Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2009
    W3 Professor of International Agricultural Trade and Food Security, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany

  • 2012 – 2014
    Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Hohenheim

  • 2002
    Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification), Giessen University

  • 1999 – 2009
    Director of the Institute of Market Analysis and Agricultural Trade Policy, vTI, Braunschweig, Germany

  • 1998
    Postdoc, University of Adelaide, Australia

  • 1994 – 1998
    German Research Foundation (DFG) Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) fellowship, Giessen University and Frankfurt University, Germany

  • 1994 – 1995
    Visiting Fellow, Purdue University, USA

  • 1993
    PhD, Giessen University

  • 1988 – 1994
    Doctoral studies, Giessen University

  • 1983 – 1988
    Studies of Nutritional Science, specialisation in Food Economics, Giessen University

Selected publications

  • Boysen-Urban, K., Brockmeier, M., Jensen, H., Boysen, O. (2020), Measuring the Trade Restrictiveness of Domestic Support using the EU Common Agricultural Policy as an Example, Journal of Agricultural Economics, 71 (1) 27-49

  • Bekkers, E., Brockmeier, M., Francois, J., Yang, F. (2017), Local Food Prices and Inter-national Price Transmission, World Development, 96, 216-230

  • Bektasoglu, B., Engelbert, T., Brockmeier, M. (2017), The Effect of Aggregation Bias: An NTB-Modeling Analysis of Turkey's Agro-Food Trade with the EU, The World Economy, 40 (10) 2255-2276

  • Urban, K., Jensen, H., Brockmeier, M. (2016), How Decoupled Is the Single Farm Payment and Does it Matter for International Trade? Food Policy, 59 126–138

  • Yang, F., Bekkers, E., Brockmeier, M., Francois, F., (2015), Pass-Through, Food Prices, and Food Security, Journal of Agricultural Economics, 66 (3) 796–811

  • Bektasoglu, B., Engelbert, T., Brockmeier, M., (2014), Moving toward the EU or the Mid-dle East? An assessment of Alternative Turkish Foreign Policies Utilizing the GTAP Framework. Food Policy, 47, 46-61

  • Brockmeier, M., Pelikan, J. (2008), Agricultural Market Access: A Moving Target in the WTO Negotiations. Food Policy 33 (3) 250-259.

  • Pelikan, J., Brockmeier, M. (2008), To What Extent do Tariff Aggregation Measures Influence the Outcome of Empirical Analyses? Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 56 (4) 413-427.

  • Hertel, T.W., Brockmeier, M., Swaminathan, P.V. (1997), Sectoral and Economywide Analysis of Integrating Central and East European (CEE), Countries into the European Union (EU): Implications of Alternative Strategies. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 24 (3/4) 359-386.49.

  • Brockmeier, M. (1996), A Graphical Exposition of the GTAP-Model. GTAP Reviewed Technical Paper No. 8, University Purdue,

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat), 2014 – 2020

  • Advisory Board, Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) Purdue University, USA, since 1999

  • Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften (Acatech), since 2018

  • Senate Strategic Committee (Senatsausschuss Strategische Vorhaben (SAS)) Leibniz Gemeinschaft, since 2020

  • Academic Advisory Council (AAC) University of Heidelberg, since 2020

  • Foundation Council of the Einstein Stiftung, since 2020

  • German Research Foundation (DFG) Review Board (Fachkollegium) 207: Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine, 2008 – 2016

  • Senate Evaluation Committee (SAE) Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, 2001 – 2009

  • Scientific Advisory Board Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), 2010 – 2016


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