Short CV/Education and training

  • 1976 – 1985
    Gymnasium (grammar school) in Buchholz, Germany

  • 1985 – 1989
    B.A., M.A. in chemistry from the University of Oxford, UK

  • 1989 – 1993
    PhD from the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, supervised by Prof. Watts

  • 1993 – 1995
    Postdoc at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany, supervised by Prof. Oschkinat

  • 1996 – 2002
    Assistant professor (German Research Foundation (DFG) junior research group) at Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany

  • 1999
    Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) in biochemistry at Heidelberg University, supervised by Prof. Wieland

  • 2000 – 2002
    C3 professor of molecular biophysics at Friedrich Schiller University, Jena

  • Since 2002
    Professor's chair in biochemistry at the University of Karlsruhe (now the KIT, south campus), and head of a research group at the Karlsruhe Research Centre

  • Since 2005
    Director of the Institute of Biological Interfaces (IBG2), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, north campus)

Selected publications

  • Over 100 peer reviewed publications and patents

  • Supervised approximately 20 dissertations and 40 Diplom theses

  • Over 100 invited lectures at international conferences

  • Over 100 invited workshop presentations

  • Walther, T.H. et al.: Membrane alignment of the pore-forming component TatAd of the twin-arginine translocase from B. subtilis resolved by solid-state NMR spectroscopy. In: J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2010, in press.

  • Ieronimo, M. et al.: 19F-NMR analysis of the antimicrobial peptide PGLa in native cell membranes from bacterial protoplasts and human erythrocytes. In: J. Am Chem. Soc., 132, 2010. p. 8822.

  • Maisch, D. et al.: Chemical labeling strategy with (R)- and (S)-trifluoromethylalanine for solid state 19F-NMR analysis of peptaibols in membranes. In: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 131, 2009. pp. 15596-15597.

  • Strandberg, E. et al.: Orientation and dynamics of peptides in membranes calculated from 2H-NMR data. In: Biophys. J. 96, 2009. pp. 3223-3232.

  • Wadhwani, P. et al.: Using a sterically restrictive amino acid as a 19F-NMR label to monitor and to control peptide aggregation in membranes. In: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 2008. pp. 16515-16517.

  • Afonin, S.E. et al.: Temperature-dependent transmembrane insertion of the amphiphilic peptide PGLa in lipid bilayers observed by solid state 19F-NMR. In: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130(49), 2008. pp. 16512-16514.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Spokesperson of the "Applied Life Sciences" competence area for the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Excellence Initiative, 2008 – 2009

  • Elected member of the Max Bergmann Circle of German Peptide Chemists, since 2008

  • Programme director for bio-interfaces, Helmholtz Association at the KIT, since 2008

  • Advisory board of the nanotechnology section within Dechema (German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), 2007 – 2010

  • Spokesperson for the research field of nanobiology, German Research Foundation (DFG) Centre for Functional Nanostructures, since 2005

  • Coordination committee of the DFG Centre for Functional Nanostructures, Karlsruhe, Germany, since 2004

  • Member of the German Biophysical Society, since 2000

  • Member of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), since 1999

  • Member of the American Biophysical Society, since 1990

Additional qualifications

  • Referee for grants from the German Research Foundation (DFG), HFSP, NSRC, VW Foundation, GIF, etc.

  • Organisation of the Heraeus "Biophysics of Membrane-Active Peptides" conference, 2010

  • Visiting professor at the University of Cagliari, Italy, 2009

  • Managing director of the "IBG-1" Institute, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 2007 – 2009

  • Organising committee: CFN Summer School on Nanobiology, Bad Herrenalb, Germany, 2005

  • Member of the editorial boards, Biophysical Journal and Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 2004 – 2007

  • Organiser of the "Solid State NMR in Biology" symposium, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2004

  • Organising committee of the "German–American Frontiers of Chemistry Symposia", 2000, 2002, 2004

  • Organising committee: German Chemical Society (GDCh) Conference on Magnetic Resonance, Bremen, Germany, 2002

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • Teaching activities: development of the biochemistry curriculum at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany

  • Initiated a new Bachelor/Master study course in chemical biology at the University of Karlsruhe

  • Supplementary courses in NMR spectroscopy, structural biology, biophysical analytics


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