Short CV/Education and training

  • 1971 – 1976
    Studied medicine, University of Oulu, Finland

  • 1976
    Licence to practise medicine

  • 1977
    Doctorate, University of Oulu

  • 1977 – 1980
    Post-doctoral fellow, instructor and adjunct assistant professor, Department of Biochemistry, Rutgers Medical School, CMDNJ, NJ, USA

  • 1980 – 1983
    Postdoc, Department of Structural Biology, Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland

  • 1984 – 1987
    Resident, Dept. Dermatology, University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland

  • 1988 – 1993
    Senior staff member, Dept. Dermatology, University Hospital of Zurich

  • 1989
    Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) dermatology and venereology, University of Zurich

  • 1990 – 1994
    SCORE fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation

  • 1993 – 2002
    Senior staff member, Dept. Dermatology, University Hospital Münster, Germany

  • 1994
    Second Habilitation, University of Münster

  • 1994
    Approval as specialist in Dermatology and Venereology by the Medical Chamber of Westphalia-Lippe, Germany

  • 1995
    Licence to practise medicine from the District President of Münster

  • 1996
    Professor by special appointment of dermatology and venereology, University of Münster

  • 2000 – 2001
    Visiting professor of dermatology, Harvard Medical School, USA

  • 2002
    Offer of a Chair in Dermatology and Venereology, University Freiburg – Medical Center, Germany

  • 2003
    C4 professor and chair of the Department of Dermatology, University Freiburg – Medical Center

  • Since 2008
    Fellow at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS)

  • Since 2010
    Director of the FRIAS School of Life Sciences – LifeNet School

Selected publications

  • Has C*, Spartà G*, Kiritsi D*, Weibel L, Moeller A, Vega-Warner V, Waters A, He Y, Anikster Y, Esser P, Straub BK, Hausser I, Bockenhauer D, Dekel B, Hildebrandt F, Bruckner-Tuderman L§, Laube GF§ (2012): Integrin a3 mutations with kidney, lung and skin disease New Engl J Med E-pub 19. 4.2012 (*, §: equal contribution)

  • Kiritsi D, He Y, Pasmooij AMG, Onder M, Happle R, Jonkman M, Bruckner-Tuderman L, Has C (2012): Revertant mosaicism in a human skin fragility disorder results from slipped mispairing and mitotic recombination. J Clin Invest 122 (5), E-pub 2.4.2012 doi:10.1172/JCI61976

  • Nishie W, Lamer S, Schlosser A, Licarete E, Franzke C-W, Hofmann SC, Jackow J, Sitaru C, Bruckner-Tuderman L (2010): Ectodomain shedding generates neoepitopes on collagen XVII: role in autoimmune blistering diseases. J Immunol 185, 4938-47.

  • Fritsch A, Loeckermann S, Kern JS, Braun A, Bösl MR, Bley T, Schumann H, von Elverfeldt D, Paul D, Erlacher M, Berens von Rautenfeld D, Hausser I, Fässler R, Bruckner-Tuderman L (2008): A hypomorphic mouse model for dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa reveals disease mechanisms and responds to fibroblast therapy. J Clin Invest 118, 1669-1679.

  • Franzke CW, Tasanen K, Schäcke H, Zhou Z, Tryggvason K, Mauch C, Zigrino P, Sunnarborg S, Lee DC, Fahrenholz F, Bruckner-Tuderman L (2002): Transmembrane collagen XVII, an epithelial adhesion protein, is shed from the cell surface by ADAMs. EMBO J 21: 5026-35.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • German Research Foundation (DFG) review board for medicine

  • Member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

  • Membership in committees at the University of Freiburg, Germany

  • Member of the elected faculty council, Faculty of Medicine, 2003 – 2008, since 2010

  • Member of the FRIAS directorate, since 2008. Director School of Life Sciences, LifeNet

  • Deputy spokesman of the Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine, created as part of the Excellence Initiative, 2007 – 2012

  • Chairperson of the strategy commission, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital, 2006 – 2008

  • Vice dean for strategic and developmental issues, Faculty of Medicine, 2006 – 2008

  • Member of the library committee, University of Freiburg, 2005 – 2008

  • Chairperson of the library task force, Faculty of Medicine, 2004 – 2008

Membership in professional and specialist societies:

  • Swiss Society for Dermatology and Venereology

  • Zurich Dermatologists' Society

  • German Dermatological Society (DDG)

  • German Dermatological Research Consortium (ADF)

  • European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR)

  • European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

  • Society for Investigative Dermatology, USA

  • International Society for Matrix Biology

  • Paediatric Dermatology Consortium of the DDG

  • Dermatogenetic working group within the ADF

  • German Society for Connective Tissue Research

  • Swiss Society for Matrix Biology

Additional qualifications

Scientific management experience:

  • Gordon Research Conference on Collagens, USA; vice chair, 2007, chair, 2009

  • DEBRA International (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association); member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Panels, since 2000; Chair since 2011

  • International Society for Matrix Biology, 2000 – 2003; member of the executive committee, since 2006

  • German Dermatological Society (DDG): member of the executive committee, 2005 – 2013

  • German Research Foundation (DFG) review board for medicine; member 2004 – 2011, chairperson of Section IV (Genetic and metabolic basis of human diseases), 2004 – 2008

  • German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Epidermolysis Bullosa network; coordinator of the national network of excellence in Germany, 2003 – 2011

  • European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR); member of the finance committee, 1994 – 2001; member of the executive committee, 1996 – 2002; general secretary, 1998 – 2001; president, 2001 – 2002; past president, 2002 – 2003

  • Gordon Research Conference on Basement Membranes, USA; vice chair, 2000, chair, 2002

  • DFG Priority Programme: Molecular and genetic analysis of basement membranes and basement-membrane anchoring; co-initiator and co-coordinator, 2000 – 2007

  • DFG Collaborative Research Centre 492: The extracellular matrix: biosynthesis, assembly and regulation, Münster, Germany; vice spokesperson, 2000 – 2002

  • Society of Investigative Dermatology (SID); representative of the ESDR on the executive committee, 1998 – 2002; Committee to Select a Publisher, 1998 – 1999; Committee to Search for a Journal Editor, 2000 – 2001

  • German Dermatological Research Consortium (ADF); member of the executive committee, 1994 – 1999; president, 1996 – 1998


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    An international team of scientists led by Prof. Leena Bruckner-Tuderman, Director of the Department of Dermatology at the University hospital in Freiburg, has identified a new genetic disorder. It is complex, exhibits symptoms in multiple organs – affecting the skin, kidneys and lungs – and is caused by mutations in the gene that regulates protein molecule integrin alpha-3.

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