Short CV/Education and training

  • Prof. Elger has been appointed as Ordinaria and director of the Institute for Biomedical Ethics at the University of Basel in 2011.

  • After having studied medicine and theology in Germany, the US, France and Switzerland she obtained her medical diploma as well as a 6 year university degree in protestant theology in Germany and her FMH in internal medicine in Switzerland.

  • During her postgraduate training in internal medicine she worked in Porrentruy and since 1993 at the University Hospitals of Geneva where she was appointed chief resident in 1997 and médecin adjoint au chef de service in 2007.

  • Since 1995 she has been teaching ethics and health law at the University of Geneva and was nominated associate professor in 2007.

  • In 2004, she obtained a grant for advanced researchers of the Swiss National Science Foundation for research in the US (University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics, Kennedy Institute of Ethics and the Dept. of Clinical Bioethics at the NIH).

  • In 2010, she was awarded the Swiss "Prix" for research in primary care and in 2005 the Prix Bizot for her work on biobanks (PhD, University of Geneva). In 1999 she obtained the "Award of the Medical Faculty" for her doctorate about medical paternalism and in 1997 the "Prix Arditi en éthique" for her work on predictive medicine.

  • She has widely published in medical and ethical journals about medical ethics in genetics, clinical ethics and research involving biobanks and human tissue, as well as about human rights questions related to medical ethics in correctional health care.

Selected publications

  • Shaw D, Elger B: Evidence-Based Persuasion: An Ethical Imperative. JAMA. 2013 Apr 8:1-2. [Epub ahead of print].

  • Elger BS, Michaud K, Mangin P. When general information can save lives: the duty to warn relatives about sudden cardiac death and environmental risks. Hastings Center Report 2010; 40(3):39-45.

  • Elger BS: Violations of medical confidentiality: opinions of Swiss physicians. Br J Gen Pract. 2009 Oct;59(567):344-52.

  • Elger BS: Towards Equivalent Health Care of Prisoners: European Soft Law and Public Health Policy in Geneva. J Public Health Policy. 2008; 29(2):192-206.

  • Elger BS, Caplan AL: Consent and anonymization in research involving biobanks: Differing terms and norms present serious barriers to an international framework. EMBO Rep. 2006 Jul;7(7):661-6.

  • Elger BS: Ethik im klinischen Alltag – das Beispiel der Prognoseaufklärung. Medizinische Klinik 2002; 97: 533-40.

  • Elger B: Médecine prédictive et décisions procréatives et prénatales. Médecine et Hygiène, Livres Georg. Genève 1998 (Arditi Award in Ethics 1997).

  • Elger B., Biller-Andorno N., Mauron A., Capron A. (eds.): Ethical issues in governing biobanks: Global Perspectives. Ashgate, London 2008.

  • Elger B: Le paternalisme médical: mythe ou réalité? Aspects philosophiques et empiriques d'un phénomène persistant. Editions Médecine&Hygiène, Genève 2010.

  • Manai D, Burton Jeangros C, Elger B (eds.): Information et gestion des risques? Regards juridiques, sociologiques et éthiques sur la grossesse. Staempfli, Bern 2010.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Biobanks: ethical problems of data transfer and data sharing

  • Competency and autonomy of children and adolescents in pediatric oncology

  • Predictive medicine and genetics: returning results

  • Confidentiality in clinical practice and forensic psychiatry

  • Ethical, legal, economical and epidemiological problems concerning ageing prisoners

  • Ethical issues of cutting edge biotechnology

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • GUMEK (federal commission)

  • ELGK (federal commission)

  • Käthe-Zingg-Schwichtenberg Fonds of the Swiss Akademy of Medical Sciences (KZS, grant jury)

  • Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS, grant jury)

Additional qualifications

  • FMH Internal Medicine


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