Short CV/Education and training

  • 1984 – 1987
    Teaching Assistant, J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

  • 1987 – 1988
    Graduate Assistant, J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • 1988 – 1989
    Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, USA

  • 1989 – 1992
    Graduate Assistant, J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

  • 1992 – 1994
    Assistant Professor, J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

  • 1994 – 1998
    Assistant Professor, Free University of Berlin, Germany

  • 1999
    Guest Professor, University of Leipzig, Germany

  • 1999
    Heisenberg-Scholar (German Reserach Foundation), Free University Berlin, Germany

  • 1999 – 2009
    Full Professor, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

  • 2003 – 2004
    Adjunct Professor, Northern Illinois University, USA

  • Since 2009
    Full Professor of Philosophy (Chair of Logic and Metaphysics), Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, Germany

  • 2011 – 2012
    Research Fellow, Lichtenberg College, University of Goettingen

Selected publications

  • Brendel, E.: Wissen, Berlin/New York: de Gruyter 2013.

  • Brendel, E.: Wahrheit und Wissen, Paderborn: mentis 1999.

  • Brendel, E. with Essler, Wilhelm K.: Grundzüge der Logik II – Klassen, Relationen, Zahlen, Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann 1993.

  • Brendel, E.: Die Wahrheit über den Lügner. Eine philosophisch-logische Analyse der Antinomie des Lügners, Berlin/New York: de Gruyter 1992.

  • Understanding Quotation (eds. with J. Meibauer und M. Steinbach), Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter 2011.

  • Zitat und Bedeutung (eds. with J. Meibauer und M. Steinbach), Hamburg: Buske 2007.

  • Contextualisms in Epistemology (eds. with Chr. Jäger), Dordrecht: Springer 2005 (also available as a special issue of Erkenntnis 61, Nos. 2-3, 2004).

  • Brendel, E.: Contextualism, Relativism, and the Semantics of Knowledge Ascriptions, in: Philosophical Studies (under review).

  • Brendel, E.: Knowledge: Safe or Virtuous?, in: Henning, T./Schweikard, D. (eds.): Knowledge, Virtue, and Action, London/New York: Routledge 2012 (in print).

  • Brendel, E.: Knowledge, Contextualism, and Moorean Paradox, in: Jäger, C./Löffler, W. (eds.): Epistemology: Contexts, Values, Disagreement, Frankfurt am Main: Ontos 2012, 15-40.

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Review Board Member of the German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • Department Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Bonn

  • Department Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Mainz, 2001 – 2003

  • Member of the committee of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), doctoral programme, 2000 – 2010

  • Member of the committee of the German National Academic Foundation (Deutsche Studienstiftung)


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