Short CV/Education and training


  • 1991
    Diplom Biology, Georg-August-University Göttingen

  • 1995
    Ph.D. Soil Science, University of Bayreuth

  • 2001
    Habilitation Soil Science, University of Bayreuth

Professional Experience

  • 1996 – 2003
    Coordinator of the BITÖK – Monitoring program Lehstenbach (Fichtelgebirge)

  • 1998 – 2000
    Supervisor of the laboratories at Chair of Soil Ecology, BITÖK, University of Bayreuth

  • 1995 – 2003
    Assistent Professor, Chair of Soil Ecology, BITÖK, University of Bayreuth

  • since 2003
    Ordinaria in Environmental Geosciences, Environmental Geosciences University of Basel

Foreign Research visits

  • 1987 – 1988
    Department of Forestry and Nature Conversation, Ciskei (South Africa)

  • 1996 – 1998
    Visiting researcher with Prof. Dr. Myron J. Mitchell, SUNY, Syracuse, NY, USA (Research stipend of the German Research Foundation)

  • 2009
    Visiting researcher at the Climate Impacts Research Center, Umeå University, Abisko, Northern Sweden

Selected publications

  • 39 publications in the last five years

  • Alewell, C., R. Giesler, J. Klaminder, J. Leifeld, and M. Rollog. 2011. Stable carbon isotopes as indicators for micro-geomorphic changes in palsa peats. Biogeosciences, 8, 1769-1778.

  • Alewell, C., Schaub, M. and Conen, F. 2009. A method to detect soil carbon degradation during soil erosion. Biogeosciences, 6, 2541-2547

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Soil Science Society of Switzerland

  • German Soil Science Society

  • German Ecologogical Society

  • Deutsche Hochschulgesellschaft

Obligations at University of Basel

  • Member of the Department Committee, Head of educational board of Geosciences, Member of the educational board of the faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences delegate at the Commission for Equal Opportunity, Condidential contact for the faculty of Natual Sciences, University of Basel confidential contact in case of sexual harassment, Gender representative of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Other Obligations

  • Reviewing committee of the Fondation de Famille Sandoz, Reviewer for the German research foundation, Reviewer for the Swiss National Fond


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