Short CV/Education and training

  • 1991 – 1998
    Studied geology/palaeontology at the University of Bremen, Germany, and the University of Edinburgh, UK

  • 1998
    Diplom degree from the University of Bremen

  • 2002

  • 2009
    Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification)

Selected publications

  • Massmann, G. et al.: Sulfide oxidation and sulfate reduction in a shallow groundwater system (Oderbruch aquifer, Germany). In: J. of Hydrology 278(1-4), 2003. pp. 231-243.

  • Massmann, G. et al.: On variable density surface water – groundwater interaction: A theoretical analysis of mixed convection in a stably-stratified fresh surface water – saline groundwater discharge zone. In: J. of Hydrology 329 (3-4), 2006. pp. 390-402.

  • Massmann, G. et al.: The impact of variable temperatures on the redox conditions and the behaviour of pharmaceutical residues during artificial recharge. In: J. of Hydrology 328 (1-2), 2006. pp. 141-156.

  • Massmann, G. et al.: Investigation of groundwater residence times during bank filtration in Berlin – a multi-tracer approach. In: Hydrological Processes 22, 2008. pp. 788-801.

  • Massmann, G., Sültenfuß, S., Pekdeger, A.: Analysis of long-term dispersion in a river-recharged aquifer using tritium/helium data, Water Resour. In: Res. 45, 2009. W02431, doi:10.1029/2007WR006746.

Selected projects

  • Investigation of transport processes in the groundwater reservoir of the Oderbruch using the tritium-helium dating method. A German Research Foundation (DFG) project

  • Redox sensitivity and long-term persistence of organic trace pollutants in groundwater – wastewater-bound compounds. A DFG project


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