Short CV/Education and training


  • Since 2021
    Senior Professor, Department of Sociology, Umeå University

  • 2004 – 2020
    Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Umeå University

  • 2002 – 2004
    Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Umeå University

  • 1998 – 2002
    Forskarassistent (Senior researcher), Department of Sociology, Umeå University

  • 1996 – 1998
    Research assistant at the Institute of history and social sciences, University of Bremen

  • 1989 – 1998
    Director of the Institut für Migrations- und Rassismusforschung in Hamburg, a non-profit research and teaching institute, which I also co-founded

  • 1984 – 1987
    Deutsch-Ausländische Begegnungsstätte: WIR – Internationales Zentrum e.V.

  • 1978 – 1983
    Lecturer and Researcher, Institute of Psychology, Freie Universität Berlin

Visiting positions

  • 2016
    Visiting Professor, Institute for Political Science, University of Vienna, and Arbeiterkammer, Vienna

  • 2014 – 2018
    Visiting Professor at Institute of Didactics, University of Vigo, Spain,

  • 2013 – 2015
    Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Arts & Human Sciences at the University of Surrey, UK

  • 2007 – 2009
    Jointly appointed as visiting professor by the Faculties of Engineering & Physical Sciences, and Arts & Human Sciences at the University of Surrey, UK

  • 2002
    Visiting Researcher Toronto, York University, CERIS

  • 1991
    Visiting Research Fellow, City University, London


    Master in Adult Education at the University of Berlin

    PhD in Sociology, University of Kassel

    Habilitation, University of Umeå, Sweden

    Professorship in Sociology, University of Umeå, Sweden

Selected publications

  • 2021: Nora Räthzel, Dimitris Stevis, David Uzzell: The Palgrave Handbook of Environmental Labour Studies. London, Palgrave Macmillan.

  • 2021: Nora Räthzel: Trade Union Perspectives on the Nature-Labour Relationship. In: Environmental Sociology. DOI: 10.1080/23251042.2021.18977662020:

  • 2020: Khayaat Fakir, Diana Mulinari, Nora Räthzel. Marxist-Feminist Theories and Struggles Today. Zed Books, London.

  • 2019: N. Räthzel, D. Uzzell: Critical Psychology – Kritische Psychologie – Challening environmental behavior change strategies. Annual Review of Critical psychology, Vol. 16: 1375-1413.

  • 2019: Räthzel, Nora; Uzzell, David: The future of work defines the future of humanity and all living species. International Journal of Labour Research, Geneva: International Labour Office 2019, Vol. 9, (1-2): 145-171.

  • 2018: Räthzel, N., David Uzzell, Jacklyn Cock: Linking the ‘red’ and ‘the green’: individual trajectories shaping trade union responses to climate change in South Africa. Forthcoming in: Globalizations.

  • 2017: Räthzel, N. and David Uzzell: The reproduction of business as usual, how does it work? Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, pp. 1-19. V.0.

  • 2015: Räthzel, N.; Uzzell, D.; Lundström, R.; Leandro, B.: The Space of civil society and practices of resistance and subordination. Journal of Civil Society, Vol. 11/2 pp. 154-169.

  • 2014: Transnational Corporations from the standpoint of workers. Palgrave/Macmillan. (with Diana Mulinari and Aina Tollefsen)

  • 2015: Ragnar Lundström, N. Räthzel, D. Uzzell: Disconnected Spaces. Introducing environmental perspectives into the trade union agenda top-down and bottom-up. Journal of Environmental Sociology, Vol. 1/3, pp. 167-176.

  • 2013: Trade Unions in the Green Economy. Working for the Environment. London: Routledge/Earthscan. (ed. and authored with David Uzzell).

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • FORTE: Workers as Agents of a Green and Just Transition. A Real Life Experiment in Sweden and Spain. Members: Ana Gonzáles Ramos, Anna Seravalli, Vasna Ramasar, Ragnar Lundström, Henner Busch, Johan Rootzén, 2021 – 2024

  • VR: Cooperatives: transformative sustainable practices or lost in everyday routine? A study of the production of time, space, social relations, and discourses in cooperatives in Sweden, the UK, and Spain. With Diana Mulinari, Ragnar Lundström and David Uzzell. DNR: 2016-02219. 3 420 000 SEK, 2017 – 2019

  • VR: Moments of danger, moments of opportunities. The role of individuals in transforming organisations. A qualitative and quantitative study of national and international trade unions in Sweden, UK, Spain, Brazil, South Africa and India. With David Uzzell and Ragnar Lundström. DNR: 2010-1990, 9 195 000 SEK, 2011 – 2015

  • Trade Unions facing the dual challenge of globalising work division and globalising environmental degradation. Funding: FAS, 4 100 000. DNR: 2007-1491. With David Uzzell, University of Surrey, UK, 2008 – 2010

  • Grounding globalisation. The everyday lives of Volvo workers in Africa, Latin America, and Europe. With Diana Mulinari, Lund university, Irene Molina, Uppsala university, Aina Tollefsen, Umeå university, Paula Mählck, Mälardalen Högskola. VR, 2 980 000 SEK, DNR: 2004 – 2003, 2005 – 2007

  • Discrimination in Swedish Institutions – How does it function? With Ulrika Schmauch, doktorand. FAS: 2 498 600 SEK DNR 2001-2549, 2002 – 2004

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Expert Panel STINT: Grants for Doctoral Students to Universities outside Sweden, Grants for network projects, Institutional Grants and Institutional Grants for Young researchers, 2007 – 2010

  • Vice Chair in the Expert Panel FORMAS: Group: Urban Development (Research Grants, Postdocs, and Forskarassistent), 2007 – 2008

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Other interests: Politics, Left Movements, Gramsci, Marxism, Feminism, Working-Class Environmentalism


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