Short CV/Education and training

  • 1995
    Master Biology, KULeuven, Belgium

    Master thesis "Physiological aspects of cadmium in two Phaseolus species"

  • 1997
    Educational Science, KULeuven, Belgium

  • 1995 – 2000
    PhD Student, Hasselt University, Belgium

  • 2001 – 2002
    Post Doc, Marie Curie Fellowship, Harpenden, UK

    "Detoxification of reactive oxygen species: molecular strategies"

  • 2002 – 2007
    Post Doc, Dr. Assistant, Hasselt University, Belgium

  • Since 2007
    Professor of Biology

Selected publications

  • Cuypers A, Plusquin M, Remans T, Jozefczak M, Keunen E, Gielen H, Opdenakker K, Nair AR, Munters E, Nawrot T, Vangronsveld J, Smeets K (2010) Cd stress: an oxidative challenge. Biometals 23: 927-940.

  • Cuypers A, Smeets K, Opdenakker K, Keunen E, Ruytinx J, Remans T, Horemans N, Vanhoudt N, Van Sanden S, Semane B, Van Belleghem F, Guisez Y, Colpaert J, Vangronsveld J (2011) The cellular redox state as a modulator in cadmium and copper responses in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings. Journal of Plant Physiology 168: 309-316.

  • Keunen E, Peshev D, Vangronsveld J, Van den Ende W, Cuypers A (2013) Plant sugars are crucial players in the oxidative challenge during abiotic stress. Extending the traditional concept. Plant, Cell & Environment 36: 1242-1255.

  • Saenen E, Horemans N, Vanhoudt N, Vandenhove H, Biermans G, Van Hees M, Vangronsveld J, Cuypers A (2013) Effects of pH on uranium uptake and oxidative stress responses induced in Arabidopsis thaliana. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 32: 2125-2133.

  • Truyens S, Weyens N, Cuypers A, Vangronsveld J (2013) Arabidopsis thaliana seeds as sources of beneficial bacteria. Plant Biology: 971-981.

  • Bustin SA, Benes V, Garson J, Hellemans J, Huggett J, Kubista M, Mueller R, Nolan T, Pfaffl MW, Shipley G, Wittwer CT, Schjerling P, Day PJ, Abreu M, Aguado B, Beaulieu J-F, Beckers A, Bogaert S, Browne JA, Carrasco-Ramiro F, Ceelen L, Ciborowski K, Cornillie P, Coulon S, Cuypers A, De Brouwer S, De Ceuninck L, De Craene J, De Naeyer H, De Spiegelaere W, Deckers K, Dheedene A, Durinck K, Ferreira-Teixeira M, Fieuw A, Gallup JM, Gonzalo-Flores S, Goossens K, Heindryckx F, Herring E, Hoenicka H, Icardi L, Jaggi R, Javad F, Karampelias M, Kibenge F, Kibenge M, Kumps C, Lambertz I, Lammens T, Markey A, Messiaen P, Mets E, Morais S, Mudarra-Rubio A, Nakiwala J, Nelis H, Olsvik PA, Pérez-Novo C, Plusquin M, Remans T, Rihani A, Rodrigues-Santos P, Rondou P, Sanders R, Schmidt-Bleek K, Skovgaard K, Smeets K, Laura Tabera L, Toegel S, Van Acker T, Van den Broeck W, Van der Meulen J, Van Gele M, Van Peer G, Van Poucke M, Van Roy N, Vergult S, Wauman J, Tshuikina-Wiklander M, Willems E, Zaccara S, Zeka F, Vandesompele J (2013) The need for transparency and good practices in the qPCR literature. Nature Methods 10: 1063–1067.

  • Remans T, Keunen E, Bex GJ, Smeets K, Vangronsveld J, Cuypers A (2014) Reliable Gene Expression Analysis by Reverse Transcription- Quantitative PCR: Reporting and Minimizing the Uncertainty in Data Accuracy. The Plant Cell 26: 3829-3837.

  • Biermans G, Horemans N, Vanhoudt N, Vandenhove H, Saenen E, Van Hees M, Wannijn J, Vives i Batlle J, Cuypers A (2014) An organ-based approach to dose calculation in the assessment of dose-dependent biological effects of ionising radiation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity: 133: 24-30.

  • Keunen E, Schellingen K, Van Der Straeten D, Remans T, Colpaert J, Vangronsveld J, Cuypers A (2015) ALTERNATIVE OXIDASE1a modulates the oxidative challenge during moderate Cd exposure in Arabidopsis thaliana leaves. Journal of Experimental Botany 66 (10): 2967-2977.

  • Jozefczak M, Bohler S, Schat H, Horemans N, Guisez Y, Remans T, Vangronsveld J, Cuypers A (2015) Both concentration and redox state of glutathione and ascorbate influence the sensitivity of Arabidopsis to cadmium. Annals of Botany 116: 601-612.

  • Schellingen K, Van Der Straeten D, Remans T, Vangronsveld J, Keunen E, Cuypers A (2015) Ethylene signalling is mediating the early cadmium-induced oxidative challenge in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Science 239: 137–146.

  • Truyens S, Beckers B, Thijs S, Weyens N, Cuypers A, Vangronsveld J (2016) Cadmium-induced and transgenerational changes in the cultivable and total seed endophytic community of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Biology 8: 376-381.

  • Gielen H, Remans T, Vangronsveld J, Cuypers A (2016) Toxicity responses of Cu and Cd: the involvement of miRNAs and the transcription factor SPL7. BMC Plant Biology 16: 145.

  • Cuypers A, Hendrix S, Amaral dos Reis R, Deckers J, De Smet S, Gielen H, Jozefczak M, Loix C, Vercampt H, Vangronsveld J, Keunen E (2016) Hydrogen peroxide, signaling in disguise during metal phytotoxicity. Frontiers in Plant Science 7: 470

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • National

    - SCK-grant (01/10/2013-30/09/2017) Contribution of epigenetic processes to the induction of long-term effects and adaptive responses of plants exposed to low-dose radiation

    - FWO-FNR project (01/01/2014 – 31/12/2017) The cell wall and the apoplast as a primary defence strategy in plants exposed to cadmium

    - Hercules foundation (2011 – 2018): infrastructure plant phenotyping “PHENOVISION”

    - Hercules foundation: infrastructure “ECOTRON”

  • International

    - COST action FA 1306 (2013 – 2017): The quest for tolerant varieties: Phenotyping at plant and cellular level (Substitute Management Committee)

    - VLIR-UOS (Cuba: Universidad de Oriente) – project leader (2013 – 2019): “Environmental scientific services for the development of a sustainable agriculture and to face the climatic change in the eastern of Cuba”

    - Spanish research Project "METSULTOX" Contribution of biothiols metabolism in the distribution and accumulation of toxic metal(loid)s in crop plants. (University of Madrid, University of Oviedo and Hasselt University

    - Joint PhDs: University of Oviedo, Spain (1), Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria (1), University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (2)

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Scientific Committees

    - Member of the FWO-expert panel BIO2 (Functional Biology)

    - Member of the Scientific Council (WAC) affiliated with the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN), Mol, Belgium.

  • Scientific Referee Tasks

    Associate Editor: Food and Energy Security

  • Invited expert for several funding agencies: INRA-AgreenSkills (France), the Austrian Science Foundation and the “Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique” (FNRS, Belgium)


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