Short CV/Education and training

University education

  • 1993
    Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Edinburgh

  • 1985
    Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (Distinction), University of Southern California

  • 1981
    Degree (Laurea) in Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Rome (Summa cum laude)

Current position

  • Professor of Developmental Linguistics, University of Edinburgh

Visiting positions

  • 2009 – 2012
    Visiting Professor (Professor II), CASTL, University of Tromsø, Norway

  • since 2009
    Research Associate, ESRC Centre for Bilingualism, University of Wales, Bangor

  • 2004
    Visiting Professor, Interdisciplinary Centre for Cognitive Studies on Language, University of Siena

  • 2003
    Visiting Professor, Research Center on Multilingualism, University of Hamburg

  • 2000
    Visiting Professor, Department of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

  • 1994 – 1995
    Visiting Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen

Public engagement

  • 2009
    Awarded a Beltane Fellowship for Public Engagement

  • Since 2008
    Founder and Director of Bilingualism Matters, a research-based information and consultancy centre on bilingualism for the general public. To date, 62 talks delivered to teachers, parents, community groups, cultural institutions, and health professionals; 94 information seminars held for UK and European international organizations; 8 branches established in Western Isles, Norway, Greece, Italy, Sardinia and England; 6 more branches to open in 2014 in Croatia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain (for details of act see:

Selected publications

Since 2009 only:

  • Bak, T., Vega-Mendoza, M. and Sorace, A. 2014. Never too late? An advantage on tests of auditory attention extends to late bilinguals. Frontiers in Psychology 5:485. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00485.

  • Filiaci, F., Sorace, A. and Carreiras, M. 2013. Anaphoric biases of null and overt subjects in Italian and Spanish: a cross-linguistic comparison. Language and Cognitive Processes (DOI:10.1080/01690965.2013.801502).

  • Heycock, C., Sorace, A., Hansen, Z and Wilson, F. 2013. Acquisition in variation (and vice-versa). Language Acquisition 20: 5-22.

  • Unsworth, S., Argyri, F., Cornips, L., Hulk, A., Sorace, A. and Tsimpli, I. 2012. On the role of age of onset and input in early child bilingualism in Greek and Dutch. Applied Psycholinguistics, doi:10.1017/S0142716412000574

  • Roehm, D., Sorace, A. and Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, I. 2012. Processing flexible form-to-meaning mappings: evidence for enriched composition as opposed to indeterminacy. Language and Cognitive Processes (DOI:10.1080/01690965.2012.712143).

  • Serratrice, L. Sorace, A. Filiaci, F. and Baldo, M. 2012. Pronominal objects in English-Italian and Spanish-Italian bilingual children. Applied Psycholinguistics (doi:10.1017/S0142716411000543).

  • Sorace, A. 2011.Pinning down the concept of 'interface' in bilingualism. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 1: 1-33.

  • Bard, E.G., Frenck-Mestre, C. and Sorace, A. 2010. Processing auxiliary selection with Italian intransitive verbs. Linguistics 48: 325-362.

  • Sorace, A. and Serratrice, L. 2009. Internal and external interfaces in bilingual language development: Beyond structural overlap. International Journal of Bilingualism 13: 1-16.

  • Treccani, B., Argyri, E., Sorace, A. and Della Sala, S. 2009. Spatial negative priming in bilingualism. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 16: 320-327.

  • Sorace, A., Serratrice, L. Filiaci, F. and Baldo, M. 2009. Discourse conditions on subject pronoun realization: testing the linguistic intuitions of older bilingual children. Lingua 119: 460-477.

  • Serratrice, L., Sorace, A., Filiaci, F. and Baldo, M. 2009. Bilingual children's sensitivity to specificity and genericity: evidence from metalinguistic awareness. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition12: 1-19.

Selected projects

  • EU Large-scale Integrated Research Project: "Advancing the European Multilingual Experience" (partner, with seven countries),2014 – 2019

  • EACEA Lifelong Learning project 'School and family together for the integration of immigrant children' (partner, with four countries), 2012 – 2015

  • Norwegian Research Council: Transitivity Alternations in English and Norwegian: Experimental Investigations (with G. Ramchand, University of Tromsø), 2013 – 2016

  • ESRC: "First language attrition meets second language learning: interaction of linguistic and executive control factors in late bilinguals" (with F. Keller and T. Bak), 2011 – 2014

  • EACEA Lifelong Learning project "Let's become a bilingual family" (partner, with four countries),2010 – 2012

  • Leverhulme Trust: 'Understanding language comprehension in bilingual children' (with L.Serratrice), 2009 – 2011

  • Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) grant on "Age effects on early child bilingualism" (bilateral UK-Netherlands project with A. Hulk, University of Amsterdam, L. Cornips, Meertens Institute, I Tsimpli, University of Thessaloniki), 2008 – 2010

  • AHRC grant on 'Verb movement in contemporary Faroese: A case study of syntactic variation and change' (with C. Heycock), 2006 – 2010

  • British Academy Research Readership, to work on project 'Gradience in split intransitivity: theoretical and experimental explorations of the lexicon-syntax interface', 2005 – 2007

  • ESRC grant on 'The syntax-pragmatics interface in bilingual first language acquisition' (with L. Serratrice), 2004 – 2006

  • Arts and Humanities Research Board: Research Leave Grant on 'Residual optionality in near-native second language speakers', 2004

  • ESRC grant on 'Syntactic native language attrition in L2 near-native speakers' (with C. Heycock and I. Tsimpli), 2000 – 2002

  • ESRC grant on 'Transfer at the syntax-pragmatics interface: the acquisition of subjects' (with Ludovica Serratrice), 2002 – 2003

  • Humanities Research Board of the British Academy: research grant on 'Split intransitivity in some Italo-Romance dialects', 1997

  • ESRC research grant on 'Losing the V2 constraint: parameter resetting in second language acquisition' (as principal investigator, with D. Robertson and E.G. Bard), 1993 – 1995

  • ESRC research grant on 'Validating Magnitude Estimation of Linguistic Acceptability' (as principal investigator, with E.G. Bard and D. Robertson), 1992 – 1993

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member of the ESRC Peer Review College, since 2012

  • Member of the AHRC Peer Review College, 2004 – 2012

  • Referee by the European Research Council (Panel SH4 'The human mind and its complexity'), since 2009

Media coverage

Invited academic talks (since 2009)


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