Short CV/Education and training

Current Position

  • Since 2013
    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) and Hospital del Mar Institute for Medical Research (IMIM) , Barcelona Spain

Selected publications

  • Anguelovski, I., Connolly, J. J.T., and Brand, A.L. Accepted. “From landscapes of utopia to the margins of the green urban life: For whom is the new green city”? CITY.

  • Arguelles, L., Anguelovski, I., Dinnie, L. 2017. Power and privilege in alternative civic practices: Examining imaginaries of change and embedded rationalities in community economies. Geoforum. 86. 30-41

  • Cole, H., Shokry, G., Connolly, J., Perez del Pulgar, C., Alonso, J. and Anguelovski I. (group leader and PI). 2017. “Can Healthy Cities be made really healthy?” Lancet Public Health. 2 (9). 394-395.

  • Cole, H., Connolly, J., Garcia-Lamarca, M., and Anguelovski I. (group leader and PI). 2017. ”Are green cities healthy and equitable? Unpacking the relationship between health, green space and gentrification.” Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 71 (11). 1118-1121.

  • Cole, H., Triguero, M., Connolly, J., and Anguelovski, I. (group leader and PI). (2017). “A Longitudinal and Spatial Analysis Assessing Green Gentrification in Historically Disenfranchised Neighborhoods of Barcelona: Implications for Health Equity.” Journal of Transport & Health, 5, S44. 

  • Sekulova, F. Anguelovski, I. Arguelles, L. 2017. "A ‘fertile soil’ for community initiatives: A new analytical framework. Environment and Planning A. 49 (10). 2362–2382

  • Anguelovski, I., Connolly, J., Masip, L., Pearsall, H. 2017. Assessing environmental gentrification impacts of neighborhood greening in historically disenfranchised areas: A longitudinal and spatial analysis through the municipal area of Barcelona. Urban Geography.

  • Pirro, C. and Anguelovski, I. 2017. Farming the urban fringes of Barcelona: Tensions and resistance against a metropolitan sustainability fix. Geoforum. 82. 53-65.

  • Chu, E., Anguelovski, I. and Roberts, D. 2017. Climate Adaptation as Strategic Urbanism: Assessing Opportunities and Uncertainties for Equity and Inclusive Development in Cities. Cities. 60. 378-387.

  • Frantzeskaki, N., Dumitru, A., Anguelovski, I., Avelino, F., Bach, M., Best, B., Binder, C., Carrus G., Egerman, M., Haxeltine, A., Moore, M.L., Uzzell, D., Omman, I., Durrant, R., Garcia Mira, R., Knorringa, P., Loorbach, D., Olsson, P., Rauschmayer, F., Reusser, D., Stedman, R., Silvestri, G., Spira, F., Wittmayer, J. 2017 (written date) 2016 (retroactive publication date by journal rule, but accepted in 2017). The good, the bad and the ugly? Changing roles of civil society in sustainability transitions.

  • Graham, L., Debucquoy W., and Anguelovski, I. 2016. “The influence of urban development dynamics on community resilience practice in New York City after Superstorm Sandy: Experiences from the Lower East Side and the Rockaways.” Global Environmental Change, 40. 112-124.

  • Zografos, C., Anguelovski, I., and Grigorova, M. 2016. When exposure to climate change is not enough: Exploring the adaptive capacity to heatwaves of a multiethnic, low-income urban community in Australia. Urban Climate, 17. 248-265.

  • Pearsall, H., Anguelovski, I. 2016. “Contesting and resisting environmental gentrification: Responses to new challenges and paradoxes for urban environmental justice.” Sociological Research Online. 21:3, 1-7.

  • Anguelovski, I., Shi, L., Chu, E., Gallagher, D., Goh, K., Lamb, Z., Reeve, K., Shi, L., and Teicher, H. 2016 “Equity Impacts of Urban Land Use Planning for Climate Adaptation: Critical Perspectives from the Global North and South.” Journal of Planning Education and Research. 36:3. 333-348.

  • Shi, L., Chu, E., Anguelovski, I., Aylett A., Debats J., Goh, K., Roberts, D., Schenk, T., Seto K., Dodman, D., Roberts, J.T., VanDeveer,, S.T. 2016. “Towards justice in urban climate adaptation: A roadmap for research.” Nature Climate Change, 6. 131-137.

  • Anguelovski, I. 2016. “Healthy food stores, greenlining, and environmental gentrification: Contesting new forms of privilege, displacement, and locally unwanted landuses in racially mixed neighborhoods.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. `

  • Mrkajic, V., Anguelovski, I. 2016. “Planning for sustainable mobility in transition cities: Cycling losses and hopes of revival in Serbia.” Cities. 52. 66-78.

  • Anguelovski, I. 2016. “From toxic sites as LULUs to green amenities as LULUs? New challenges of inequity, privilege, and exclusion in urban environmental justice.” Journal of Planning Literature. 31 (1) 23-36.

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Selected projects

  • GREENLULUS – ERC Starting Grant (

  • Naturvation – H2020 project on Nature-Based Solutions in Cities ( and

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