Short CV/Education and training

  • Corinne Hofman is professor in Caribbean archaeology. She was born in 1959. After obtaining a B.A. degree in art history and archaeology at the Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, she followed classes in pre-Columbian archaeology at Leiden University and completed her M.A. in 1987 with a research focus on the Caribbean. Her M.A. research was on the archaeology of Saba, Netherlands Antilles. Continuing her archaeological research on Saba during her PhD, she wrote her dissertation on the ceramic chronology of Saba. Since then her investigations and teaching focus on the Caribbean, involving ceramic analysis and settlement studies, with special attention to inter-insular relationships.

  • Together with Dr. Menno Hoogland she conducted fieldwork on Saba and St. Martin (1987-1993) and later also jointly with André Delpuech (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Guadeloupe) on Guadeloupe. From 1993 to 2000 they worked in an international cooperation programme, and conducted excavations at the large settlement site of Anse a la Gourde in the northeastern part of Grande Terre, and other sites on Guadeloupe. In 2001 and 2002 she carried out fieldwork with Dr. Hoogland at the archaic site of Plum Piece, Saba.

  • In 2002 she was awarded an ASPASIA-grant by the Netherlands Foundation for Scientific Research and in 2003 she was awarded a VIDI-grant by the same institution. Both projects involve multi-disciplinary approaches generating a number of MA and Ph.D. projects. The archaeometric component of these projects is carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (Prof. dr. Gareth Davies), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her current fieldwork on St. Lucia is carried out in cooperation with the St. Lucia Archaeological and Historical Society and the Florida Museum of Natural History (Prof. dr. William Keegan).

  • In 2007 she was awarded a VICI-grant by the Netherlands Foundation for Scientific Research for the project entitled Communicating Communities starting in june 2008.

Selected publications

  • Laffoon, J.E., G.R. Davies, M.L.P. Hoogland, and C.L. Hofman 2012. Spatial variation of biologically available strontium isotopes (87Sr/86Sr) in an archipelagic setting. Journal of Archaeological Science 39(7):2371-2384.

  • Hofman, C.L., M.L.P. Hoogland, H.L. Mickleburgh, J.E. Laffoon, M.H. Field and D.A. Weston 2012. Life and death at Lavoutte, Saint Lucia, Lesser Antilles, as revealed from rescue excavations. Journal of Field Archaeology 37(3):209-225.

  • Hofman, C.L., 2011. Tibes: People, Power, and Ritual at the Center of the Cosmos edited by L. Antonio Curet and Lisa M. Stringer. Book Review article. American Anthropology. 113(1):168-169.

  • Hofman, C.L., A.J. Bright, and R. Rodríguez Ramos 2010. Crossing the Caribbean Sea: Towards a holistic view of pre-colonial mobility and exchange. In C.L. Hofman and A.J. Bright (eds) Mobility and exchange from a pan-Caribbean perspective. Special Publication No. 3, Journal of Caribbean Archaeology 1-18.

  • Hofman, C.L., A.J. Bright, M.L.P. Hoogland, and W.F. Keegan 2008. Attractive ideas, desirable goods: examining the late Ceramic age relationships between the Greater and Lesser Antillean societies. JICA 3:17-34.

  • Hofman, C.L., L. Jacobs, and J. Ulloa Hung 2007. Juntando las piezas del rompecabezas, dándole sentido a la cronología cerámica del este de la Republica Dominicana. El Caribe Arqueológico 10:104-115.

  • Hofman, C.L., A. Bright, A. Boomert, and S. Knippenberg 2007. Island Rhythms: The web of social relationships and interaction networks in the pre-Columbian Lesser Antilles. LAA 18(3):243-268.

  • Hofman, C.L., A.J. Bright and M.L.P. Hoogland 2006. Archipelagic Resource Mobility: Shedding light on the 3000 years old tropical forest campsite at Plum Piece, Saba (Northern Lesser Antilles). JICA 1(2):145-164.

  • Hofman, C.L., and A.J. Bright 2004. From Suazoid to Folk-Pottery: pottery traditions in a changing social and cultural environment on St. Lucia. New West Indian Guide 78(1/2):73-104.

  • Hofman, C.L., and M.L.P. Hoogland 2003. Plum Piece: Evidence for Archaic seasonal occupation on Saba, northern Lesser Antilles around 3300 BP. Journal of Caribbean Archaeology 4:12-27.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • I have been a member of staff at the Faculty of Archaeology of UL since 1990. I am currently the Vice-Dean and Chair of Education for the Board at the Faculty of Archaeology. I served in many committees and boards (e.g., NWO, ARCHON, LNVH). I have been actively engaged in building up Caribbean research at Leiden and in this capacity I am the founder and director of the Caribbean Research Group based at UL. This research group comprises 20 senior researchers, post-graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and other members of the Faculty who meet regularly to discuss their research projects under the vision of our current NWO-VICI-funded 'Communicating Communities' project. The international peer review of the Faculty's research programme evaluated my research overall as 'excellent' and 'one of the very top international programmes in this area'.

  • I have initiated and directed numerous archaeological projects across the Caribbean in the last 25 years. Over the past 10 years I directed large-scale multi-annual excavations and research projects in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Saba, St. Eustatius, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Curaçao. I have directed field schools in all of these locations with students from Leiden and other international universities. In the last five years I have directed major archaeological rescue projects on Curaçao (golf course construction), St. Maarten (housing development), St. Vincent (international airport construction), and St. Eustatius (proposed energy-plant extension).

  • VICI grant (NWO-277.62.001), 2007-2013, 'Communicating Communities: Unravelling networks of human mobility and exchange of goods and ideas from a pre-colonial, pan-Caribbean perspective'. This grant has led to a large number of articles, two edited volumes, funded and self funded PhDs and brought in post-docs to contribute to the field of Caribbean archaeology. By focusing on human mobility and the exchange of goods and ideas during the

    pre-colonial period this project provides the fundamental information required to gain a full understanding of the transition between the pre- and post-contact Caribbean eras.

  • Partner in the programme-ANR-07-Corpus-016, 2008-2011, Editions d?un corpus rares ou inédits des Petites Antilles (1493-1660), funded by the French Research Agency (Univ. de Reims-Leiden Univ.-Musée du Quai Branly, Paris). – Partner in the FP7- People-2011- Initial Training Network (ITN) EUROTAST programme, 2011-2016, on the History, Archaeology and New Genetics of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, funded by the European Union (Initiated by the Centre of Geo-genetics in Copenhagen).

  • NWO-VIDI (NWO-276.62.001) 'Mobility and exchange. The dynamics of social, material and ideological relations in the pre-Columbian insular Caribbean', 2003

  • NWO-ASPASIA (NWO-015.001.101) 'Socio-political complexity in the pre-Columbian Caribbean: An integral approach to inter-insular and inter-regional relationships', 2002

Membership in scientific bodies/juries


  • Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

  • Archeologisch Onderzoek Nederland (ARCHON)

  • Landelijk Netwerk Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren (LNVH)

  • Editorial Board of the BAR series, Paris Monographs in American Archaeology, since 2009

  • Editorial Board of the Journal of Caribbean Archaeology (JCA), since 2008

  • Editorial Board of El Caribe Arqueológico, since 2008

  • Editorial Board of the Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies (LJPS), since 2006

  • member of the Society for American Archaeology, since 2002

  • member of International Association for Caribbean Archaeology, since 1989


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