Short CV/Education and training

  • 1980 – 1981
    Special Graduate student in Water Resources, Department of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Cambridge, MA, USA)Studies in US supported e.g. by Academy of Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation.

  • 1984
    Graduate level courses in numerical and statistical methods in water resources engineering, Department of Civil Engineering and Operations Research, Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, USA)

  • 1994
    DrEng, Helsinki University of Technology Department of Civil Engineering. Major in Water Resources Engineering and Hydrology.

  • 2000 – 2006
    Associate Professor in Groundwater Modeling, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden)

  • since 2006
    Professor in Groundwater Modeling, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden)

Selected publications

  • Yang, Z., A. Niemi, L. Tian, Saba Joodaki, and M. Erlström (2014), Modeling of pressure buildup and estimation of maximum injection rate for geological CO2 storage at the South Scania site, Sweden, Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology. In Press. DOI: 10.1002/ghg.1466.

  • Rasmusson, K,Rasmusson, M., Fagerlund, F., Bensabat,J., Tsang, Y. and Niemi, A. (2014) Analysis of alternative push-pull-test-designs for determining in-situ residual trapping of carbon dioxide. Int Jour Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume: 27 Pages: 155-168. Aug 2014

  • Michael Kühn, Andreas Busch, Auli Niemi, Alexandra Amann-Hildenbrand, Thomas Kempka, Stefan Lüth (2013) Preface: CO2 storage is feasible and further demonstration projects are needed. Int Jour Greenhouse Gas Control 19 (2013) 606–608

  • Yang, Z, Tian, L., Niemi, A. and Fagerlund, F. (2013) Upscaling of the constitutive relationships for CO2 migration in multi-modal heterogeneous formations. Int Jour Greenhouse Gas Control 19 (2013) 743–755

  • Fritjof Fagerlund, Auli Niemi, Jacob Bensabat, Vladimir Shtivelman (2013) Design of a two-well field test to determine in situ residual and dissolution trapping of CO2 applied to the Heletz CO2 injection site. Int Jour Greenhouse Gas Control 19 (2013) 642–651

  • Yang, Z., A. Niemi, F. Fagerlund, T. Illangasekare and R. Detwiler (2013), Dissolution of dense non-aqueous phase liquids in vertical fractures: effect of finger residuals and dead-end pools, Jour Cont Hydrology, Vol 149, 88-99.

  • Larsson, M., Doughty, C., Tsang, CF and Niemi, A. (2013) Understanding the effects of single fracture heterogeneity from single well injection withdrawal (SWIW) tests. Hydrogeol Jour. 21(8):1691-1700.

  • Larsson, Oden, Niemi, Neretnieks and Tsang (2013) A new approach to account for fracture aperture variability when modeling solute transport in fracture networks. Water Resour Res. 49(4): 2241-2252

  • Yang, Z., A. Niemi, F. Fagerlund and T. Illangasekare (2013), Two-phase flow in rough-walled fractures: comparison of continuum and invasion-percolation models. Water Resources Research. 49(2), 993–1002, doi:10.1002/wrcr.20111

  • Tsang, C-F and Niemi, A (2013) Deep Hydrogeology – A discussion of the issues and research needs. Hydrogeol J (21(8):1687-1690)

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • EU FP7 MUSTANG with focus on geological storage in saline aquifers

  • EU FP7 TRUST with focus on advanced monitoring of injected CO2

  • EU FP7 PANACEA with focus on long term-effects of CO2

  • EU FP7 CO2QUEST with focus of impurity gases in CO2 stream

  • BASTOR with focus CO2 storage in the Baltic Sea region

  • Hor 2020 FRACRISK with focus on reducing the environmental impacts of shale gas development

  • a number of projects in characterizing fractured rocks, pollutant transport etc.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries


  • Associate Editor of Hydrogeology Journal (2014-)

  • Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (2012-)

  • Member of European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) working group on Carbon Capture and Storage (2011-2013)

  • Co-chair of international Workshop on Hydrological Aspects of Deep Drilling, Uppsala, Sept 20-22, 2011

  • Scientific Advisory Committee member of International Conference on Groundwater in Fractured Rocks GwFr2012

  • Member of IEAGHG (International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas Control) coordinated peer-review panel reviewing US DOE financed R&D projects for CO2 storage in geological formations (March 2015)

  • Member of the Norvegian CCS program’s SUCCESS advisory board (2014-)

  • Member of SSM (Swedish Nuclear Safety Authority) research advisory board (forskningsråd) (2013-)

  • Member of the Swedish Research Council's (VR) evaluation panel on Research Infrastructures – Infrastructure for Research on the Earth and its Near Surroundings (2011-2014)

  • Member of the advisory board for Danish Research Council's program “Environmental Technology for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide” (2010 -2014)

  • large number of participation to PhD committees, opponentships, committees for evaluating candidates for academic positions


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