Short CV/Education and training

  • Einstein Professur at the Freie Universität Berlin, 2012 – aD 2019

  • Professor (C4) at the Universität Essen, 1990 – 2012

Selected publications

  • Esnault, H., Groechenig, M.: Rigid connections, F-isocrystals and p-curvature. Acta Mathematica 225 1 (2020), 103-158.

  • Esnault, H., Groechenig, M.: Cohomologically rigid local systems and integrality. Selecta Mathematica 24 (2018) (5), 4279-4292.

  • Esnault, H., Mehta, V.: Simply connected projective manifolds in characteristic p > 0 have no nontrivial stratified bundles. In: Inventiones math. 181, 2010. pp. 449-465.

  • Esnault, H., Berthelot, P., Bloch, S.: On Witt vector cohomology for singular varieties. In: Compositio math. 143, 2007. pp. 363-392.

  • Esnault, H., Bloch, S., Kreimer, D.: On motives attached to graph polynomials. In: Comm. Math. Phys. 267(1), 2006. pp. 181-225.

  • Esnault, H.: Deligne's integrality theorem in unequal characteristic and rational points over finite fields. In: Annals of Mathematics 164, 2006. pp. 715-730.

  • Esnault, H.: Varieties over a finite field with trivial Chow group of 0-cycles have a rational point. In: Invent. math. 151, 2003. pp. 187-191.

  • Esnault, H.: Characteristic classes of flat bundles and determinant of the Gauß-Manin connection. In: Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Beijing 2002, Higher Education Press. pp. 471-483.

  • Esnault, H., Bloch, S.: The coniveau filtration and non- divisibility for algebraic cycles. In: Math. Ann. 304, 1996. pp. 303-314.

  • Esnault, H., Viehweg, E.: Lectures on Vanishing Theorems. Book. In: DMV-Seminar Band 20, Birkhäuser. p. 164.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects


  • Journal of the European Mathematical Society , since 2014

  • Algebra and Number Theory, since 2008

  • Mathematical Research Letters, since 2007

  • Cubo – A Mathematical Journal, since 2002

  • Acta Mathematica Vietnamica, since 2000

  • Mathematische Annalen (Annals of Mathematics), 1998 – 2010

  • Duke Mathematical Journal, since 1995

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

Starting 2018

  • Advisory Committee Nat’l Centre of Math. (Bombay), 2022 – 2025

  • Scientific Council of the Banach Center (Warsaw), 2022 – 2025

  • Chair Visiting Committee of the Dept of Maths of ETH Zurich, 2022

  • Structure Committee ICM, 2022

  • Chair of Committee for the Shaw Prize in Math. Sciences, 2021 – 2023

  • Board of the Foundation des Sciences Mathématiques de Paris, since 2021

  • Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Journées Arithmétiques, 2021

  • Board of the HCRES, France, 2020 – resigned

  • Shaw Prize Committee, 2018 – 2020

  • Fields Medal Committee of the ICM 2018


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  1. French Mathematician Becomes First Einstein Professor

    One of today's most influential mathematicians will be teaching and conducting research in Berlin. Hélène Esnault will help to enrich Berlin as a center for outstanding science and research.

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