Short CV/Education and training

  • 1970
    born in Mannheim, Germany

  • 1976 – 1989
    Attended general education schools in Osnabrück, Germany

  • 1989 – 1995
    Studied toward the Diplom degree in mathematics and informatics at the University of Osnabrück

  • 1995 – 1999
    Doctoral studies in the theoretical informatics research group at the University of Osnabrück

  • 1999
    Visiting researcher at Rutgers University, USA

  • 1999 – 2004
    Head of the junior researcher group "Using neural methods to learn from structured data" in Osnabrück, with funding from the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

  • 2000
    Visiting researcher at CAIR, Bangalore, India

  • 2001
    Visiting researcher at the University of Pisa, Italy

  • 2002
    Managed a C4 professorship in neuroinformatics

  • 2003
    Visiting researcher at the University of Padua, Italy, and the University of Birmingham, UK

  • 2004 – 2010
    Professor of the theoretical foundations of informatics at the Clausthal University of Technology, Germany

  • 2005
    Visiting professor at the Université Paris I, France

  • 2008
    Visiting researcher at the University of Groningen, NL

  • since 2010
    Professor of theoretical computer science for cognitive systems at Bielefeld University, Germany

Selected publications

  • Barbara Hammer, Daniela Hofmann, Frank-Michael Schleif, Xibin Zhu: Learning vector quantization for (dis-)similarities. Neurocomputing 131: 43-51 (2014)

  • Yaochu Jin, Barbara Hammer: Computational Intelligence in Big Data [Guest Editorial]. IEEE Comp. Int. Mag. 9(3): 12-13 (2014)

  • Barbara Hammer, Daniel A. Keim, Neil D. Lawrence, Guy Lebanon: Preface: Intelligent interactive data visualization. Data Min. Knowl. Discov. 27(1): 1-3 (2013)

  • Kerstin Bunte, Michael Biehl, Barbara Hammer: A General Framework for Dimensionality-Reducing Data Visualization Mapping. Neural Computation 24(3): 771-804 (2012)

  • Andrej Gisbrecht, Bassam Mokbel, Barbara Hammer: Relational generative topographic mapping. Neurocomputing 74(9): 1359-1371 (2011)

  • Barbara Hammer, Alexander Hasenfuss: Topographic Mapping of Large Dissimilarity Data Sets. Neural Computation 22(9): 2229-2284 (2010)

  • Petra Schneider, Michael Biehl, Barbara Hammer: Adaptive Relevance Matrices in Learning Vector Quantization. Neural Computation 21(12): 3532-3561 (2009)

  • Thomas Villmann, Frank-Michael Schleif, Markus Kostrzewa, Axel Walch, Barbara Hammer: Classification of mass-spectrometric data in clinical proteomics using learning vector quantization methods. Briefings in Bioinformatics 9(2): 129-143 (2008)

  • Michael Biehl, Anarta Ghosh, Barbara Hammer: Dynamics and Generalization Ability of LVQ Algorithms. Journal of Machine Learning Research 8: 323-360 (2007)

  • Marie Cottrell, Barbara Hammer, Alexander Hasenfuss, Thomas Villmann: Batch and median neural gas. Neural Networks 19(6-7): 762-771 (2006)

Selected projects

  • Principal investigator (PI) for the project Learning Feedback in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (within the framework of the German Research Foundation (DFG) priority programme Autonomous Learning,

  • PI for the CITEC Centre of Excellence (Excellence Initiative,

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Head of the GI (German computer science society) professional group "Neural networks"

  • Deputy speaker for the GNNS (German Chapter of the European Neural Network Society)

  • Member of IEEE CIS, head of the IEEE CIS Data Mining Technical Committee in 2013/2014, head of the IEEE CIS DMTC Task Force on Data Visualization and Data Analysis

  • Board member of the Dagstuhl OpenAccess Series OASIcs

Media coverage

  • Reviewer for the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Finnish Academy of Sciences, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), the Humboldt Foundation, and more

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • Experience in organizing conferences

  • Worked collaboratively on interdisciplinary events

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Two wonderful children in primary school


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