Short CV/Education and training

    Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages and literatures in Utrecht and Leiden University, the Netherlands

  • 2004 – 2008
    Postdoc, Leiden university

  • 2009
    Research, Cambridge University

  • 2010
    Substitute Professor "Islamwissenschaften", Mainz University, Germany

  • Since 2012
    Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, VU University Amsterdam

Selected publications

  • Gog and Magog. The Clans of Chaos in World Literature. Eds. A.A. Seyed-Gohrab, F. Doufikar-Aerts and S. Mc Glinn, (Purdue University Press) Amsterdam / West Lafayette 2007, (2nd ed. The Embodiments of Evil, forthcoming 2012).

  • Alexander Magnus Arabicus. A Survey of the Alexander Tradition Through Seven Centuries, from Pseudo-Callisthenes to Suri, Mediaevalia Groningana 13 n.s., (Peeters Publishers) Louvain 2010.

  • "The Last Days of Alexander" in a popular Romance of Alexander, The Ancient Novel and Beyond, reds. S. Panayotakis, M. Zimmerman, W. Keulen, (Brill) Leiden/Boston 2003, 23-35.

  • "Alexander the Flexible Friend. Some Reflections on the Representation of Alexander the Great in the Arabic Alexander Romance", Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, 55, 3-4 (2003), 195-210.

  • "Sirat Al-Iskandar: an Arabic Popular Romance of Alexander", Oriente Moderno, Studies on Arabic Epics, ed. G. Canova, 22, 2 (83) n.s. (2003), 505-520.

  • "Dogfaces, Snake-tongues, and the Wall against Gog and Magog", Gog and Magog. The Clans of Chaos in World Literature, eds. A.A. Seyed-Gohrab, F.C.W. Doufikar-Aerts and S. McGlinn, (Purdue University Press) Amsterdam/West Lafayette 2007, 37-52.

  • "Aristotle and Alexander: the never-ending question(s)", The Treasure of Tabriz. The Great Il-Khanid Compendium, Iranian Studies Series, eds. A.A. Seyed-Gohrab & S. McGlinn, (Purdue University Press) Amsterdam/West Lafayette 2007, 245-255.

  • "Gharâ'ib or 'Ajâ'ib, that's the Question. Vocalized Script in Two Arabic Romances of Alexander", Moyen Arabe et variétés mixtes de l?Arabe à travers l?histoire. Actes du premier colloque international (Louvain-la-Neuve, 10-14 mai 2004), eds. J. Lentin and J. Grand'Henry, (Peeters Publishers) Louvain 2008, 165-181.

  • "Dionysus, Enoch and Zakhraf: Deity, Prophet and King of the Jinn. Metamorphoses of the Golden Letter", in: Medioevo Romanzo e Orientale Temi e Motivi Epico-Cavallereschi fra Oriente e Occidente, edd. G. Lalomia and A. Pioletti, (Rubbettino Editore) Catania 2010, pp. 115-128.

  • "A letter in Bits and Pieces: The Epistola Alexandri ad Aristotelem Arabica. A First Edition with Translation Based on Four 16th-18th Century Manuscripts", Writings and Writing from another World and another Era in honour of J.J. Witkam, edd. R. Kerr and T. Milo, (Archetype) Cambridge, 2010, pp. 91-115.

  • "Afin que jamais il ne tombe dans l'oubli: l'influence arabe sur l'image d'Alexandre médiévale européenne", L'historiographie médiévale d'Alexandre, ed. C. Gaullier-Bougassas, (Brepols) Turnhout, 2011, pp. 105-114.

  • "Susanna and Her Sisters. The virtuous Lady Motif in Sacred Tradition and its Representation in Art, Secular Writing and Popular Narrative", Fictional Traces: Receptions of the Ancient Novel, vol. 2. Eds. M.P. Futre Pinheiro and S. J. Harrison. In: Ancient Narrative suppl.14.2, (Barkhuis Publishing & Groningen University Library) Groningen, 2011, pp. 19-30.

  • "King Midas' Ears on Alexander's Head: In Search of the Afro-Asiatic Alexander Cycle", The Alexander Romance in Persia and the East, eds. R. Stoneman, K. Erickson and Ian Netton. In: Ancient Narrative suppl. 15, (Barkhuis Publishing & Groningen University Library) Groningen, 2012, pp. 61-79.

Selected projects

  • Beyond the European Myth. In Search of the Afro-Asiatic Alexander Cylce and the Transnational Migration of Ideas and Concepts of Culture and Identity.

  • Multidisciplinary, multiligual and diachronic research project, including Syriac, Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish, Ethiopic, Turkic languages of Central Asia, Malay and Mongolian.

  • VIDI grant scheme research project, NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research), 2012 – 2017


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