Short CV/Education and training

  • 1972 – 1980
    Gymnasium (grammar school), Innsbruck, Austria

  • 1980 – 1987
    Studied chemistry toward the Diplom degree, University of Innsbruck

  • 1987 – 1991
    Doctoral studies in the Institute of Biochemistry, University of Innsbruck

  • 1992 – 1993
    Assistant, Institute of Biochemistry, University of Innsbruck

  • 1993 – 1994
    Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Neurobiology Division, Sydney, Australia

  • Since 1995
    Head of the diagnostic and scientific laboratory, Centre for Child and Adolescent Medicine, Salzburg University Hospital, Austria

  • 2002
    Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) in biochemistry, University of Salzburg

  • Since 2009
    Head of the Laura Bassi Centre of Expertise THERAPEP

  • Since 2010
    University professor of receptor biochemistry and tumour metabolism at Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg

Selected publications

  • R. Lang, B. Kofler (2011) The galanin peptide family in inflammation. Neuropeptides 45(1):1-8.

  • E.E. Mueller et al. (2011) The Mitochondrial T16189C Polymorphism is associated with coronary artery disease in Middle European Populations. PloS One 26;6(1):e16455R.

  • F.A. Zimmermann et al. (2011) Respiratory chain complex I is a mitochondrial tumor suppressor for oncocytic tumors. Front Biosci E3, 315-325.

  • N. Van Der Kolk et al. (2010) Alarin stimulates food intake in male rats and LH secretion in castrated male rats. Neuropeptides 44(4):333-40.

  • R.G. Feichtinger et al. (2010) Low aerobic mitochondrial energy metabolism in poorly- or undifferentiated neuroblastoma. BMC Cancer 10:149.

  • B. Kofler et al. (2009) Mitochondrial DNA haplogroup T is associated with coronary artery disease and diabetic retinopathy BMC Med Genet 10:35.

  • I. Rauch et al.(2009) Anti-Candida activity of a-melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH) peptides. J Leucozyte Biol 85(3):371-2.

  • J.A. Mayr et al. (2008) Loss of complex I due to mitochondrial DNA mutations in renal oncocytoma. Clin Cancer Res 14(8):2270-5.

  • S. Schmidhuber et al. (2007) Galanin-like peptides exert potent vasoactive functions in vivo. J Invest Derm 127(3):716-21.

  • R. Santic et al. (2007) Alarin is a vasoactive peptide. PNAS 104(24):10217-22.

  • R. Lang, A. Gundlach, B. Kofler (2007) The galanin peptide family: receptor pharmacology, pleiotropic biological actions, and implications in health and disease. Pharmacol Ther 115:177-207.

Selected projects

  • EU: Marie Curie Fellowship Grant: Physiolical function and potential therapeutic utility of neuropeptide galanin in airway inflammation, 2012 – 2013

  • FFG/BMVIT: Laura Bassi Centre of Expertise for the Therapeutic Application of Neuropeptides (THERAPEP): with cooperation partners Novartis and Procomcure, 2009 – 2013

  • Jubiläumsfond der Oesterreichische Nationalbank (science funding programme by the Austrian National Bank): Galanin – a component of innate immunity, 2006 – 2009

Austrian Science Fund (FWF):

  • P20827 The functions of galanin peptides in inflammation, 2008 – 2011

  • P15415 The of galanin receptors in neuroblastic tumours, 2001 – 2004

  • P14906 The function of the neuropeptide galanin in human skin, 2001 – 2005

  • P12685 Expression of neuropeptides in neuroblastoma, 1998 – 2001

Membership in scientific bodies/juries


  • European Neuropeptide Club, vice president, since 2010

  • Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology, associate member of the board, since 2009

  • Federation of the Societies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (FEBS), Member of the fellowship committee, 2005 – 2008

  • American Society for Neuroscience

  • Austrian Neuroscience Association

  • Austrian Society of Human Genetics

Editorial Board:

  • Neuropeptides, review editor

  • Experimental Dermatology

Juries/Peer review activities:

  • ZIT: The Technology Agency of the City of Vienna: Call Life Sciences 2011

  • St Vincent's Clinic Foundation, Sydney, Australia, 2010

  • Research awards from the Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology, since 2009

  • Research funding from the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg, since 2006


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