Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2016
    Associate professor, Ghent University

  • 2010 – 2015
    Tenure track assistent professor, Ghent University

  • 2008
    Co-founder UGent spin-off inCT (now XRE)

  • 2006 – 2010
    Post-doc at Faculty of Sciences, Ghent Universty

  • 2005
    PhD in Science: Geology; Exploring the potential of X-ray tomography as a new non-destructive research tool in conservation studies of natural building stones. Faculty of Sciences/ Dept. of Geology and Soil Science, Ghent University/ Belgium

  • 2001
    Master in Geology, option Minerals and Geo-materials, Faculty of Sciences/ Dept. of Geology and Soil Science, Ghent University/ Belgium

Selected publications

  • Cnudde, V., et al., 2004. X-ray-CT used for the localisation of water repellents & consolidants inside natural building stones. Materials Char. 53, 259-271.

  • Cnudde, V., et al., 2008. High-speed neutron radiography for monitoring the water absorption by capillarity in porous materials. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B: Beam interactions with materials and atoms 266(1):155-163.

  • Cnudde, V., et al., 2009. The use of X-ray tomography in the study of water repellents and consolidants. Engineering Geology 103(3-4):84-92.

  • Cnudde, V., et al., 2009. Porosity and microstructure characterization of building stones and concretes. Engineering Geology, 103(3-4):79-83.

  • Cnudde, V., et al., 2011. 3D characterization of sandstone by means of X-ray computed tomography. Geosphere 7(1); 54-61.

  • Cnudde, V., et al., 2011. High-resolution X-ray CT for 3D petrography of ferruginous sandstone for an investigation of building stone decay. Microscopy Research and Technique, 74: n/a. doi: 10.1002/jemt.

  • Cnudde, V., et al., 2013. Multi-disciplinary characterisation and monitoring of the Kandla grey under different external conditions. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 46(1):95-106.

  • Cnudde, V., Boone, M., 2013. High-resolution X-ray computed tomography in geosciences: a review of the current technology and applications. Earth-science reviews, 123. p. 1-17. (IF2013: 7.135)

  • Bultreys, T., De Boever, W., Cnudde, V., 2016. Imaging and image-based fluid transport modeling at the pore scale in geological materials: A practical introduction to the current state-of-the-art. Invited review. Earth-Science Reviews. (IF2014: 8,594)

Selected projects

  • As promotor or co-promotor:

  • ‘Flemish natural stone: from geology towards the buildings’

    (Funding: Ghent University; 01/02/2010 – 31/01/2016)

  • Multi-disciplinary 3D characterisation of complex pore-networks and minerals of geomaterials from sub-micron to centimeter scale (Funding:

    BOF- Ghent University; 1.9.2011 -31.8.2015)

  • Petrophysical and chemical alteration of porous materials (Funding: Flemish Institute for Technological Research; 1.1.2011-1.2.2015)

  • 3D characterization of complex pore-networks in carbonate rocks from sub-micron to centimeter scale (Funding: Research Foundation – Flanders; 01/01/2012 – 31/12/2015)

  • Combined X-ray fluorescence and absorption CT (XRF-CT) imager for non-destructive 3D elemental/structural analysis on the microscopic scale

    (Funding Hercules foundation + co-financing, 2012- 2015)

  • Fluid flow simulations in multi-scale porous geo-materials (Funding: the government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology; 1.1.2013-31.12.2016)

  • Kinetic of Salt Crystallization and Mechanical Damage in Historic Masonry

    (Research Foundation – Flanders JHEP, 1.11.2013-30.10.2015)

  • Multi-scale characterization and modelling of crystallization processes in natural building stones (Research Foundation – Flanders, 1.10.2013-30.9.2016)

  • Applications of Micro-Tomography to roofing slate: durability, characterization and restoration of cultural heritage (Research Foundation – Flanders – Pegasus Marie Curie Fellowship, 1.1.2014-31.12.2014)

  • Impact of Self-Healing Engineered materials on steel COrrosion in reinforced COncrete (SIM-SBO, 1.7.2014-30.6.2018)

  • TOMOSLATE: New uses for X-ray Tomography in natural building stones: characterization, pathologies and restoration of historical and recent roofing slates (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF, 1.1.2015-31.12.2017)

  • Real-time 3D monitoring and modelling of frost damage in concrete and sedimentary rocks (Research Foundation – Flanders, 01.01.2015-31.12.2018)

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

Several institutional and international responsibilities such as

  • Subsidiary member of β workgroup of the Research Council Ghent University, 2014 – 2017

  • Elected Faculty member

  • Coordinator PProGRess research team; co-coordination of the Centre for X-ray Tomography (UGCT)

  • Jury member of internationally-acclaimed experts: “Equipment of excellence”, FNRA, France

Member of Board of Examiners and reviewer for several international scientific journals

  • Member of Proposal Review Committee of Swiss Synchrotron (Switzerland), since 2012

  • Active member of Technical Committee RILEM “Accelerated laboratory test for the assessment of the durability of materials with respect to salt crystallization”, since 2016

  • Part of the Bio Clean Project Management for the Bio-clean Consortium (EU-ITN), since 2016

  • Selected member of FWO-Expertpanel W&T8, since 2017

  • Elected Council Member for InterPore, 2017 – 2021


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