chemistry during the latest Ordovician glaciation. 2016. Earth and Science Planetary Letters (459), 145-156.

  • Zhang,S., Wang, X., Wang, H., Bjerrum, C.J., Hammarlund, E.U., Costa, M.M., Connelly, J.N., Zhang, B., Su., J. & Canfield, D.E. 2016. Sufficient oxygen for animal respiration 1400 million years ago. PNAS 113 (7), 1731-1736.

  • Hammarlund, E.U., Dahl, T.W., Harper, D.A.T., Bond, D.P.G., Nielsen, A.T., Bjerrum, C.J., Schovsbo, N.H., Schönlaub, H.P., Zalasiewicz, J.A. & Canfield, D.E., 2012. A Sulfidic Driver for the end-Ordovician Mass Extinction. Earth and Science Planetary Letters, 331-332C, 128-139.

  • Gaines, R.R.+, Hammarlund, E.U.+, Hou, X-G., Qi, C., Gabbott, S.E., Zhao, Y., Peng, J. & Canfield, D.E., 2012. The Mechanism of Burgess Shale-type preservation. PNAS 109, 5180-5184. (Shared first authorship+)

  • Dahl, T.W., Hammarlund, E.U., Anbar, A., Bond, D., Gill, B.C., Gordon, G., Knoll, A.H. & Canfield, D.E., 2011. Reply to Butterfield: The Devonian radiation of large predatory fish coincided with elevated atmospheric oxygen levels. PNAS 108 (9), E29. PhD

  • Hammarlund, E.U., Canfield, D.E., Bengtson, S., Leth, P.M., Schillinger, B. & Calzada, E., 2011. The influence of sulfate concentration on soft -tissue decay and preservation. Palaeontographica Canadiana 31, 141-156.

  • Dahl, T.W., Hammarlund, E.U., Anbar, A., Bond, D., Gill, B.C., Gordon, G., Knoll, A.H. & Canfield, D.E., 2010. Devonian rise in atmospheric oxygen correlated to the radiations of terrestrial plants and large predatory fish. PNAS 107 (42), 17911-17915.

  • El Albani, A., Bengtson, S., Canfield, D.E., Bekker, A., Macchiarelli, R., Mazurier, A., Hammarlund, E.U., Boulvais, P., Dupuy, J., Fontaine, C., Fürsich, F.T., Gauthier-Lafaye, F., Janvier, P., Javaux, E., Ossa Ossa, F., Pierson-Wickmann, A., Riboulleau, A., Sardini, P., Vachard, D., Whitehouse, M., Meunier, A. 2010. Large colonial organisms with coordinated growth in oxygenated environments 2.1 Gyr ago. Nature 466 (7302), 100-104.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • ‘Biogeochemical key events in the modernization of Earth’ 2016-2020

Media coverage

  • Sveriges Radio P1, Vetandets värld, the 14th of Sept. 2016: Hur uppstod djur på Jorden?

  • Article, Weekendavisen #37, 2016: Nedbrydning er det normale.

  • Article, Weekendavisen #01, 2016: Ilt nok, men hvor var dyrene?

  • Column, Weekendavisen #12, 2015: Fernis, fornuft og farlige drifter.

  • Article, Weekendavisen #11, 2015: Klodens stregkoder noteret i sten.

  • Sveriges Radio P3, Morgonpasset, the 6th of Dec 2014 on ‘Massutdöenden’.

  • Danmarks Radio P1, Hjernekassen, the 17th of Nov 2014 on ‘Udviklingen af liv’.

  • Danish National Research Foundation, annual meeting of the 7th of Nov. 2014: Women in Science – current research and thoughts.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #01, 2015: Kunsten at höste brainpower.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #42, 2014: Jagten på helligånden.

  • Article, Weekendavisen #38, 2014: I fossilminen.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #20, 2014: Nyd den ukendte stig.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #09, 2014: Livet flytter bjerge.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #50, 2013: Mind the gap.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #39, 2013: At favne det hele.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #28, 2013: Jorden som snebold.

  • Article, Weekendavisen #27, 2013: Krop og liv og kulstof.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #17, 2013: Ubekvemme spørgsmål.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #6, 2013: Med mikrober ved roret.

  • Column, Weekendavisen #48, 2012: Designet overlevelse.

  • Article, Forskning och Framsteg 14th June 2012: Djurlivets första katastrof skedde under havets yta.

  • Article, Forskning och Framsteg, 9th May 2012. Den första klimatkatastrofen kvävde livet i havet.

  • Article, HavsUtsikt, 1/2012. De första djurens hav och grav.

  • Article,, 27. Dec. 2012. Biologen: Fyld juleferien med levende fortællinger om liv.

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • Implicit bias awareness – how to harvest brainpower

  • Teaching

  • Outreach


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