Short CV/Education and training

  • 1982
    Completion of studies in the field of mechanical engineering, production engineering

  • 1982 – 1990
    Employment in the Department of Factory Planning, Fraunhofer Institute of Production Facilities and Construction Technology

  • 1990 – 2013
    Professor at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany

  • 1998
    Professor in the College of Engineering, Keimyung University, South Korea

  • 2003 – 2011
    Vice president for curriculum and teaching,

  • 10/2011 – 03/2012 Technical expert at MAN Diesel and Turbo, Berlin plant

  • Since 03/2013 President of FH Brandenburg – University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg an der Havel

Selected publications

  • Wieneke-Toutaoui, B. et al.: Generative Fertigungsverfahren – Rapid Prototyping Technogien. In: Fritz, Schulze: Fertigungstechnik. Berlin 2001, 2005, 2010, 2015.

  • Bae, S.C. et al.: Rapid Protoyping for the Presentation of Large Size Products. Conference Proceedings URapid 2001. Amsterdam, 2001.

  • Wieneke-Toutaoui, B. et al.: Multimedia Teachware for Rapid Prototyping Technologies. Conference Proceedings EuRapid 2002. Frankfurt, 2002.

  • Wieneke-Toutaoui, B., Gerber, H.: Rapid Prototyping Technology. New potentials for offshore and abyssal engineering. ISOPE Conference 2003, Hawaii.

  • Wieneke-Toutaoui, B.: Berufsverbleib von Ingenieurinnen. Bestandsaufnahme und Ansätze zur Verbesserung. DGP conference proceedings 2005.

  • Wieneke-Toutaoui, B.: Hoffnung auf gemischte Doppel. DUZ 12-05.

  • Wieneke-Toutaoui, B.: Wie kommt frau rein? Contribution to the guidebook for job applicants from the VDI 2006.

  • Wieneke-Toutaoui, B: Korea. In Technik und Interkulturalität. VDI Verlag, Düsseldorf 2007.

  • Wieneke-Toutaoui, B.: Women in Engineering – Situation, Activities and Perspectives. Proceedings 2007: International Symposium on Women Engineers and Future Society. Seoul, Korea 2007.

  • Kammasch, Schwenk, Wieneke-Toutaoui (eds.): Ingenieurbildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung. Beuth Hochschule 2010.

Selected projects

  • The Rapid Prototyping learning software (AiF)

  • Optimisation of production

  • MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural science and Technology) role models

  • The "Zauberhafte Physik" (Magic of Physics) training workshop

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • President of Berlin-Brandenburg VDI (German Association of Engineers)

  • Executive committee of the Competency Centre for Technology, Diversity, Equal Opportunity

  • Board of the Women in Engineering section, Association of German Engineers (VDI)

  • German Rectors' Conference (HRK) commission on Teaching

  • Scientific consultant to the AiF, the EU and the Austrian Ministry of Research

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • Extensive committee experience

  • Extensive volunteer service

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Single mother of three adult children


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