Selected publications

  • Müller-McNicoll, M. and K.M. Neugebauer. 2013. How cells get the message: dynamic assembly and function of mRNA-protein complexes.

    Nature Reviews Genetics [e-pub]

  • Bieberstein, N., F. Carrillo Oesterreich, K. Straube and K.M. Neugebauer. 2012. First exon length controls active chromatin signatures and transcription.

    Cell Reports 2:62-68.

  • Carrillo Oesterreich, F., N. Bieberstein and K.M. Neugebauer. 2011. Pause locally, splice globally.

    Trends in Cell Biology 21:328-35.

  • Carrillo Oesterreich, F., S. Preibisch, and K.M. Neugebauer. 2010. Global analysis of nascent RNA reveals transcriptional pausing in terminal exons.

    Molecular Cell 40: 571-581.

  • Strzelecka, M, S. Trowitzsch, G. Weber, R. Lührmann, A.C. Oates and K.M. Neugebauer. 2010. Coilin-dependent snRNP assembly is essential for zebrafish embryogenesis.

    Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 17: 403?409.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • I am interested in the interplay between transcription and splicing. We recently discovered Terminal Exon Pausing, in which transcription elongation slows in short last exons of genes in budding yeast. The effect of TEP is to ensure that pre-mRNA splicing is completed before transcription termination. We have further pursued the role of gene architecture in transcription and processing, showing that short first exons act as transcriptional enhancers. In addition, we study RNA-protein interactions and their functions (SR proteins and the cap binding complex) as well as the structure and function of RNA rich cellular compartments, such as Cajal bodies. Our work is conducted in mammalian tissue culture cells, zebrafish embryos, and budding and fission yeasts.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • EMBO

  • The RNA Society

Additional qualifications

  • Vice Dean of IMPRS (International Max Planck Research School) in Dresden 2005 – 2012

  • Member of the Dresden International PhD Program (DIPP) Steering Committee, Program Committee, Teaching Committee


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