Short CV/Education and training

  • 2008
    Habilitation (2nd Thesis) “Successful Acting from a Social Cognitive Perspective: Model of Action Phases, Implementation Intentions, and Mental Contrasting,” University of Konstanz, Germany; Venia Legendi in Psychology

  • 2003
    PhD in Psychology: “Cognitive Aspects of Voluntary Stereotype Control” (summa cum laude), University of Konstanz, Germany (1. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Peter M. Gollwitzer, New York University, USA, 2. Supervisor Prof. Dr. Peter Steck, University of Konstanz, Germany)

  • 1997
    Diploma (M.Sc.) in Psychology, Technical University of Darmstadt

  • 1990
    Studies in Psychology, Technical University of Darmstadt

  • 1990
    Vordiplom (B.A.) in Special Education, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

Selected publications

  • Ludwig, J., Jaudas, A., & Achtziger, A. (2020). The role of motivation and volition in economic decisions: Evidence from eye-movements and pupillometry. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.

  • Ludwig, J., Ahrens, F., & Achtziger, A. (in press). Errors fast and slow: An analysis of response times in probability judgments. Thinking and Reasoning.

  • Suchodoletz, A. v., Rahn, J., Nadyukova, I., Barza, L., & Achtziger, A. (2020). Can mindsets influence college students' motivation to learn? Findings from the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Higher Education.

  • Hügelschäfer, S., Jaudas, A., & Achtziger, A. (2016). Detecting gender before you know it: How implementation intentions control early gender categorization. Brain Research, 1064, 9-22.

  • Achtziger, A., & Alós-Ferrer, C. (2014). Fast or rational? A response-times study of Bayesian updating. Management Science, 60, 923-938.

  • Hügelschäfer, S., & Achtziger, A. (2014). On confident men and rational women: It`s all on your mind(set). Journal of Economic Psychology, 41, 31-44.

  • Achtziger, A., & Bayer, U. C. (2013). Self-control mediates the link between perfectionism and stress. Motivation and Emotion, 37, 413-423.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Project funded by the Volkswagen Foundation “Deciding about, by and together with algorithmic decision-making systems”, funding program “Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future”. Total budget of the project: 1.56 Mio Euros. My share: 300 000 Euro; March 2019 – March 2022.

  • Project funded by the German Research Foundation: “Motivational States and Incentives” (Sub-Project of the Research Unit “Psychoeconomics”); 220 000 Euro; September 2016 – August 2019

  • Project funded by the German Research Foundation: “Economic Rationality and Competing Behavioral Rules” (jointly with Carlos Alós-Ferrer, University of Cologne; Sub-Project of the Research Unit “Psychoeconomics”); 220 000 Euro; October 2012 – August 2015

  • Project funded by the German Research Foundation (AC 183/2-2): “Neural Correlates of the Limits of intentional Control of Impression Formation Processes” (jointly with Andreas Keil); Sub-Project of the Research Unit “Limits of Intentionality”; 220 000 Euro; March 2009 – March 2012

  • Project funded by the Excellence Initiative at the University of Konstanz: “Automatic and Controlled Processes of Decision Making”; Sub-Project of the “Center for Psychoeconomics:

    Conflicting Motives and Strategies in Decision Processes; Socioeconomic and Educational Consequences”; 130 000 Euro; May 2008 – June 2011

  • Project funded by the ZEW-Leibniz-Research Network “Non-Cognitive Skills: Acquisition and Economic Consequences”; Sub-Project “Self-Regulation Skills and Life Success“of this research network; 130 000 Euro; January 2008 – December 2010

  • Project funded by the German Research Foundation (AC 183/2-1): “The Limits of intentional Control of Stereotype and Prejudice Processes” (jointly with Andreas Keil); Sub-Project of the Research Unit “Limits of Intentionality”, 220 000 Euro; December 2005 – December 2008

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Editor-in-Chief Social Psychology

  • Associate Editor Journal of Economic Psychology


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